Ch43 – Bamboo House and Furniture

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The males moved real quick, in just two hours they had cut down a lot of bamboo trees and started to build the first bamboo house.
Fearing that something might go wrong, Qin Fei followed them back to the tribe to be the chief technical guide.
As they did not intend to live there for long, Qin Fei chose to build a relatively simple bamboo house. 


He first divided the bamboo house into three parts: the roof (ceiling), the main basic frame, the floor with the exterior side of a wall.
Each of these sections were bundled up with rope by a different male before finally they were put together and reinforced, so that the house was built very quickly.




The thick and big bamboo was placed in several load-bearing positions to support the weight of the building.
The outer walls were made of double rows of bamboo, bound together with hay, for strength and warmth.
The inner walls of the divided rooms were also made of double rows of bamboo lined with dried grass, but with slightly thinner branches.
The floor was made of wrist-thick bamboo that was both flat and strong.
The outer edge of the floor extends out from the bamboo hut, creating a thick, wide outer edge for storage and a place for rest.
The eaves, which poke out from the herringbone roof, cover the area so that it would not get wet even when it rains. 



After tying up the various parts of the bamboo houses, Mocha took a few males and stripped the bark from a number of ‘slippery bark trees’.
Even if no one peeled the bark of this tree, It would fall off once a year.
It was the bark of this tree that was used by the tribe to protect their tent roofs from the rain.
Although the inside of the bark was not very different from that of ordinary trees, the bark was particularly soft and smooth, and there was no trace of knot (in wood).
The bark was like waterproof linoleum and when it was laid on the roof of the bamboo houses and covered with bundles of dried grass, it was really warm in winter and cool in summer.
Of course, Qin Fei had no intention of using the bamboo houses to withstand the months of cold winters here.

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Once again, Qin Fei was amazed by the strong and powerful males who had built a sturdy and pleasing to the eyes (artistic) bamboo house in less than an hour.
Some of the men were left idle in the outer surrounding, too anxious to get involved.
Once the bamboo building was finished, the group looked inside and out and, under the direction of a few leading males, split up into groups and spread out in the tribe’s camp, building bamboo houses in a frenzy.



Although Sa Lei had already checked all the inside and the outside of the bamboo house, Qin Fei was still not at ease.
He also inspected the building for several times, inside and out, fearing that there might be problems with the quality of something that had been built so quickly.
But to Qin Fei’s surprise, every part of the building was tied very carefully, so there was clearly no problems for them doing the quick work and using the inferior material.
In the end, Qin Fei looked at the empty bamboo building yet still felt uncomfortable.
He sat down in the bamboo house and thought to himself, why did he felt that this bamboo house was strange?

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Each of these things was explained by Qin Fei, its functions and names.
Everyone understood and remembered them by their use and shape.
But the bowl was known to everyone, so what was the cup?

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Qin Fei was in the middle of a enthusiastically speaking when Sa Lei and group of males interrupted him impatiently, asking him what a cup was. 


Boss Qin was so stunned by the question that he simply started again with his sketch on the floor – a cup.
But when Sa Lei and the others saw what he had drawn, they still had a foggy expression (very confused expression) on their faces.


Qin Fei could only explain dryly—— it was a container for filling water to drink.
Then they asked a bunch of questions about the cups, which were so far off the main topic that Qin Fei was scratching his head.
When he suddenly saw a small piece of bamboo tube with bamboo joints, he happily grabbed it and showed the crowd how to do it.
Everyone instantly understood ~ Qin Fei was speechless, sure enough, they were really primitive people, therefore they should use the most primitive cup. 


The females continued to pick the food while the males built bamboo buildings.
Qin Fei, Sa Lei and the others discussed to make the wooden furniture and save it for later so they decided to work on the bamboo furniture first.
They were very busy that it was only when everyone was extremely hungry that they remembered it was time for lunch.



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Qin Fei told the females to stop picking, washed and sliced the piles of mushrooms and bamboo shoots, cut up the meat of two large herbivores and put them into a large pot and stir-fried them.
The rest of the meat was put on the fire and roasted in the way Qin Fei had taught them.
Underneath the fire, there were a lot of sweet potatoes buried. 


What was even more pleasing was that ‘the unconscious Torreja’ finally woke up, Qin Fei made a light and nutritious meal, specifically for Torreja and a few injured males.


Everyone ate a delicious meal of bamboo shoots and mushrooms, then they went back to work in full force.
By the time dinner was served, twenty-five bamboo houses had been built in the tribe’s camp as well as a lot of furniture also had been made, even the beds alone reached more than ten.
Qin Fei made many bamboo stools and gave them to the children of the tribe. 


In the evening, Qin Fei directed everyone to make stir-fried bamboo shoots and meat, mushroom and sweet potato soup with wild vegetables and also baked a lot of pies.
Everyone praised the food made by him without ceasing.


Seeing that not even a quarter of the dead animals had been eaten, Sa Lei decided that everyone in the tribe would build bamboo buildings and make furniture tomorrow. 


After they finished the meal, everyone sat in front of the bonfire and talked.
Compared to the beautiful bamboo house, the tent behind them was a very difficult place to stay even for one more night.

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Qin Fei could saw and understood what everyone was thinking and suggested to Sa Lei that some of the people should move into the bamboo house first.
But to their surprise, the people were very humble and wanted to give the benefit (better one’s living conditions) of sleeping in the bamboo house for the night to others.
Qin Fei was overwhelmed and extremely touched by the sincerity of this kind of friendship. 


Later, in meeting Qin Fei once, families with wounded and sick young children, elderly, disabled people and pregnant women were moved into the bamboo house first.
Ruma and Xiao Bu were supposed to move into the bamboo house, but he insisted on staying bringing Xiao Bu with him.
Ruma’s message was clear: although he was an old man, he was also a priest of the tribe and he had to remind himself to give priority to his people.
The reason why he allowed Xiao Bu to stay was obvious to everyone without saying anything, although Sa Lei denied it, Xiao Bu was Sa Lei’s child and as the leader of the tribe, he must give priority to the tribe, therefore naturally, as the son of the tribe, Xiao Bu must also set an example.


It was at this moment that Qin Fei finally understood why the tribe people respected Ruma and Sa Lei so much.
If the tribe worshiped him like worshipping a god but for Sa Lei and Ruma, they were truly convinced; filled with admiration. 


Xiao Bu held Qin Fei’s hand tightly and asked with his big dark and watery eyes, “Daddy Qin Fei, you are going to live with Xiao Bu in a big bamboo house right?” After saying this, he looked uneasily at Sa Lei.



Qin Fei also turned his head to look at Sa Lei.
With the little one and the big one looked attentively at him, he then nodded his head gently.
Xiao Bu immediately screamed happily and jumped into Qin Fei’s arms. 

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