“The vice-minister of the Ministry of Rites is very close to the Qingliu Party. Qingliu Party loathes Your Highness, and his relationship with Your Highness has always been indifferent.
But now, he has placed a visit note to see you, saying he is concerned about Your Highness’ eye disease.
I don’t know what his intent is.”

Lin Bozhou flicked a ripple on the water’s surface with his fingers and snorted.
“They are clever enough to find out my intention so quickly; knowing this prince is reluctant to return to the cabinet and intends to force out a bigger fish.
They also know that His Majesty’s decree is biased toward this prince, thus this provocative scheme fell through…… he deliberately came to pay his respects—”

After a pause, “Unsurprisingly, it is to beg for forgiveness.”

Chen An: “So this impeachment, is the main instigator behind it the Qingliu Party?”

“Not necessarily.”

After saying these words, Lin Bozhou stood up from the water with a splash, his body in full view, and saw Meng Huan hanging his head directly.

His voice contained a faint smile as he looked at Meng Huan’s red earlobes and told Chen An, “Tell him to wait in the tea room.
This prince will be there soon.”

The figure outside the screen departed.

Meng Huan silently dressed him and put on his pants, feeling like he was serving a disabled person.
After enduring for a long time, he said, “Your Highness, can I ask a question?”

Lin Bozhou straightened his clothes.

“Before you married me, who dressed you?”

Lin Bozhou: “?”

Meng Huan mentally said: Why do I feel like you do not have hands?

But he didn’t dare to say it, so he looked down and tied the knot on his side; his expression was slightly unhappy.

Lin Bozhou lowered his eyes.
“What? Do you think serving this prince is troublesome?”

Meng Huan sulked and mentally said: You’re too self-centered.

If he were an ancient man, there would be no problem.
But he was a modern soul, so he was more or less dissatisfied.

Lin Bozhou pinched his jaw and squeezed the flesh softly, saying, “Go find Housekeeper Xu and say that the prince has rewarded you.
Open the government treasury and take whatever you want.”

Meng Huan: “!!!”

He raised his head and looked at him with surprise.

Lin Bozhou’s tone was calm but revealed that this prince had plenty of money.
“Still not happy now?”

Meng Huan was honest.

“Go pick something you like.” Lin Bozhou put on the Yanju* clothing’s crane robe and said, “Husband is going to be busy.”

*Yanju clothing: clothes worn by officials when they were at home.


Meng Huan froze, widened his eyes, and looked at him unexpectedly, thinking he had misheard the word “husband.”

However, once Lin Bozhou’s clothes were on, his aura instantly turned into a domineering style, and he left the bathing room with his escorts.

Meng Huan stayed for a while, feeling the heat in the room that had not dissipated and the sensation of his jaw being pinched that had not yet disappeared, feeling limp.

…… It was still a little hot.

He always loved to pinch his jaw as if addressing a child.
Previously, it was only pinching, but now, he would squeeze the little flesh of his jaw, like treating a child.

According to his age, he was just…… eight years younger than him, right?

Meng Huan bit his lower lip and used a handkerchief soaked in cold water to wipe his face, sullen, thinking the burning heat would come down.

…… But after waiting for a long time, his ears were still red.

The corner of Meng Huan’s lips pulled down.
He returned from his thoughts and gave up on lowering the heat on his face, turned around, and stepped out of the room.

Go find Housekeeper Xu.

Get the money! Yes!

Before his eyes was a jade hairpin of excellent color, all glistening white and moist; touching it was like touching a piece of ice.

“Madam, this is a first-rate Lantian jade.”

Meng Huan: “Wow.”

“Madam, this is Dushan jade, with bright colors and a delicate texture.”

Looking again.

“This is Xiuyan jade, durable, warm, lustrous, and translucent.”

Meng Huan hugged the heavy gold and silver jewelry in his embrace.
His arms were slender, and he could barely hold them anymore.
After thinking about it, he put some back.

Enough, enough.
I can’t move anymore if I add more.

“Madam, no need to be courteous.
Feel free to take whatever you like.” Xu Wei gave him suggestions.
“Madam’s former jewelry is not gorgeous and beautiful enough.
Choose some more and add more color.
The prince will be pleased with the look.”

He picked up a silver butterfly flower pin.
“What does Madam think of this?”

Xu Wei did not hear a response.

He turned his head and saw Meng Huan standing in front of a Bogu shelf*, looking at an emerald green jade brush, his expression slightly stunned.

*Bogu self: an indoor partition used to place antiques, jade, and other small pieces of elegant indoor ornaments.


Meng Huan picked up the brush.
“Can I have this?”

Xu Wei smiled.
“Of course.
Madam, take whatever you want to take.”

Meng Huan turned his head sideways and looked around.
“Is there paper?”

“Of course there is.
Madam, this is?”

Meng Huan put down some of his other jewelry to take the brush and said, “I have nothing to do in my residence, so I want to have some fun.”

For some reason, the scene of Lin Bozhou sitting in the pool bank came to his mind, clear and handsome but deep and unpredictable.

His original purpose in reading the book was to draw the characters.
For some reason, the scene suddenly touched the inspiration in his heart.

Xu Wei complyingly said, “Madam, please.”

When he returned to the mansion, he put down his valuables and had his underlings set up the table while laying down Xuan paper*.

*Xuan paper: high-grade art paper mainly used for Chinese calligraphy and painting.

Meng Huan had previously taken a few lessons on traditional Chinese painting and could use a brush.
His delicate white fingers squeezed the jade brush, using light lines to spread and dye large color blocks and sketching the lines.

Perhaps it was because he had drawn too many human characters, so the brush naturally made two human body frames, their appearance gradually becoming distinct.

In ancient times, it was more popular to paint landscapes, and human bodies were not in demand.
Meng Huan had made a calculation.
He couldn’t remember most of the story’s plot, and his mere golden finger was also useless.

If he escaped from the prince’s residence, the odds were that he would be starving.

Meng Huan carefully pondered how to escape from the prince’s residence when a voice rang in his ears.

“Huh, this spring palace picture drawn by Madam, are the figures in it His Highness and Madam?”


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