Meng Huan felt that he was retaliating against himself.

Retaliating by XX the concubine.

Meng Huan: TvT

Was he going to be XX for slightly offending him by accident?

So pitiful.

Meng Huan’s feet swayed, and his legs were weak as he stood up.
A maid before him quietly retreated when she heard “serve in bed.”

He followed Lin Bozhou to the study.
The maid who left just now brought back a middle-aged woman who hurriedly came and waited at the door.

“Call Chen An and Yang Xin over here,” Lin Bozhou instructed Shan Xing.
“They understand the military pay and disaster relief.
Call them to come and discuss it together.”

After saying that and going into the study, only Meng Huan was left.
The woman came up in stride and took his hand.

Meng Huan: “You are?”

“Madam, come.” Her face was full of kindness.
One look and she had the impression that made people want to befriend her.

What did that mean?

Meng Huan subconsciously looked in Lin Bozhou’s direction.
But he lowered his eyelashes as if turning a blind eye.
He said nothing, seemingly tacitly acknowledging that he was going with this nanny.

Was he letting himself go?

Wasn’t he supposed to serve him in bed?

With a bellyfull of doubts, the woman dragged Meng Huan to the backyard of the study, where a large wooden basin was placed.
The servants kept adding hot water to it, and the heat was intense.

When Meng Huan vaguely realized what was happening, the woman’s compassionate voice returned.
“Madam is still a virgin, right?”



So this is the cleaning step before serving in the bed.
Meng Huan: ^v^

The princes and nobles were so luxurious that their wives had to be washed with the help of others.

Forced to suppress the inner vomit, Meng Huan wanted to say, “You all retreat.
I’ll do it myself.” His shoulders were suddenly gently groped by hands, measuring his waist and belly, and then touched his shoulders again; the touches were bizarre.


Meng Huan looked at this compassionate woman who could be his mother.

The woman said, “Madam has such a good bone structure.
Please undress and enter the water.
This servant has a few words to tell madam.”

After saying this, she raised her hand. Snap!

With two crisp claps, a maid held a wooden table with a book and stood in front of Meng Huan with her head down.

Meng Huan: “This is?”

Woman: “Spring paintings*.”

*Spring painting: painting with the theme of sexual intercourse.


After saying that, she took it over and flipped it to Meng Huan.
“Madam is not experienced enough.
I’m afraid you don’t know how to serve in bed tonight.
Oh, look at this page and then this page……”

She solemnly gave Meng Huan knowledge with an unusually loving expression.

But looking at this picture, Meng Huan’s heart was only embarrassed.

The aunt before him was old enough to be his mother.
The more he listened, the more Meng Huan’s scalp tingled.

With a snapping sound, the spring paintings were closed.
Meng Huan could not stand it anymore.
“No need to look.
No need to look.
I understand everything.”

“Has Madam seen it?”

Meng Huan thought of an excuse.
“Previously, I read one book daily at the Jiaofang Institute.”


It was more than read; Meng Huan had been drawing pictures from it.
The modern human body was better than the ancient one, so all his drawings could have more sexual tension than this.

“In that case, it saves this servant the trouble.” The woman was full of relief.

She had a bit of prestige in the prince’s residence.
Any young female would have to invite her to her home for dinner the day before she married.
She would pull her into her boudoir after dinner to whisper, and then the maiden would send her away with a red face.

Some of the young gentlemen who love to go through the back door* also came to ask her about some of the things in the room.

*Go through the back door: intercourse from the anal hole.

So today, once they heard that Lin Bozhou’s concubine wanted to serve in the bed, the subordinates did not say a word and immediately found her to teach Meng Huan experience.

Seeing Meng Huan’s face not looking too good, the woman immediately comforted him with her experience.
“Madam, don’t be afraid.
It doesn’t hurt.”

Woo woo woo, it must hurt QAQ!

You do not know.

In the original book, Lin Bozhou’s settings in this area are outrageous!

It was repeatedly described with words such as “murder weapon” and “dagger!”

After mourning for a while and being unable to think of a way to escape, Meng Huan looked at the album of spring paintings and said, “Can I take this book with me?”

Woman: “Why?”

Meng Huan’s expression was profound.
“Let the prince also look at it and learn well, lest he stabs me to death tonight.”



The room was dense with hot air, and the door finally opened after a long time.

Meng Huan changed into a light cloth— his hair scrubbed dry with fabric and silk, smoothly combed down, his small face red and moist— and was escorted by maids and eunuchs into Lin Bozhou’s study from the back door.

The prince regent’s study was actually a side chamber with an open entrance.
The front door was where the aides and advisors traveled, while the side and back doors were for concubines and subordinates.

There was a discussion from the front hall, where Lin Bozhou’s advisors and Qingke argued loudly.

“For the floods in Huanghuai, the account book sent by Si Baili expressly stated that the common people can’t afford to eat.
Your Highness, we should immediately ask the Ministry of Revenue to allocate silver to Jiangsu and Zhejiang to buy food for disaster relief!”

“That’s right! Follow the canal route upwards and send the food to the people as soon as possible so the world can be peaceful.
Otherwise, the people will be in chaos.”

“Your Highness, this subordinate thinks we could provide work to relieve poverty……”

They argued fiercely.
Lin Bozhou sat in a chair and listened quietly, dropping his eyes, and did not speak.

Whenever a significant event arose, he would invite his advisors to argue a little, even if he had an idea.
Some things were more apparent the more you debated it.
The more they argued, the clearer his mind was.

But he wouldn’t easily declare his position and wouldn’t let people see through his thoughts, enjoying quietly listening.

If you said too much, you were bound to slip up at some point.
More pondering would reduce the error.

Immersed in his thoughts and the noisy hall, Lin Bozhou did not notice Meng Huan come.

Then I will wait slowly.
Behind the curtain and screen, Meng Huan sat down on the couch first.

The noise in the front room contrasted with the quietness of the back bedroom.
Meng Huan had nothing to do, lying down to finish the spring painting book.

But it’s just so-so.
He commented in his heart.

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