That day, Meng Huan appeared in Lin Bozhou’s bed with this book of spring paintings.

It was not commonly read by couples, only by the lowly prostitutes in the brothels.
The price was too high for ordinary people to buy it— unless they wanted to please someone by doing something special, but how could ordinary people use it?

It seemed to be a piece of incriminating evidence when one thought of the letter alluding to seducing Lin Bozhou with sex.

Lin Bozhou lowered his eyes and watched Meng Huan’s every move.

Meng Huan’s eyes, gazing at the spring paintings, gradually widened as if he didn’t believe that he had been discovered so quickly, but then he admitted listlessly.


The ending tone was well-behaved.
“I brought it.”

“Brought it for what?”

“……” Meng Huan hesitated momentarily, not daring to say that he feared being stabbed to death by his highness’ “murder weapon.” Hence, he said, “As Your Highness’s wife, studying with Your Highness about his preference in bed is what this concubine should do.”

Meng Huan said, hanging his completely red face, unable to overcome the bashful appearance.

Lin Bozhou raised his eyebrows and pondered briefly.

The current Meng Huan repeatedly said he should do it and looked well-behaved.

— But that’s not what the assassination letter said would happen tonight.

“Is that so?” Lin Bozhou responded, pushing the spring painting in front of him as he spoke with a slight oppression in his expression.
“Then, what has Madam learned?”

Inexplicably, he was interested in what Meng Huan had to say next.

Lin Bozhou’s unspoken words tingled Meng Huan’s scalp, making him even more certain that he would be dominated sooner or later.
To suffer as little harm as possible, Meng Huan took out the paper scroll in his sleeve.
“Your Highness, would you like to see this?”

“What is this?”

“What this concubine intended to let Your Highness know when he served in bed.” Meng Huan blushed.

The atmosphere became a little delicate.

Inside the scroll, it depicted a beginner X intercourse position.
Meng Huan was worried about wasting it on Xuan paper, so he used yellow draft paper.
The paper was tightly wrapped.
If one had learned the idiom, “The assassin’s dagger was concealed in a scroll and revealed when the scroll was unrolled,” and connected it with the secret letter Meng Huan had just received, it was easy to suspect that there was a knife hidden inside.

Lin Bozhou didn’t look at the painting immediately but raised his eyebrows as if nothing had happened, remembering something.
“I heard you were scared to the point of vomiting when you killed the chicken just now?”


Not expecting him to change the subject suddenly, and to such an embarrassing topic, Meng Huan’s lips turned down.
“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Lin Bozhou had a smile that wasn’t a smile.
“I just think it’s a little cute.”


It’s a joke, right? It’s a joke, right?

Meng Huan mentally muttered, and his expression was a little unhappy.

Lin Bozhou did not continue, thankfully.
“Open the painting for this prince to see.”


Meng Huan spread out the colored picture he drew.

Meng Huan did not have any friends in the orphanage and liked to read comic books at that time.
When he grew up, he started to draw on his own, and after he went to college, he earned tuition money and drew a lot of characters and erotic pictures.

So he was very experienced in drawing erotic pictures and could outline a specific pose with a few strokes.
The color picture before his eyes was like a comic storyboard, appearing frame by frame before him.

With his arms crossed, Meng Huan was waiting for a compliment.
“What does Your Highness think?”

Lin Bozhou lowered his eyes to examine it, gently grinding his lips and teeth.
“It is also a spring painting?”

“Of course, but more detailed and specific than that book.
I also drew on the specific process of each step of a couple’s intercourse.
Your Highness must look carefully and learn these steps—”

Meng Huan was scheming.

Learn, lest I suffer in flesh and blood.

Although this spring painting was black and white, the lines were spicier and bolder.
The person pressed underneath had a figure similar to Meng Huan’s, with one hand covering his face and a look of unbearable gnashing of teeth.

Compared to the spring painting without subtle expressions, it was apparent that this painting had a sense of emotion that could provoke more interest.

Not to mention the original spring painting, but with him drawing a new one, it was hard not to think he deliberately used this to seduce people.

Lin Bozhou withdrew his gaze from the spring painting and lowered his eyes to look at Meng Huan.

Meng Huan was full of worry.
“Your Highness, can you understand it?”

Lin Bozhou was deep in thought, a little dark light shining under his eyes, and he smiled a long time afterward.
“It is indeed a little difficult to understand.
It would be better if Huan Huan could explain it.
Come on, sit down.”

Meng Huan blushed.
The current scene between the two people was like a new couple secretly tasting the forbidden fruit*.
After looking for a film and closing the doors and windows, they secretly watched and tried it.

*Premarital sex.

Lin Bozhou moved the lamp to the front of the picture, looking very interested.
“What are they doing here?”

Meng Huan followed the gaze and saw two people hugging each other, mouth to mouth.
“…… They are kissing.
This is the foreplay before the intercourse, which can make the latter act more logical.”

“Kissing?” Lin Bozhou looked thoughtful, and then his gaze fell thoughtfully to Meng Huan’s lips.

The moment their eyes met, Meng Huan’s back burned, and his scalp tingled, vaguely aware of something.

Lin Bozhou leaned his body over, and the shadows beneath him suddenly landed before his eyes.
He probed his hand and gently nudged at Meng Huan’s lips.

The cold fingertips were slightly warm to the touch.

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