The young man’s figure quickly escaped and disappeared behind the trees and shrubbery.

Shan Xing clicked his tongue.
“Young Master Meng is so cute now.
Could he have broken his head when he hit the pillar that day?”

Lin Bozhou snorted lightly, not speaking, and gestured at Shen Qingyu.

Shen Qingyu paid his respects and talked about the business.

He was the son of the Minister of Revenue Shen Zhimu.
Lin Bozhou had always been close to the Minister of Revenue, who was in charge of the treasury operations.
However, it was not always convenient for Minister Shen to contact Lin Bozhou, so Shen Qingyu, this convenient son, had to run around.

“Father asked me to inquire when Your Highness will return to the cabinet to discuss politics.”

When Lin Bozhou was impeached, according to the rules, he immediately asked for leave and stayed in his house to await His Majesty’s decision.
But now that His Majesty’s decree had been issued, expressly punishing those who impeached him and appeasing the prince regent.
it proved that His Majesty trusted and acknowledged Lin Bozhou in his heart.

Lin Bozhou had won the battle.

Shan Xing also nodded.
“It’s time to return to the court.”

Lin Bozhou lowered his eyes and looked at the ripples in the water.
“It’s too early.”


The two men looked puzzled.

With Lin Bozhou living peacefully in his residence, how dare the cabinet easily use power without his approval? The court’s official documents were piling up like a mountain, but the department couldn’t go through the official business process.
Everything piled up and became chaotic, and they were waiting anxiously for Lin Bozhou to enter the cabinet and prepare the approved draft to continue operations.

Moreover, Lin Bozhou not leaving the house for a few days made more people in the court mock him.
Some people had already sung, “Seeing him build a high building, seeing him holding a feast, seeing his building collapse*,” and the discussion was heated.

*This is a line from a poem << 桃花扇·续四十出·余韵>>.
This sentence expresses the feeling and sentiment of the vicissitudes of the world, the changing ways of the world, and the passage of time.
Glory and wealth, fame and fortune are but a passing cloud.

“Jishizhong* of the Ministry of Rites, the mad dog branch officer, a seventh-grade* official; the deputy minister of the Ministry of Works, a fifth-grade official.”

Lin Bozhou dropped his eyes and spoke word by word.
“These two are only sesame bean-sized officials; how could they dare to impeach the prince regent of the dynasty? Meng Xueming has a strong character, so it’s still understandable.
However, Zhou Langjun* is a person who acts pragmatically and wouldn’t do something without getting benefits.
If it is said that there is no mastermind behind it, this prince does not believe it.”

*Jishizong: an official position in ancient China.
It was an additional title to any official position, and those who got it could enter and leave the palace to serve the emperor.

*In ancient times, officials were divided into nine grades and eighteen levels.
Ancient officials were divided into nine grades, ranging from the first grade to the ninth grade, totaling eighteen levels.
The first three grades were known as the high-ranking court officials, while the third to seventh grades were known as the lower-ranking court officials.
Below the seventh-grade official was called junior official.

*Langjun: A respectful title for a young man.

Shan Xing and Shen Qingyu had a realization.


Pouring the wine in his hand into the lotus pond, Lin Bozhou said in a deep voice, “If we don’t uncover a big fish, some people will think the prince regent is a soft persimmon* that can be pinched if they want to.
Who has so much time to deal with the impeachments that will come in the future?”

*Soft persimmon: a person who is easy to bully or in a weak position.

Shen Qingyu and Shan Xing had chills on their backs.

These words foreshadowed that Lin Bozhou was going to kill someone.

Shen Qingyu had known Lin Bozhou for six years, and Shan Xing had served him since he was a young boy in Kuzhou, the vassal state of the previous king.
They knew that he worked tenaciously and ruthlessly.
If anyone tried to raise their fangs against him, he would pull them out with a smile, cut their claws short, and trample them in the muddy water, letting them die horribly.

If you didn’t offend Lin Bozhou, he was a gentleman.

If you offended Lin Bozhou, he was a villain.

The koi in the pool swam, competing to devour the sweet liquor.
A ripple emerged in Lin Bozhou’s eyes.
“To catch a big fish, it’s better to punish an individual as an example to others.”

Shen Qingyu exhaled heavily.
“I’ll go back and tell Father.”

Lin Bozhou hummed and said, “Troubling you, Shen Er*.”

*Er: a term of endearment for the second child in a family.

The coldness on Shen Er’s back had not faded.

“Your Highness, farewell.”

After talking about business and being quiet, Lin Bozhou said, “Call Meng Huan’s maid to come over.”

Meng Huan’s temperament had changed dramatically in the past few days, becoming too outrageous to the extent of drawing attention to himself.

However, the character was still cute, and the direction of the change was good, making him curious about the change’s reason.

Outside the pavilion, the maid who was called was nervously pale.
She had been in the prince’s residence for several years, but it was her first time speaking to the prince, and her voice stumbled.
“This… this servant greets the prince……”

Lin Bozhou lowered his eyes and did not speak.
Shan Xing asked on his behalf, “Are there any abnormalities with Madam Meng recently?”


She single-handedly arranged Meng Huan’s clothing, food, housing, and transportation.
The transmigration happened yesterday afternoon, but the imperial physician and the little servant were attending to him, and this matter had nothing to do with the maid.
Thus, last night when Meng Huan returned from a bath, was the first time she got in touch with Meng Huan.

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