Ch5 – Blend in

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Sure enough, a beauty should not be kissed casually, even if it was in a ‘dream’ you still have to pay the price for the kiss.
This price was especially excruciatingly painful for Qin Fei.
With that muddle headed kiss, his relationship with Sa Lei was settled.
Even when it was discovered afterwards that he was a male, Sa Lei was determined to keep him by his side.
It could not be helped that the powerful dragon didn’t pressure the local bully under his control.
Sa Lei was the chief of the tribe and the leader of the barbarian group.
The powerful Ruma priest could not even interfere in Sa Lei’s decision to choose a spouse, let alone Qin Fei who was a non native with no right and power and who relied on the tribe’s material support.  


As a result, Qin Fei became Sa Lei’s spouse without question.
Forced to share a tent and an animal skin with Sa Lei.
Although Sa Lei did not get his hands on Qin Fei yet, Qin Fei also didn’t have any soft tofu left for Sa Lei to eat.




Qin Fei knew that if Sa Lei had used force, he would have been a child in terms of physical strength compared to the wild man but Sa Lei did not.
This was what frightened Qin Fei the most, he felt that Sa Lei was eating away his resistance little by little.
Sometimes Qin Fei was surprised to have the thought pop out into his head that this primitive man was actually quite handsome so if he really couldn’t go back, the days didn’t seem so hard with such a ‘warm the heart and delights to the eye’ face.
Thus he would be frightened by these kinds of his own thoughts and would go mad for a while to make himself think of something else. 


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Early in the morning, Qin Fei sat down on the river bank, stared blankly and almost scratched a tenth of his hair out, before finally making up his mind and facing reality.
Wasn’t there a philosopher who said something similar such as; the moment when you couldn’t resist (fight) the tic-tac-toe, life throws at you (not suitable for children, for adults only! Imagine it yourself), then try to enjoy it? 


‘Damn, why did I think of that line?’


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‘Change it to a different sentence! I have to change it into a different line of verse to encourage myself.’ Unfortunately, Qin Fei wracked his head yet the words that could encourage him to face his current situation were really lacking in the extreme.
There were no other words but this one only.
It made him shudder, was this a hint? That he would eventually in the end be eaten by Sa Lei! Shaking his head vigorously, he decided to numb himself for the moment and not think about this ‘chrysanthemum damage’ damned problem. 

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Ruma sent the hunting troop away and sighed softly as he watched Qin Fei desperately ruin his own black hair on the river. 


Qin Fei heard the familiar footsteps sound behind him and guessed the person was Ruma.
Clearing his throat, he said to Ruma, “I, I want to go out with the hunting team today…Is that okay?”


After twenty days of eating and drinking for free (freeloading) in the tribe, Qin Fei who had calmed down found it embarrassing to do so.
Although the food tasted awfully bad, it was saved by the people in the tribe for him, after all, the food here was wretchedly lacking.
Qin Fei felt that he had enough of being mad.
Nevertheless, he needed to try to keep on living in this unfamiliar world when he was sure that he could not go back to his original world, especially when the productivity was so low and the simple people in the tribe were working hard doing the manual work every day.
He as a young man with a healthy body couldn’t just retract like a turtle drawing in its head and legs, eat food that isn’t earned and do nothing. 


A glint of praise flashed in Ruma’s eyes.
He judged from the language Qin Fei had used at the beginning that Qin Fei’s tribe must be very far away from here.
This coupled with the strange clothes Qin Fei was wearing when he was brought back by Sa Lei.
Although Ruma did not know how Qin Fei had arrived here, his instincts told him that the child would probably never return to the tribe he belonged to in his lifetime.
Therefore the slender little male seemed to know this which was why there had been a hidden unease and fear in his eyes, which had led to this series of anger for days.
However, now the boy’s eyes were clear and determined so it was finally time for him to set his mind on staying here. 

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Ruma patted Qin Fei’s shoulder, “You go back and get ready ba! In a few minutes, the gathering team will meet at the southwest exit.”



Qin Fei nodded and walked back to the tent.
In the corner, there was Qin Fei’s big bag.
Inside, apart from his solar-powered multifunctional watch, some digital books of the Marvel book, some electronic devices that couldn’t top up his food and drink, his precious medical kit and two swords that Qin Fei had taken from the GVR security staff.


At that time, Sa Lei had looked through his backpack but the two rulers’ long sabers had a taut spring at its sheath and it needed a thumb press to pull them out.
Although Sa Lei had vaguely felt as if it could be pulled out and he had also uncertainly tried to pull and fling it but since he didn’t know the theory so it didn’t succeed.
The medical kit had its combination-lock so Sa Lei had even less way to open it.
Then, in Sa Lei’s eyes, it was as strange as those piles of electronic equipment and useless.


Qin Fei stuck a sabre into the strap of his animal skin skirt, put on his only pair of shoes and hurried to the meeting place bringing with him a large animal skin bag he took from the side of the tent.

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He arrived late and almost all the collecting team were waiting for him.
Apart from the eight males who were to escort the collecting team, the rest of the collecting members were mostly females.
The scenery under their breasts and skirts, half covered by animal skins made Qin Fei wonder where he should put his eyes.
Although the females were mostly tall and strong and Qin Fei also had become more accustomed to this ‘unrestrained’ primitive tribe over the past few days, he was still embarrassed to be stared at by a bunch of scantily clad women.


The time was getting late, without giving Qin Fei more time to adapt, the leader of the team, a male with a long and narrow beast’s tooth on his chest, waved his hand and the collecting team started to head towards a specific area.


The targets were simple and merely one: the purple fruit Qin Fei had eaten in the past few days with the other kind of small and slightly sour green fruit, although the quantities of both were not much especially in the season when food was in short supply, the food available for the collecting team was miserably less.
It was then that Qin Fei realized how luxurious a life he had led in the past few days and could not help but blushed (with shame) again.


The path through the hills was rugged and it was a good thing Qin Fei was wearing shoes.
If he had been barefoot like these people, he would have had bloody blisters all over his feet in no time.
After another small hill, the team’s harvest was still pitifully small, with only two small red-purple fruits and a small handful of sour chinese olive fruits lying in the animal skin bags that Qin Fei carried on his back. 


The male leader with long and narrow animal teeth, yelled for everyone to rest in the same place.
Qin Fei also sat down, with his butt on the grass.
To be honest, he could not walk any longer but the females were far from Qin Fei’s state who had already cut a sorry figure.
To these sturdy females who were about the same height as himself or even some who were a little taller beyond him, Qin Fei had become too inferior to even want to compare himself with those big and tall females. 

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