Ch45 – The power of the bamboo crossbow

At midday, the females made lunch as the males stopped their work and prepared to eat.
Sa Lei searched for Qin Fei everywhere; where he had even searched the entire tribe’s camp and the nearby bamboo forest, yet still could not find him.
He then heard from Ruma that he had gone out with Xiao Bu, therefore Ruma thought that he couldn’t have gone too far.
However, both of them still didn’t come back yet even until everyone had finished eating and started to work again. 


Sa Lei was so anxious that he didn’t have the heart or intention to work and kept muttering, ‘I’m going to punish Qin Fei properly when he gets back, see if he dares to wander off again’.
As they heard this, everyone was also worried about him and were discussing who to send out to look for him, but exactly at this time, they saw Xiao Bu and Qin Fei dragging a pile of stuff to the Ruma tent.




Because the stuff was packed with vine nets, it was also covered with many huge plant leaves, and on its underneath, for the sake of pulling and tugging it conveniently, a bigger stiff plant leaf was laid down.
The two of them dragged it all the way to Ruma’s tent, where Xiao Bu added some more large grass leaves to cover it.
It was clear that he didn’t want everyone to know what it was! 



The group looked even more curious and couldn’t sit still, immediately dropping what they were doing and gathering around.


Sa Lei was a bit anxious, “Where have you been? You didn’t say anything, look how worried everyone is.”



Mocha pouted his mouth and muttered in a small voice, “Boss Sa Lei is the one who’s anxious, aren’t you? The tribe is already protected, therefore usually, there are no big wild beasts around.”



Sa Lei gave Mocha a fierce look, “You also said that normally, there is a possibility of large beasts.
Why else would someone be on guard during the day and keep watch at night? Look at the two of them, which one of them is capable of defending themselves? If they came across a bigger beast, they would all be done.” 


Xiumijja, Tanbert and Torreja all looked stunned or stupefied as if being struck by lightning the moment Sa Lei glared hard at them, they did not dare to speak.
They still remembered how quickly and accurately Qin Fei had killed the red-headed poison king, how he had gone on a rampage and beaten the leader of the baa beasts, and more recently how Qin Fei had killed three fierce flying beasts almost independently, one of which was also the leader of the flying beasts.


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The males looked dumbfounded and Benert gave Mocha a rare poke using his elbow and said jokingly, “See, this is how our Boss Sa Lei properly fixed Boss Qin Fei.” 


Mocha cooperated, making an envious and disgusting face, “Boss, you also punish me with good food and drink, too.”



The angry Sa Lei shot two sharp eye at those two, while the other males laughed, ‘Ha ha’.
Qin Fei tore a piece of meat and gave it to Xiao Bu before then the two of them took a big bite of the food in the bowl using chopsticks. 


Suddenly Sa Lei grabbed Qin Fei’s hand, “What happened to your hand?”


Everyone also went to look at Qin Fei’s hand and could not help but frown when they saw that his originally fair, white and slender hand was covered with tiny cuts. 


Qin Fei was embarrassed since everyone was looking, it was common for males to get injured and bleed.
How could that when he just gotten a couple of cuts here then as if he had caused a great dissatisfaction and anger? When Sa Lei saw Qin Fei spitting out his tongue and act dumb, he turned around and headed straight for the pile of grass and leaves covering that things.


Qin Fei and Xiao Bu tried to stop them, but it was too late.
Everyone watched eagerly, only to find and see the string bags containing a pile of colorful small birds and fur beasts. 


“Ah, there’s a purple-tailed rat sable and a white rat sable.”


“And coloured feathered birds and flowery cat mice.” 


“Look at that, look at that, that green-haired one is a green sparrow lady.”


Sa Lei was also dumbfounded that everyone was right, there were ‘running the fastest’ purple-tailed rat martens, white rat martens and flowery cat mice in there, as well as the coloured feathered birds and the green sparrow lady that flew so high they didn’t even land in the short trees.
The question was how did Qin Fei and Xiao Bu catch these animals or how did Qin Fei catch them? 


Sa Lei looked at Qin Fei who laughed foolishly.
Sa Lei went back to look at Xiao Bu, who quickly covered his animal skin bag.



As expected from a child, Sa Lei knew at one glance that there was something in his bag and said to Xiao Bu with a serious face, “Show me what’s in there.” 


Xiao Bu covered his animal skin bag, “No, this is a gift from Qin Fei.”


Sa Lei glared at him and when he was about to speak again, Qin Fei already blocked him in front of Xiao Bu.
He immediately becoming not angry anymore and coughed twice, “I don’t want it.
I just want to see it.
Everyone is also quite curious, it shouldn’t be just ‘a simple thing’ that can get these little animals, so let’s all see it.” 


Qin Fei stroked Xiao Bu’s head, “Just now in the forest, Xiao Bu also said that he wanted everyone to have a bamboo crossbow.”


Xiao Bu nodded and put his hand into his animal skin pocket.
A small crossbow appeared in his hand, immediately attracting everyone’s attention. 


Instead of handing the bamboo crossbow to Sa Lei, Xiao Bu took another tiny bamboo arrow out of his pocket, stuffed it in the crossbow, looked up and scanned the room.
There was a big fat grey bird, landing on a tree trunk twenty or thirty metres away, grooming its feathers.
Xiao Bu pouted his mouth, obviously missing the extremely ugly bird, but there was no other target, so he sighed reluctantly.
Then he lifted the crossbow, aimed and cocked the spring in one fluid motion.
With a whoosh, the grey bird of prey bobbed twice in the tree and dropped.
The crowd rushed over and saw a thin bamboo branch stuck in its body, a stream of blood flowing outwards down the bamboo tube.


Everyone drew in a cold breath, such a small thing could actually fly over such a long distance to kill the flying bird? How terrifying was its power. 


Sa Lei was anxious to see the crossbow and discussed it with Xiao Bu for half a day before the little guy agreed to lend it to him.
Who knew that several males, clumsily would rush to look at it and snatched it, so the crossbow would fall to the ground with a snap, somehow scattering the parts.


When Xiao Bu saw that the crossbow was broken, he immediately stood in the place and cried out with a loud, ‘Whuaa.’.
Qin Fei hurriedly hugged him up and comforted him, while several males were dumbfounded that they hadn’t understood what had been broken.
They all looked at Qin Fei helplessly.
Qin Fei coaxed Xiao Bu and assured him that the item was not broken and that it would soon be good. 


Xiao Bu pouted his mouth and glared at Sa Lei.
Sa Lei could only glare angrily at these bunch of troublemakers, then for the first time, pulled a sort of curry a favor smile at Xiao Bu.
Qin Fei stifled a laugh as he picked up the parts from the floor.
Instead of putting it back together immediately, he explained to everyone the structure of the crossbow and the function of each part, as well as the materials used to make each part and the things they need to pay attention to when making it.
Finally, he put them back together one by one and told them in all seriousness


The crossbow has a very high penetrating power, the arrows should only be loaded when there was prey, and that they should not be loaded when there was no prey, otherwise they would be killed or injured if they accidentally touched the taut spring.
Everyone nodded seriously and said they would remember it.

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