Ch40 – Patron Saint of the Nata Tribe

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Qin Fei slept until the next morning.
He woke up to the strong smell of milk.
He just stretched out his body halfway through, he suddenly screamed and dared not stretch any further.
Every bone in his body felt like it had been disassembled from its components, as if it was not lubricated.
Every time he moved, there was a rattling sound, it was sore and painful. 


Sa Lei was outside the tent when he heard Qin Fei’s voice and immediately went into the tent.
When he saw Qin Fei’s painful face, he came over to rub and knead him.
He had heard Qin Fei say a few days ago that if he had exercised too much and his entire body ached, he would feel much better after a massage.




It was both heartbreaking and amusing to see his lover, who had been so powerful yesterday, now grunting like an aggrieved little beast lying on the animal skin.  



Qin Fei was kneaded by Sa Lei but Qin Fei didn’t forget the main matters and asked, “What about Torreja and the others?”


Sa Lei looked worried, “The others are fine, but Torreja is still unconscious.
He’s still having a fever, even though he’s been given the medicine you mentioned.”



“Stop pinching me, let’s go and accompany me to see Torreja first.” Qin Fei struggled to get up.


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Sa Lei hurriedly put on his trousers and straw sandal.
But he wouldn’t let him get off the ground and insisted on carrying him there.
Qin Fei was so sore that he could hardly lift his arms, so he had no strength to struggle with Sa Lei.
He let him carry him while holding the medicine box as he walked towards Torreja’s tent under the gaze of a people in the tribe.
Outside the tent, Xumijja and a few males sat crouched, all with anxious faces.
The moment they saw Qin Fei and Sa Lei coming, they hurriedly stood up. 


Sa Lei took a look at them, gave them a reassuring look and said, “Don’t worry, Qin Fei will find a way to save Torreja.” After Qin Fei’s stitching yesterday, Sa Lei was sure that Qin Fei had the ability to do so.


Qin Fei nodded to the others and was carried into Torreja’s tent by Sa Lei.  


Xumijja and the others looked at each other and nodded firmly.
They had no doubt at all about what Sa Lei had said, Qin Fei had been treated like a guardian god, so as long as Qin Fei was there, there was always hope.

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Although it had only been one night, it was clear that the wound had already started to heal, and even with the precedent of Sa Lei’s previously quick recovery, Qin Fei was still amazed at how quickly it had healed.
He couldn’t help but marvel at the physical prowess of these barbarians.
There was no sign of infection in the wound.
The temperature of Torreja had not exceeded 38 degrees when he tested by hand, so it was probably absorbed heat from tissue damage.
All that was needed was care, plenty of water and physical cooling.
As for the lethargy, it may be due to excessive bleeding, but it should not last long.



Qin Fei took out a silver needle and put some stitches in Torreja.
He then took out a small porcelain vial from the medicine box, poured out a small pill, squeezed his mouth open and gave him the pill with water. 


Ruma beside him looked on nervously, murmuring as he asked, “Nothing wrong will happen to Torreja, right?”

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Qin Fei turned his head and whispered, “Don’t worry, his fever should not last more than three days and as long as his wound does not become infected, he will soon be cured.
If nothing happens, he will be awake by noon.” 


“Really?” Yidasha couldn’t believe her ears.
“Torreja is really going to wake up soon? Is he really going to be okay? He’s going to be fine right? … I can’t lose him!”


Qin Fei patted the agitated Yidasha soothingly, “He’s very strong and I promise you that he’ll accompany you and watch you guys’ little daughter grow up.” 


Ruma also came over, asking Qin Fei with his eyes.
Many males had passed away from high fever after they had been injured.
In Ruma’s deep-rooted mind, an outbreak of hyperthermia was almost tantamount to being chosen by death.
head, fearing that Qin Fei was trying to appease Yidasha, he leaned over and tried with his eyes.


