Ch24 – The birth of the axe and saw

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Looking at the many males rushing down from the top of the hill, Qin Fei cracked a smile.
Sure enough, the reinforcement had come after all, if not those two monsters would tire them out. 


Sa Lei looked at Qin Fei who was soaked with sweat and took him into his arms, “It’s only been half a day since I’ve seen you and I already miss you.”




Qin Fei rolled his eyes and felt his face burning hot, not sure if it was from the sun or from Sa Lei’s mawkish words.
He struggled to get free from Sa Lei ‘s embrace and pointed to the bottom of the hill, “There’s still a ‘Mountain Breaker Mythical Beast’ down there, Lao zi don’t have any energy left, you guys, these sturdy males think of a way ba! But you’re not fully healed yet, don’t use too much force! It’s better for you to just watch it from one side.” 



Everyone laughed out loudly, led by Sa Lei, they went straight for the other ‘Mountain Breaker Mythical Beast’ that was placed at the foot of the hill.
The males were indeed extraordinarily strong, by only sending about forty adult males out, it took them only twenty minutes to drag that beast up.
Qin Fei was so angry that he almost rolled his eyes and fainted, if he had known earlier, they would not have to tire themselves out through the overwork.


Seeing that the picking team was terribly exhausted, Sa Lei told everyone to rest in place.
He conveniently brought the spear Qin Fei had made and tried it out.
The spear was even more powerful in Sa Lei’s hands, causing the males of the hunting party to look at Qin Fei with a green light in their eyes.
Each one of them thought that this little male was so cute despite being small and thin.
Not only could he find food and make such delicious food, but he was also more skillful than the Priest Ruma and now he could even make such a powerful weapon.


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Sa Lei had no choice but to put his arm around Qin Fei’s waist and glare at them one by one, he was just short of animal skin to cover Qin Fei from head to toe to stop the males’ greedy looks.



Torreja borrowed Qin Fei’s knife and asked the males in the picking party for their wooden sticks and made two spears on the spot.
As Sa Lei saw it, his hands were itching to do it so he also cut two large spikes and made two spears. 


With the two of them taking the lead, all those involved refused to be idle anymore and almost all the males started to move.
What was intended to be a half-hour rest in place turned into an hour until all the wooden sticks had been turned into long spears, only then did everyone continue to drag the huge beast up to the mountain.
With the many males, the pace was much faster and not that tired anymore.
After another half hour, the group had reached the top of the mountain.
At this point the method of rolling logs invented by Qin Fei, was used again.
This was a good thing, seeing the giant beast sliding down the mountain rapidly by the force of the wood, sliding out dozens of metres at a time.
The small trees were no match for the impact force and when the larger trees blocked the way, Sa Lei would lead the men in a different direction or simply cut the larger trees down.
Qin Fei widened his eyes as he stared at them.
The people of the tribe behind as they followed, they also kept shouting.
Therefore, the scene was extremely emotional.

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Qtfc fnfgsbcf gertfv yjmx ab atf aglyf, Hlc Mfl fralwjafv atf alwf, la kjr pera yfobgf atgff b’mibmx.
Ktf wjifr ktb kfgf bc uejgv ja atf aglyf, rbwf bo atf biv jcv kfjx kbwfc jcv mtlivgfc ktb kfgf cba mbwobgajyif ublcu bea ab qlmx, tjv jii gertfv bnfg jcv kfgf jrxlcu defralbcr jcv ajixlcu ja atf rjwf alwf.


Sa Lei gestured to everyone to be silent as he pulled Qin Fei and said to everyone, “This is the mate that God has given to me.
He has brought life to our tribe like never before and under his guidance we will become even powerful and stronger.” 

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The moment Sa Lei’s words fell, all the tribesmen shouted Qin Fei’s name, this momentum shaking the entire valley with a sound that echoed through heaven and earth.



Soon after that, Sa Lei showed the power of the spear to all the people of the tribe and also took out the bottle gourds Qin Fei had made.
Some of the males began to make the spears while some of the females went to the neighbourhood to pick the calabashes for their containers. 


Looking at the ‘Mountain Breaker Mythical Beast’ which had been stripped of its large thorns, Sa Lei pointed to the small thorns around it and said to Qin Fei, “If only we could use these thorns too.”


