Ch25 – ‘Eeaten’ while in daze

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With the large spikes of those two mountain-shattering mythic beasts, it only took two hours for the male to have the spear in hand.
Even at the request of some of the females, they were given a spear too.
The rest of the large and small spikes Sa Lei had the men collect and store for later use.
The axes were at least one for each family, although not up to one for each hand.
The number of saw blades was comparatively small but enough. 


There was so much rejoicing in the tribe today, with each family receiving the large quantities of meat and the improved weapons that they had never seen before.
The sharp spearheads killed the beasts quicker, reducing the danger of the hunting males and allowing them to hunt larger beasts.
The lighter and sharp spears were also given to the females to defend themselves.
The crowd looked at Qin Fei as if he were a god.
One female even brought her baby to Qin Fei and asked for his blessing, as she thought by doing so, her child would grow up healthily.




At Sa Lei’s gesture, Qin Fei blushed a little and touched the top of the child’s head to give the blessing.
Everyone was cheering happily. 



Ruma came up to Sa Lei, laughed and said, “You’re a lucky guy!”

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Sa Lei laughed foolishly, “The people of the tribe respect and love him, more than me and Priest Ruma.”



Ruma glared at the giggling Sa Lei, “You silly boy, why are you so happy that he has surpassed us both?”

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Ciatbeut Hlc Mfl tjv gfmfcais mtjcufv jcv lwqgbnfv atf aglyf’r obbv wemt yfaafg, fnfgsbcf yjrlmjiis vlvc’a fja wemt fzmfqa obg vlccfg.
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Qin Fei was unaware of this at first.
He was the exception of all, from the time he entered the tribe, Sa Lei had never let him go hungry.
Not only did he get plenty of meat but he always got big and good fruit.
Later, Ruma pointed it out bluntly to him, Qin Fei then felt bad inside.
Whenever he thought of the time Sa Lei had spent hunting while enduring the torments of hunger and indulging him in wasting the food he had saved, his heart ached like being stabbed with needles.
He wanted to do something for Sa Lei but he knew that by helping the people of the tribe, he was sharing Sa Lei’s burden, thus he paid more attention to the diet of the tribe members, hoping to improve everyone’s diet even more. 


Through his observations over the past few days, he had discovered that the people of the tribe did not eat offal.
At first he didn’t dare to break it, thinking it was some ancient taboo, but later he found out that these people would never waste anything they thought they could eat so the reason they didn’t eat offal was that they simply didn’t know if it was edible.


Tonight, Qin Fei decided to make a big show of his skill.
He used the offal and blood that everyone would normally be afraid to eat to make a sumptuous dinner.
He first steamed several sweet smelling pots of blood paste for everyone and made a fresh umami tasting lung soup from the lungs with the edible wild vegetables he had picked today.
He also burned some of the animal bones that could not be used as tools over the fire and then smashed the bones to get the marrow to mix with the ingredients. 


The people of the tribe had never known that blood and the internal organs could be made so tasty, there was even something delicious inside the bones, so they eagerly enquired what Qin Fei had put in them.
Qin Fei held out the seasonings for everyone to identify, one by one


explaining what they were used for.
The males listened with keen interest while the females were eager and itchy to try.
He believed that no one will be wasting blood, offals and bones in the future.
This had reduced the amount of food being wasted in the tribe.
However, Qin Fei told everyone that not all offal could be eaten.
Some animals’ offal was poisonous but those they hunted back were not poisonous therefore everyone could eat it without fear.

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Having had enough to eat and drink, Qin Fei set his sights on the rest of the mountain shatterer mythic beast’s innards.
Naturally, Sa Lei was happy to go along with this and assign the men of his tribe to do what Qin Fei wanted.
What was left to be dealt with was the huge backbone and parts of the Mountain Breaker Mythic Beast’s innards.
Qin Fei instructed the males to put the bones in the fire and remove the marrow when they were cooked, while the females were instructed to wash the intestines and heart then blanch them in hot water.
When it was done, they were tripped up with different types of seasonings, wrapped in a thick grass leaf that gives off a faint aroma, tied with straw of grass and distributed to each family so that they can take it with them when they go out.
Those who remained in the tribe could also eat it when they were hungry.
Some of the fatty meat was roasted to produce oil and packed into a few baked clay urns reserved for future use while the rest of the crisps were drizzled with some of Qin Fei’s special dry ingredients for the children’s snacks tomorrow.
The children cheered with delight, purely loving Qin Fei.


One little six-year-old male, Wota, even said that when he grew up he would fight with Sa Lei to get Qin Fei as his mate.
This made Sa Lei and Qin Fei not know whether to laugh or to cry while the people of the tribe laughed so hard that their stomachs hurt.


The liver and tongue were kept in the shady place until tomorrow night, when they would be used.


Afterwards, Qin Fei cooked thoroughly and sliced the animal meat he had been given and mixed it with the seasonings, wrapping it in the same way and putting it in the tent.
He also told everyone how to make this food and asked them to try it out so that they wouldn’t have to eat cold, hard and dry meat when they went out.
Qin Fei assured everyone that he would find more & better vegetables and fruits, make more hunting tools, in the hope that more food would be available for the elderly, females, children and disabled males of the tribe who could not go out.


His suggestion was supported by Sa Lei, although Ruma was still very concerned and worried he finally agreed to Qin Fei’s proposal.
From tomorrow onwards, the females of the tribe, those who could not go out, would also receive more food and meat than usual.


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After the dinner, Qin Fei was too tired to move and let Sa Lei carry him back to the tent.
Within a few minutes of entering the tent, Qin Fei fell asleep.
Sa Lei smiled gently as he looked at Qin Fei’s sweaty face.
He knew that Qin Fei loved cleanliness.
The day before he had found something called aloe vera and told him to clean his teeth every day or he would not let him kiss him.
If he hadn’t been so tired, Qin Fei wouldn’t have slept like that.
After kissing Qin Fei’s cheeks, Sa Lei, who felt distressed for him, asked the tribe member to prepare some hot water.
He then began to rub Qin Fei’s body with the soft animal skin.


The hot water was so hot that Qin Fei could not help but moan.
The more he wiped, the more comfortable and refreshed it became.
Sa Lei’s body became hot along with his hand’s movement on Qin Fei’s body and his moan’s sound.
It was as if a fire was gathering in his lower abdomen and Qin Fei’s soft tones were a handful of dry firewood.
Sa Lei’s eyes were like those of a wild beast, full of dangerous predation.
Unfortunately, the naked Qin Lamb (innocent and helpless person Qin) was completely unaware, he leaned towards Sa Lei, then hugged Sa Lei’s thigh and rubbed against it.


In a split second, Sa Lei’s reason exploded, he threw himself on top of Qin Fei, kissed him so hard that Qin Fei was left breathless and woke up in a daze as he narrowed his eyes, only to be greeted by his stormy passion.


Qin Fei struggled tokenistically at first, but within a few minutes he gave up completely and put his hands around Sa Lei’s neck tightly which encouraged Sa Lei’s movements.
So everything happened naturally except that the next morning a certain someone walked unnaturally… (Author: 10,000 words of harmonious scene here, I really wanted to write it but I was too afraid to do so~ escape while carrying a stone-pot on the head)

Translator’s Note:


It’s around this month last year that I started to translate, less or more a year since then.

Doing this almost everyday really improved my chinese and I am also faster, lol 

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