Ch34 – The Delicious Roasted Lamb

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The tribe members were happy, they brought back to their camp all the animals they had killed and captured alive.
There were cheers and laughter on the way.
It was an unimaginable victory for them, not only had they hunted several large herbivores today, but now they had caught so many at once.
To the delight of the tribe, there were no injuries and deaths, something they would never have thought of before.
Although they disliked the meat of the bleating beasts, they were fascinated to hear about the ranch that Xumijja and the others had told them about.
They had some kind of blind admiration and trust in Qin Fei.
If Qin Fei could make such delicious food, then why not if he could make the meat of the baa beast delicious? 


Qin Fei’s heart was somewhat heavy, the more they trusted him, the heavier the burden on his shoulders.
He was afraid that if he was careless, someone would die.
How could he protect the people of the Nata tribe in this prehistoric wilderness era, full of crises?




On the way there, Sa Lei saw Qin Fei’s increasingly grave expression and knew that he was blaming himself for being attacked from all sides by the beasts today.
He wanted to comfort him yet he didn’t know what to say, so he just held his hand tightly and gave him his silent support. 



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When the group entered the tribe’s camp, Gina and a group of females from the gathering team surrounded them.
Qin Fei’s expression turned much better as he let everyone count and sort the quantity of the living beasts.
There were twenty-three adult females; two were pregnant, seven males, including the three Qin Fei had caught earlier, and five underage cubs.


After estimating the amount of vacant space the beasts would need to occupy, Qin Fei drew a large square area of nearly 200 square metres on one side of the tribe’s camp using branches.
The males were asked to find some sturdy trees, nail it to the square.
The adult beasts were tied together with leather ropes soaked in a strange smell of grass juice.
Some long, thick branches were inserted around the square.
An exit was left for a few of the smaller animals to be driven in.
Finally, Qin Fei made a simple gate made from rattan and tied it to the exit with a live knot.
With this, a simple fence was now in place.
Although it was highly unlikely that the beasts would chew through the weird smell of grass-infested rope, Qin Fei still instructed Sa Lei to send a few males to guard the gate so that the beasts would not break free and hurt anyone.



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Qin Fei and the others had been busy and working for half a day so they were already hungry too.
Thus, the females made a fire and boiled the water.
They also washed the edible wild vegetables and sweet potatoes, while the males dealt with the carcasses of the bleating beasts and large herbivores.
Qin Fei also hurriedly dug up the red pepper seedlings and planted them near the tribe’s camp where he previously also planted the green onions, garlic and Sichuan pepper there.


The people of the tribe didn’t throw away the guts and skulls like they used to, but cleaned and sorted them out.
Qin Fei did not let the males chop the bleating beast into pieces, but washed them whole and placed them on large and clean leaves to use. 


Suddenly there were shrieks from the river, two females were jumping and screaming at the edge of the river, scaring everyone and causing them to drop what they were doing and gather around.


One of them was Gina.
Her face was full of tears and her mouth opened as she tried desperately to breathe.
Qin Fei took one look at the scattered dried chillies on the ground and immediately understood.
Chillies have chilli alkali in them which can be combined with the acetic acid (CH3COOH) in vinegar.
But there was no vinegar here, so Qin Fei handed over a few sour fruits that were used as a substitute for vinegar, hoping that they would have an effect.
The sour fruits were extremely sour and well hydrated.
Both of them followed Qin Fei’s instructions and quickly bit into the fruit and held it in their mouths and the terrible pain subsided immediately.
After two minutes, Qin Fei told them to spit out the crushed fruit in their mouths and eat a few more sour fruits.
The pain was finally gone and Gina and the two of them were already bathed in sweat. 


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Gina looked at the red pepper on the ground in horror “Isn’t this something that can be eaten? Why is it so terrible? It’s like my mouth is on fire.
It hurts and it’s numb.”



Qin Fei picked up the chillies on the ground and held them in his hands to introduce them to everyone, “This is called chilli, it’s a seasoning.
Just like the onion, ginger, garlic, pepper, aniseed, cinnamon, laurel (bay) leaf, sour fruit, sweet fruit, etc.
that I have introduced to you, they are all used for seasoning.
Depending on the amount of food and your personal taste, you can put them in appropriately.
But chillies are more ‘spicy’ than all these things, so you should be careful when getting them and try not to crush them directly with your hands.
If you get the chilli juice on your skin, you will get a burning sensation, like a fire.
But no one should panic, just crush this kind of sour fruit and apply its juice to the burning pain and the pain will be relieved.” 


Qin Fei then explained to everyone several newly discovered fruits and vegetables, and how to eat them.
Seeing that Qin Fei was so happy to talk and everyone was so absorbed in it that they even no longer remembered that they still had to eat dinner, Sa Lei had to speak up and remind them.
Qin Fei scratched his head in embarrassment and asked them to skewer the cleaned bleating beasts with wrist-thick wooden sticks to make a simple stand and slowly roast them over the fire.
Some of the bleating beasts’ innards were chopped up and put into a spice mixture with grated ginger, like this, several large pots of haggis soup were cooked.


When the whole sheep was half-cooked on the fire, Qin Fei smeared the spices on it again until it was charred on the outside and fragrant on the inside.
He chose a smaller roast sheep, half brushing it with very little chilli and half with a heavier spicy flavour.
He didn’t dare to make more as he didn’t know how people would take the chillies at first. 


The aroma of the lamb and haggis soup directly made the tribe men swallow their saliva, they never knew that the unpalatable meat of bleating beasts could give off such an aromatic smell.

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Gina brought another bunch of bottle gourd bowls and bottle gourd pots with the females, which had been made by those who had stayed behind in the tribe under Ruma’s leadership.
Qin Fei and a few females filled the gourd bowls with the haggis soup and distributed it to everyone.
They used the animal bone knives to cut off the roasted lamb and distribute it to the people in the tribe.
Finally the roast lamb which had been brushed with chilli, was torn into small pieces and only a little bit was given to each person, except for him, who left a lot of the rather spicy meat. 


Everyone ate with their mouths full of oil.
The male who took the chillies well, either making ‘Ao’áo.’ sound or yelling straight to ask for more spicy food.
Qin Fei then made some more spicy cooked seasoning and served it in gourd bowls for them to stick in it and eat.
The females and children rarely ate spicy food, only Gina and a few others loved it.


Qin Fei and Sa Lei were panting heavily. 

while putting the spicy lamb in their mouths, shoving some more into each other’s mouths every now and then.
After that, they were having a great time eating the haggis soup.


After dinner, the tribe members divided up the meat of the large herbivores, not even wasting the bones and blood.
Those who could make marinades made it, by preparing the meat and stewing it in spices, while those who could steam the blood paste made it too, as well as those who roasted the bones to extract the marrow.
After all this, Qin Fei patiently taught everyone how to make bacon, taking a pile of beast meat and making it into bacon and cured meat.
All the families shared a lot of food and the whole tribe was immersed in the joy of having plenty of food.


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