Meng Huan asked, “What are you doing?”

“This servant is checking the mansion’s affairs and found that Madam’s courtyard is not clean, so I came to say a few words.” Xu Fanggu was full of smiles.
“I hope I didn’t disturb Madam’s dining pleasure.”

When she raised her eyes, the maid beside her read her expression, pulled out a stick, and whipped it at Fengzhi’s palm.
“Who told you to be lazy?! Who told you not to work?!”

Fengzhi was kneeling, her ears twisted by a hand and pinched until it was red.
“Don’t think you can be so arrogant just because you climbed up a higher branch.
Don’t you have any idea what kind of lowly origin you come from?

Meng Huan walked over and pushed those hands away.
“What kind of high branch did she climb?”

“Of course, it’s Madam, the high branch.”

Meng Huan: “Then why is she from a lowly background?”

“Can a slave not be a lowly person?” Xu Fanggu said.

Meng Huan looked at her sideways, puzzled.
“Aren’t you also a slave?”

Xu Fanggu’s face was not the least bit unpleasant to hear these words.
On the contrary, she smiled, and the maids and male servants around her also smiled.
“This servant is indeed a slave, but there are also many categories between slaves, distinguishing between superior and inferior maids.
It is only natural for the superior slave to teach the inferior slave.
Otherwise, there would be no rules in the prince’s residence.”

Meng Huan couldn’t argue with her about the rules, so he pulled Fengzhi up and said earnestly, “If you’re teaching a lesson, why are you scolding people? Fengzhi, don’t listen to them; you are not cheap.”

Fengzhi blushed, sobbed, and shook her head.
“Madam… no….”

“No what?”

Fengzhi cried.
“The people they scolded for being cheap is Madam.”

It was quiet for a while.

Meng Huan’s brain seemed to buzz with something.
He slowly raised his head and looked at Xu Fanggu.
“So you are scolding me for climbing the prince’s high branch and coming from a lowly background, huh?”

The core of the unspoken words lay on it being unspoken.
It wouldn’t have as much of an impact anymore after being revealed so directly.
The corners of Xu Fanggu’s mouth still hurt from the confrontation with Meng Huan, and she stopped smiling.
“Madam, this servant did not mean that.”

Meng Huan looked puzzled.
“The prince is indeed a high branch, but how is my background low?”

“The Jiaofang Institute, can it not be lowly?” A maid behind her muttered.

The people in the prince’s residence excelled in this aspect.
The servants had dug out Meng Huan’s background in a few days.
They thought he was a noble young master, but he turned out to be the son of a criminal minister who had been pushed into the Jiaofang Institute—no wonder the prince didn’t want to touch him.

“The Jiaofang Institute is cheap?” First of all, Meng Huan did not have such an idea.
Secondly, in his impression, the original host was good.
Meng Huan said, “If the Jiaofang Institute is cheap, you should ask the prince why he fancies someone from the Jiaofang Institute.
Does he become cheap just because he likes a cheap person?”

Xu Fanggu uttered, “Madam is a concubine, so don’t scam the prince.”

“Why do you get anxious when I talk about the prince?” Meng Huan’s face was puzzled.
“You couldn’t be…?”

“Madam?” Xu Fanggu abruptly became angry.

In ancient times, women valued their reputation, and such words would be ridiculed when heard.
Meng Huan looked at her calmly.
“I also don’t know what you mean by coming to my courtyard and beating up my people.
Have a problem with me? Then you should say it straight.
I can’t understand all the twists and turns.”

Xu Fanggu’s face alternated between crimson and pale.
“How dare this servant have an opinion about Madam?”

Meng Huan: “Then you should go.”

Xu Fanggu smiled as she bowed and quickly dispersed.

Looking at their departing backs, Meng Huan scowled in displeasure.
His high spirits and appetite were gone.
He did not understand what this group of people was doing there.
Looking down at Fengzhi’s ear, it was twisted severely and had already reddened.

Every time this happened, Meng Huan would love to turn into a big villain like Lin Bozhou, but he wasn’t.
He ran to the compartment.
“I’ll get some ointment for you to rub.”

Fengzhi lowered her head and sobbed, appearing to be in pain.
This was also the first time Meng Huan encountered this sort of situation.
“You are bullied for following me.
Are you aggrieved?”

Fengzhi said, “Not aggrieved.
It’s just that they are too arrogant.”

The maid, A-Qing, rubbed the medicine for her and said, “Housekeeper Xu’s family thinks they are the masters of the prince’s residence besides His Highness.
Xu Fanggu is always followed by a group of maids and servants and is so arrogant that she will pick on anyone who disagrees with her, slap them, and beat them up.
Others fear their power and don’t dare to utter a word.”

Meng Huan sighed and sat back in his chair.
“So arrogant.”

“The prince is busy with military affairs and does not care about the residence; that’s why they dare to be arrogant.” A-Qing said, “Madam should be careful.
I’m afraid they won’t leave the matter at that.”

“Is that so?”

Meng Huan didn’t take it too seriously.
After eating and painting in the courtyard, it wasn’t until dinner was served that Fengzhi picked up her chopsticks and stirred them, saying, “Why do the dishes look unfresh?”

A-Qing fanned the tip of her nose.
“Why does it smell sour? These are leftovers, right?”

Meng Huan frowned and walked closer, picking up a spoon to scoop the soup.
After stirring a few times, he scooped out a dead cockroach, its tentacles stained with oil and water.

“Is it on purpose?” Meng Huan put down his chopsticks.

Fengzhi couldn’t bear it anymore.
“This servant is going to report to the prince.”

Meng Huan snapped.

“Madam, what’s wrong?”

“……” Meng Huan felt uncomfortable saying that his demand for the prince’s residence differed from others.
He didn’t want to compete for favor and hoped Lin Bozhou would leave him alone and forget about him.
If he went to complain now, wouldn’t he be showing his presence in front of him again?

Meng Huan said slowly, “Actually, it’s not a big deal.
Don’t we also have a kitchen in our courtyard? Since they won’t send us food, we’ll cook it ourselves.”

—He had the money anyway.

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