Ch2 – The unexpected mistake kiss, decide one’s life time (one’s marriage) 

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Sa Lei looked in surprise at the little female who had fainted in his arms.
His hearing ability was so good that he could hear the little female’s voice very clearly, even though it was faint.
What was unexpected was that the language the young female was using was not one he was familiar with.
He remembered that  Ruma Priest of his clan had said that those tribes that were extremely distant from them did not speak the same language as they did.
So did the female come from one of those distant tribes? 


Sa Lei raised his eyebrow, though he didn’t understand a word of the small and weak female’s words but the female’s slightly hoarse voice was like the most beautiful river that meandered through his heart, leaving a tinge of sweet and numb taste.
The corners of Sa Lei’s mouth moved in a curve, it didn’t matter if he couldn’t understand the little female’s language, didn’t the bold act of courtship say it all?! It was enough that the female in his arms was seeking the mating and the shelter of the strongest male.




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As early as the first time the female made an effort to climb the tree, Sa Lei and his clansmen had spotted Qin Fei.
But the female clothing was too odd, Sa Lei and his clan members were too wary to approach Qin Fei rashly.
It was only until the clansmen had scattered around to investigate that they were sure there were no ambushes from other tribes and that the female was just a non-threatening female, only then did they slowly approach Qin Fei.
At that moment, Qin Fei had just slipped down from the bare tree for the seventh time.
He was lying on the ground in despair, in a 大 pose, staring at the fruit hanging high at the top of the tree. 



Several people slowly gathered around, marvelling at the beauty of the female in front of them but also felt uneasy by the delicate and fragility.
Looking at the female frail physique, they wonder how Qin Fei has survived those long winters.

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Several males exchanged glances behind Sa Lei’s back and one after another shook their heads in dismissal of the possibility.
There was too little food to be picked up in this dense jungle at this time of year.
The young female in front of them was too weak, it wasn’t possible for the person to hunt the wild animal by himself.
Even males as strong as they were could not survive on their own, let alone the weak female in front of them.
This must be a charity from God, a reward for the warriors of the tribe.
The males looked proud and happy in their faces for this supreme honour.



In Sa Lei’s tribe there were several females that were obtained through hunting methods but the hunt for the lost female required a lot of preparation.
First of all, during the easy to migrate season, the clan sends out a number of males in many areas and ranges where the migrating clans could be found, as far as possible to check if any migrating clans were passing through.
Next, when a migrating clan was spotted, the males that were sent out to hunt must carry with them some of the fruits that the females like, in order to curry favor with them if necessary.
Once again, the males must keep in mind and remember to try not to enrage the females by using threatening actions during the hunting time.
The last one, it was important not to be too rude in the hunt or else the impudent guy would certainly be met with a cold shoulder by the female after the female had settled down in the clan and he would not be able to join the suitors ranks.
Such troublesome hunting for a female did not have a high success rate, there was also a risk that the hunt would lead to war between the clans, so Sa Lei had not conducted such a hunt since he took over as clan chief. 


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Sa Lei was also very happy as he listened to the clansmen talking at once and their laughter as they discussed it.
It was an unexpected pleasure to acquire a female in a season that was not exactly conducive to migrate.
What was even more exciting was that the female did not show any hostility when they approached the person.
Not only did Qin Fei obediently accept Sa Lei’s fruit, but he also boldly kissed him.
For you to know, this gesture by the female towards the male has only the same meaning in all tribes ——a request to be called as spouse (mate).
To have such a beautiful female in turn to come and pursue him was an incomparable thrill even for Sa Lei.


A sigh of heavy sighing resounded around Sa Lei.
Many males who followed him on this hunt were obviously very envious of Sa Lei’s good luck.
But it could not be helped, since the female had already taken such an initiative, unless Sa Lei refused, otherwise the other males could no longer pursue this female. 


Everyone’s attention was gathered on Sa Lei, hoping for that slim miracle to occur.
If only Sa Lei showed the slightest sign of refusal, they would have a chance to woo this young female.
With his left hand, Sa Lei picked up the bold little female who had fainted in his arms and without saying anything, he raised the weapon he held in his right hand to the crowd.
The muscles in his arms were filled with the burst out power.


In this dangerous jungle Sa Lei could not cheer loudly so he used the gesture to represent possession.
From the moment Sa Lei raised the weapon in his hand, he would protect the weak little female with his life until the end. 

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After a few regretful mutterings, the simple and honest clansmen also raised their weapons in their hands, silently approved Sa Lei’s decision.
Sa Lei also accepted such a blessing with a smile.



Qin Fei, who was lying drowsily on Sa Lei’s shoulder, still wore a face full of smiles, completely unaware that he had handed over his life with that muddled kiss. 


After receiving the blessing of the male clan members who had been hunting with him, Sa Lei picked up the odd package that belonged to the young female on the ground with his weapon.
He carried the sleeping female and took the lead on his way back to the clan.


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