Staying in the Jiaofang Institute to be robbed by the young master as a concubine or following Lin Bozhou, Meng Huan didn’t want either of these.

But since Meng Xueming’s life wasn’t in danger, Meng Huan didn’t think much of it for a while and continued to shake his fan.

Father, let this son temporarily live for a while.

Lin Bozhou glanced at the tea, seemingly thirsty.

Meng Huan hurriedly steeped the tea and half-leaned over him while handling it with a smile.
“Your Highness, please drink the tea.”

He smiled freshly, with bright eyes and a sweet voice, like Daji seducing King Zhou.

The people in the pavilion felt their backs tingling, uncomfortable.

The weather… was scorching.

Slightly… missing my wife.

The prince regent’s dark, narrow eyes dropped, his gaze falling to the glistening yellow tea, and the corner of his lips curved up.
“This prince does not drink the first batch’s tea.”

“Hmm?” What a stinky exquisiteness is this?

Shan Xing took the teapot with a smile.
“The first batch’s tea tastes strong, astringent, and bitter.
His Highness does not like it.
Madam, it is better to let this servant refill the water.”

He is truly a blue-blooded nobility.
However, Meng Huan did not let go.
He obediently poured out the first tea, re-added hot water, and looked at Lin Bozhou sincerely.
“This concubine has remembered.
I will never get it wrong next time.
Please forgive me, Your Highness.”

“Hahahahahahahahaha……” Shen Qingyu howled with laughter.
“Your Highness, with this concubine, what more could a husband want? Ahahahahahaha!”


Lin Bozhou’s eyes fell back to Meng Huan’s cheeks.

Meng Huan felt his scalp numb from being looked at.
The smile on his face became stiff, and he added more attentively, “Your Highness, besides tea, do you want to eat any snacks? This concubine will ask someone to go down and make it.”

Lin Bozhou finally knocked down the chess piece.
“No need.”

“Okay, this concubine will continue fanning Your Highness again.”

Meng Huan willingly picked up the fan and gracefully fanned him.

The chess pieces were thrown back into the basket at noon, and Lin Bozhou got up.
“Let’s eat.”

The servant behind him hurriedly walked out of the pavilion and ran to the kitchen to order the cook to serve the food.

Shen Qingyu scratched his jaw and observed the chessboard.
“It shouldn’t be like this.
Did I lose nine pieces to Your Highness this time? Previously, we were only half a piece apart, but now the gap is getting bigger.
I don’t understand.
I don’t understand.”

“When have you ever been only half a piece away from this prince?” Lin Bozhou said, “Aren’t you always being pressed by this prince?”

“……” Shen Qingyu.
“Your Highness, words cannot be spoken indiscriminately.”

This lord prince regent was finally going to have a meal.
Meng Huan rubbed his sore wrist, thinking that he could also finally go to receive money.

Lin Bozhou took a step, thought of something, and said, “You also come.”

Meng Huan was instantly alerted.
“No, Your Highness, this concubine can’t enter The Hall of Elegance.
I will return to my courtyard and eat.”


Being rejected by him, a bright light vaguely flashed through Lin Bozhou’s deep eyes like a predator that had been waiting for a long time to catch its prey’s movement.


Meng Huan mentally said: Oh no, I disobeyed the prince again.

With this, his temperament had become fierce again.

With this…… he began to match his sexual fetish again.

Holding back the sob in his mind, Meng Huan smiled freshly and slowly stood up.
“Okay, this concubine is coming.”

The place to dine was at the Lotus Pavilion beside the lake, where the air was fresh and the environment pleasant.
When the wind blew, it left a surge on the turquoise lotus leaves on the lake.
There was a feeling of “the lotus leaves are boundlessly blue in the sky, reflecting the lotus flowers distinctively red in the sun.”

Shen Qingyu stood outside the pavilion.
“Your Highness……”

“There is no outsider, so there is no need to stick to the etiquette.
Sit down and have a meal.
Shan Xing, you too.”

According to the arrangement, the honored person sat in the south direction.
Meng Huan was a concubine and sat beside Lin Bozhou to attend to him.
Before his seat was warm, he heard the rattling of the subordinates passing the food.

Each one was announced as they came out.

“Mushroom chicken, duck with three fresh ingredients, five locks of shredded chicken, stewed meat, stewed pork belly with persimmon, stewed sliced meat with cabbage, cassoulet mutton, stewed mutton with spinach and tofu, cherry meat with yam…”

Meng Huan: Wow!

“Stewed donkey meat with cabbage, lamb sliced with Sichuan baby radish, duck strips with sea cucumber, diced ducked with mushroom rice, roasted shiitake mushrooms, steamed meat with magnolia slices, shredded lamb stew, fried spring rolls, stir-fried yellow leek with meat, smoked pork shoulder and belly, brined tofu, smoked bacon with vegetables, stir-fried cabbage with Sichuan pepper oil, five spice dried foods, sacrificial sliced meat soup, steamed whitefish, plain boiled pork, freshly chopped carp…”

Meng Huan: Woooow!

Meng Huan stared blankly.
Lin Bozhou cleaned his hand without looking at the table and reviewed the chess game with Shen Qingyu.

“I lost by nine pieces.
It must be because I was too distracted just now.” Shen Qingyu insisted on dumping the pot on Meng Huan.

Lin Bozhou snorted, looking sideways, and saw Meng Huan staring at the table, his fingers quietly pressing on the chopsticks.
Although his expression was calm, one could see that he would begin as soon as he gave the command.

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