Ch6 – ‘Food Ah Food! 

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Qin Fei had just sat down when his eyes were drawn to a plant beside him.
His eyes couldn’t help but shine brightly.
The soil beneath the plant had a cracked ridge.
He carefully plucked away the cracked soil and grabbed the bottom part of the plant near the rhizome, carefully pulling it outwards while quickly loosening the soil underneath with his other hand.
In a few moments, an object like a large white radish was pulled out. 


Qin Fei was pleasantly surprised as he stared at the object ; he had seen that rabbit-like creature eat such things once when he was struggling with hunger and thirst in the jungle.
After identifying it and confirming that it was not poisonous, he followed suit and ate some raw.
However that forest was clearly not suitable for such plants and the largest one was less than one-twentieth the size of the one he was holding right now. 




The females resting around him watched Qin Fei’s odd behaviour so all gathered around him, did not understand why he was smiling foolishly at a fat grass root. 



Qin Fei also did not explain much, he placed the object against his leg and broke it with both of his hands.
After a crisp and fresh sound, the thing was split into two.
Qin Fei avoided the dirt stuck to the surrounding skin and took a bite at the centre of the bare flesh of the root plant.
Sure enough, even the taste was sweeter than the one from the jungle.


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The females all cried out in surprise at his sudden action.
The male leader, just in a few steps, leapt in front of Qin Fei.
The food they ate had been tested by their countless ancestors, therefore this kind of eating randomly could lead to serious problems.
In the past, when there was a famine in the tribe, there have been cases where members of the tribe who couldn’t stand the starvation have died from eating random foods. 



Looking at everyone’s nervous eyes, Qin Fei explained the reason to them, “I’ve eaten this stuff before.
Don’t worry everyone, it’s not poisonous!”



The nearest female looked full of curiosity at Qin Fei who handed her the other half that he hadn’t chewed.
She took it carefully, hesitated for a moment and then boldly stuck the tip of her tongue out and licked the fractured part.
With a look of surprise she said, “It’s so sweet!” 

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Hlc Mfl ijeutfv jcv rjlv, “Lc, la’r j yla ilxf j rkffa qbajab.
Pa klii vfolclafis ajraf yfaafg mbbxfv bg gbjrafv atjc fjalcu la gjk.”


Ktf ofwjif kjr qehhifv jcv rjlv, “Vkffa, rkffa qbajab!” 


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Qin Fei froze as he scratched his hair awkwardly, cleared his throat and decided to refer it to a deer out of a horse

“Pa’r mjiifv rkffa qbajab jcv la’r j obbv sbe mjc fja, rb fnfgsbcf wluta jr kfii kjca ab ibbx jgbecv ab rff lo atfgf jgf wbgf tfgf.”


Everyone was excited to hear that it was something edible so without waiting for the male leader to say something, they spontaneously searched for it.



“There’s one here.”


“Here too.”


“Wow, there are so many here.” There were many exciting sounds coming through from the females all around.


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So, instead of collecting mainly two types of fruit, the collecting team went all over the mountain to search for the sweet potatoes.
Actually, it wasn’t quite all over the mountain, they only went through the area that was used as their rest area.The piles of sweet potatoes were successfully retrieved by the females.
The originally shrivelled animal skin sacks were now stuffed to the brim with more sweet potatoes.
Since there was no way to take all of it away, Qin Fei wanted to make some small baskets that could be carried on the back but unfortunately the branches nearby did not work, the thicker ones could not be bent and the thinner ones were easily broken, so there was no way to make the basket.
All he could do was work with the group to pile up the sweet potatoes, cover it with large leafy weeds and mark the place so tomorrow they could move it away to their tribe. 


It was such a great harvest for the collecting team at this time of year throughout their history.
Everyone looked at Qin Fei in a more friendly way instead of looking at him in an investigative way.
On the way back, females kept coming up to chat with Qin Fei.
The path was rugged and the females were so close that their breasts through the animal skins touched Qin Fei’s arm every now and then.
Qin Fei desperately tried to tell himself not to think too much about it, that they were just a bunch of simple and honest primitive people.
But sometimes, the more one tried to control oneself from caring about something, the harder it was to control it, so much so that along the way Qin Fei was ‘chested’ and tripped over a dozen times.
The worst part was that one of the females boldly slapped Qin Fei on his bare PP after he fell.
Qin Fei’s jaw almost dropped in shock, his eyes widened and his hands involuntarily shielded his PP as the males laughed loudly and cheerfully behind him. 


By the time he walked back to the tribe, Qin Fei’s face was red enough as if it was going to drip blood.
In his heart, he secretly madly roared, ‘Is there any justice left in heaven? Is there? He, a big and respected man from Earth, was actually molested by a group of women in this primitive place.
Such a tragedy ah, tragedy!’


Because they had never been back with good results, the picking team returned slower than they had gone in previous days.
The team that had gone out hunting had already returned to the tribe first so when they saw the collecting team return, everyone came out to greet them.
Sa Lei, who heard that Qin Fei had volunteered to go with the collecting team, also followed suit to welcome them home.
The people of the tribe were astonished and widened their eyes as they saw that the picking party had returned with full load ; the sacks of unrecognizable things especially caused them to fill with curiosity.


Hearing that the edible food had been discovered by Qin Fei, the eyes of everyone gathered towards him.
Qin Fei coughed dryly and with a flushed face, he explained, “You can either cook this food or roast it over the fire.
If you roast it by fire, it is best to wrap it in a large plant leaf, bury some earth on top and burn it on top of the land.
This way it tastes best when roasted.” As he said this, Qin Fei grabbed one from his animal skin bag and

and held it up, “Because the ones I used to eat, the thickest one was only about the size of a wrist, I’m afraid it would be difficult to roast a whole one of this size.
It would be better for everyone to make this food into smaller pieces before roasting it, so that it will be easier to cook.”


Putting the food in his hand back into the animal skin belt, Qin Fei scratched his hair, wondering why these guys were still glaring at him with green eyes he wasn’t the food. 


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Ruma stepped out of the crowd, smiled and said,”Everyone might as well try following Qin Fei’s way.
Now, get busy then!”



As if everyone regained consciousness from a dream, washing the food and gathering the firewood for making the fire.
In the blink of an eye, only Ruma the priest and Sa Lei who was staring eagerly at Qin Fei as well as Qin Fei who was about to explode from Sa Lei’s stare were left there.  


Ruma turned his head, turned a blind eye to the pleading look Qin Fei threw at him and walked back to his tent without the slightest hesitation.
Qin Fei gritted his teeth in hatred and could only turn his mind in secret, thinking of how to withstand (ward off) Sa Lei’s increasingly intimate moves.
When he returned to his senses, Sa Lei was already crouched down in front of Qin Fei who was startled by him and unconsciously ducked back.
Sa Lei reached out and firmly grabbed Qin Fei’s arm.
After that, Qin Fei was picked up by him in princess carry.


“You, what are you going to do again?” Qin Fei struggled as he glared at Sa Lei. 


Sa Lei’s eyes were filled with heartache as he stared into Qin Fei’s bright eyes, “How the hell do you walk? Why are there so many wounds on your legs?”


Qin Fei stopped struggling by these words of Sa Lei.
He indescribably felt a little guilty (afraid of being found out) and didn’t dare to look directly at Sa Lei in the eye.
It felt like texting a pretty girl (a girl he met on-line) behind his wife’s back.
Even though they might not likely even get to first base, there was always the illusion as if he was being pierced in the heart.
It was really fucking unpleasant. 

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