Qin Fei rolled his eyes in disgust, “What’s the point of lying to you? Let’s all eat and do our jobs and not worry about them.
But no one is allowed to touch the needles I’ve put in Torreja’s body and when it’s time to take them out, I’ll naturally take them out for him.” Qin Fei’s words were so serious that the people in the tent nodded their heads. 


Sa Lei reckoned that Qin Fei was already very hungry, so he dragged him to eat breakfast.
Qin Fei was already hungry, so he ate the roast meat and drank the goat’s milk in a big mouthful.
Sa Lei was distressed, gave him another half bowl of goat’s milk and told him to eat slowly.
One after another, the tribesmen ate their breakfast, which was as dull as it had ever been.


Sa Lei sighed, “The few brown furry beasts we caught, except for the cubs and a pregnant female, were all killed by the flying beasts that attacked yesterday.
They would have taken their prey, but we fought back so hard.
You killed their important leader, so the remaining beasts fled for their lives and did not take the carcasses with them.” 


Qin Fei patted Sa Lei’s shoulder comfortingly, “The people in the tribe are alive is the most important thing.
We’ll figure out the rest later.”


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Sa Lei nodded and smiled softly, “If you hadn’t gone crazy yesterday, killed three flying beasts in a row and slaughtered their leader, there would have been casualties in the tribe.” 


Qin Fei glanced at Sa Lei and although he was still a little scared, there was a little pride in his tone, “I called it the great invincible might.
Chief Sa Lei, besides that, don’t ignore my medical skills.”


Sa Lei gave Qin Fei a quick peck on the cheek “My Qin Fei is always the best.” 


Qin Fei blushed instantly and said, “You, it’s good that you know.”


Xiao Bu was obviously shocked by yesterday’s flying beasts attack.
He was eating his breakfast in silence with some of the tribe’s children under the watchful eye of a few females, occasionally looking uneasily at Qin Fei. 


Despite his aches and pains, Qin Fei got up and walked over to Xiao Bu, then sat down and touched his head.


Xiao Bu put down the food in his hand, stuck his head into Qin Fei’s arms and cried, “Daddy Qin Fei, you don’t leave Xiao Bu…” 


Qin Fei patted Xiao Bu’s back, “I will not, Daddy Qin Fei will not leave Xiao Bu.”


Xiao Bu tilted his head to look at him.
He had tears on his face.
Qin Fei gently wiped the tears off his face and kissed him on the forehead, “Daddy will be very busy today, so be good and don’t run around, wait until Daddy is done, there will be a present for you.” 

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Xiao Bu blinked, “Hn, Xiao Bu will be good.”



After they had eaten, Sa Lei asked Banert and Gina to lead some of the tribe members to store the few flying beasts that had been killed by them yesterday as well as deal with the captive animals that had been killed by the flying beast and store it as food, while another part of the tribe members followed him to tidy up the camp and try to repair the tents that had been damaged by the flying beasts. 


Ruma sighed as he looked at the half-destroyed camp and beckoned to the busy Sa Lei, Banert and Mocha to come over.


At Ruma’s gesture, the three men dropped what they were doing and walked quickly to Ruma’s side.
Ruma led the three of them all the way to the river and said in a deep voice, “Qin Fei is too important to our tribe, if it wasn’t for Qin Fei, not just a few people would have been injured this time.
But if Qin Fei… did have an accident, it would be an irreparable loss, therefore no matter what will happen in the future, we must protect Qin Fei first, even if any of us unfortunately die.” 


Naturally, it went without saying that Qin Fei was the apple of Sa Lei’s eye ( Sa Lei’s dearly loved person). 


Mocha scratched his head, “Don’t worry, Qin Fei is the guardian spirit of our Nata tribe, we will definitely protect him well.” 


Banert also nodded heavily, if they wanted the tribe to continue, they couldn’t let anything wrong happen to Qin Fei.
However, Qin Fei’s favour to the Nata tribe was enough for anyone in the Nata tribe to repay him with their lives.


The four of them took the same action, looking at the thin figure who just finished checking on the injured people, staring at the tent, not knowing what he was thinking about.  

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