Qin Fei glanced at Sa Lei, “Of course it’s all useful including its skin, internal organs, teeth and bones.
All of them are useful, so all should be kept.” 


Sa Lei was somehow dumbfounded that his family little male was going to use it to the point of nothing was going to be a waste at all.
He instructed the remaining males to de-stab and skin the ‘Mountain Breaker Mythical Beast’, cutting the flesh and tearing the bones.
Qin Fei emptied the many bottle gourds they had made on the road and some large clay pots to hold the blood that had been released.


Sa Lei saw Qin Fei’s actions and wondered, “Just now, you didn’t say the blood was useful ah! Why are you taking it so much now?” 


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Qin Fei laughed, “I’ll make some blood paste for you guys to eat tonight, it’s more delicious than the steamed egg custard.”


Sa Lei looked at how bright and brilliant Qin Fei’s smile was on his face and he couldn’t help but go up and kiss him.
The other males followed after and made a scene as they jeered.
Qin Fei was so angry that he kicked Sa Lei, turned around and ran away.
But within a few minutes, Qin Fei came back, staring eagerly at the huge head that had been cut off. 


Several people looked at Qin Fei in confusion when they heard Qin Fei say, “Can you help me pry its mouth open? I want to see his teeth.”


The males looked at each other in blank dismay, but under Sa Lei’s direction, they pried open the huge beast’s mouth.
Qin Fei’s eyes suddenly lit up, it was just as he had glanced before, these things were very useful. 


Sa Lei looked at the beast’s open mouth and saw that it was truly terrifying, with two circles of teeth growing inside it.
The outer ring of teeth was sharp and huge, similar to the teeth of other carnivorous creatures, only bigger.
The inner teeth were much smaller than the outer ones and looked very thin, but they were extremely sharp.
It connected together without any break in between.



Qin Fei pointed to the teeth on the outside of the mouth, “Knock them off carefully, one by one, preferably intact and whole.” He also pointed to the relatively small circle of teeth inside and gestured to a length of about a metre, “Smash these into sections about this long.
I’ll use it all.” 


Sa Lei instructed the males to cut the teeth again with a doubt in his mind.
By Qin Fei’s request, he washed it clean and wiped the tooth dry.
Mocha was excited and wanted to know what Qin Fei was going to use the teeth for so he urged Qin Fei to tell everyone.
With a mysterious smile, Qin Fei selected one of the sharp and thick teeth from the outer lane and tied it to a short wooden handle.

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Mocha was immediately surprised and happy, “It looks like a stone axe.
It has the same function, isn’t it?” With that, he grabbed the axe Qin Fei had made, found a thick wooden peg, in a few moves split it into firewood and shouted out, “It’s so sharp and fast, it’s so much better than the stone axe.” 


Qin Fei laughed and picked up the sharp teeth that had been knocked into sections, “This thing, everyone hasn’t used it before, right?” Seeing them nod, he then said, “When you go out hunting, do you get your skin scratched by some weeds or vines with the shape of sawtooth?”


Everyone was a bit confused, not understanding what Qin Fei was talking about when he said grass vines and how this related to the strange thing at his hand right now. 


Sa Lei frowned instead, pondered as he said, “Grass vines are soft and pliable, but they can cut our skin because of their sawtooth.
That thing is so solid and sharp, it must be terribly effective!”


Qin Fei nodded, “This thing is called a saw, come with me everyone, I will show you guys how to use the saw.” With that, he led the group towards the forest on the side of the tribe, picked a thick branch and began to pull the saw. 


Sa Lei watched his movement and told Qin Fei to step aside and let him do it.
Sure enough, Sa Lei was much faster than Qin Fei and within a minute the thick branch was sawed off.
Qin Fei pointed to the cut, “Not only can you cut trees quickly with this saw, but the section is relatively neat and smooth, although it would be easier to use if it was also fixed with a wooden handle.
We can still make a lot of things from these trees which I will slowly teach you guys later.”


Mocha raised his right fist high in excitement and once again shouted Qin Fei’s name.
The others followed suit and roared with excitement as well. 

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