The couple spoke in a low voice.
His tone was very soft, with a little airy tone.

Meng Huan’s spine stiffened, and he nodded.

“What does kissing feel like?” Lin Bozhou seemed completely ignorant of love, his eyes dark like a predator, his fingers repeatedly rubbing his lips, wanting a definite answer.

Meng Huan’s face instantly burned red.
“…… Itchy.”

“Hmm?” Lin Bozhou seemed to want to hear him repeat it.

Meng Huan clenched his teeth.
“It’s itchy……”

Enduring the rubbing of his fingertips, Meng Huan’s face was flushed, and his lips were gradually rubbed a little red.

“What else but itchy? Is it just itchiness alone?” However, as if teasing, the cool finger did not relent, roaming and hovering over his lips.

Until Meng Huan lowered his eyes as if he couldn’t help but bite his teeth, his eyelids began to flush.

Lin Bozhou gently laughed.
“Uncomfortable? Then no more rubbing.”

He retracted his fingers with a pleasant expression.
The first round was over.

Meng Huan exhaled heavily as if receiving a pardon and touched his burning lips.
Then, he saw Lin Bozhou re-examine the painting paper and point to the next page of the picture.

“What is this page doing again?”


Step by step, the action became more intimate and erotic.

Meng Huan’s voice stumbled.
“H-He’s biting the neck.”

“Biting the neck?” Lin Po Zhou frowned, his voice uncomprehending, “But why did this prince see him stretch his tongue?”

Meng Huan: “…………”

He said to himself: Old virgins are so annoying.

He was a bit shy and didn’t want to say the explicit word, but Lin Bozhou seemed like he wouldn’t stop until he heard that word.

Meng Huan gritted his teeth.
“More or less.”

Lin Bozhou: “What is more or less?”

“……” Meng Huan conceded defeat.
Licking, okay?”

“Oh, it turns out to be licking.
Huan Huan, please be more precise when describing it next time.” Lin Bozhou politely suggested.
“If you don’t make it clear, this prince is afraid he won’t know what to do then and really hurt you with the biting.”



Meng Huan gave a stifled hum.

He always felt that Lin Bozhou was teasing him.

But Lin Bozhou’s expression did not look like that at all.
He looked like a middle-aged man interested in love.
Being unmarried at twenty-six years old in ancient times was indeed considered old.
His fingers were put on the paper, and he continued to turn to the next page.

After two rounds of unbearable shame, Meng Huan impatiently looked up to see Lin Bozhou’s finger pointing to a more explicit picture.
His brain buzzed, the redness quickly climbed up, and his face was crimson ripe.

“This picture—”

The shou was held in the gong’s embrace, arms tightly wrapped around his neck, and his head buried deeply.
The gong held his legs in his hands.
One hand’s middle finger hadn’t entered a small crack, while the other was dripping with an unknown liquid.

In the order of kissing, fondling, XX, and XX, it was clear what this drawing was doing now.


Meng Huan’s brain exploded straight away.

He was dizzy and weak in his knees.
He didn’t understand why he, as an anonymous and distinguished wife, drew an erotic picture and examined it with someone face to face.
It was simply a day of social suicide.

Lin Bozhou really didn’t get it this time.
“Where did he put his finger?”

He was answered by silence.
Lin Bozhou lifted his gaze from the painting.
“Why don’t you talk?”

Meng Huan’s face was full of unspeakable words.
He looked like he had experienced some sin.
He was not only blushing, but his fingertips started to tremble, nervously twisting his fingertips and biting his lower lip uncontrollably.

Lin Bozhou looked at the finger’s center, raised his eyebrows, and understood why Meng Huan was embarrassed to speak.

On second thought, the corners of his lips curved inexplicably.

In the past, some officials offered him beauties to bribe him, who were not only beautiful and charming but also well-versed in sex and knew how to please men in the bedroom with secret techniques.
The officials had meticulously raised a Yangzhou’s skinny horse*.
When the beauty was put down from the carriage, she was so beautiful that all the men in the residence immediately looked at her.

But Lin Bozhou gave the beauty to his men, without taking a look, not very interested.

*Skinny horse: an insulting term for women, meaning they could be destroyed and ravaged at will like weak horses.

Raising a skinny horse is a popular brothel business, especially in Yangzhou.
Yangzhou was a place where salt merchants lived in the southern and northern parts of China.
To meet the perverted psychological needs of the rich and powerful salt merchants, dealers bought good-looking girls from poor families.
They trained them to teach them to sing, dance, play qin and chess, do calligraphy and painting, and then sell them to rich people as concubines or to enter the prostitution lanes to make profits.

Today, he was pretty excited to see how Meng Huan would seduce him.
But so far, let alone the skill of seducing men, Meng Huan’s psychological construction was not even properly built.

…… If you touched him, there was a probability of seeing a scene splattered with blood and tears.

“Madam is blushing like this; are you shy?” When he touched him, Lin Bozhou’s cold fingers were like snake scales, making Meng Huan’s fingers tremble and his spine tense.

The slightest movements were visible to Lin Bozhou, who slowly revealed a meaningful smile.
“Madam seems to be very afraid.
Are you unwilling to have sex with this prince?”

Lin Bozhou was smiling, but Meng Huan’s initial reaction was that he wasn’t smiling.
The more he smiled, the more frightening it was, and the more he smiled, the more his scalp tingled.

According to his temperament, Meng Huan thought that if he said no, he must be more excited, right?

Meng Huan made up his mind.
“It’s not that I’m not willing to have sex.
It’s just that this concubine is a little shy and also a little emotional.”


Meng Huan took a deep breath.
“Your Highness has a distinguished status, and his talent is unparalleled.
Many people are looking forward to having sex with Your Highness, so I am the same.”

Meng Huan blinked his eyes as if he deeply loved him.
“I have long admired Your Highness.
Since there is an opportunity, I am willing to serve you, be your lifelong love, and be buried together after death.
How can I be reluctant?”

After saying that, Meng Huan steeled himself and made an extremely bold move.

“Your Highness, let this concubine remove your clothes for you.”


The author has something to say.

Lin Bozhou: ? Do you want to sleep with this prince in such a hurry?

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