nfortunately the huge monster could only be pulled a few metres ahead. 


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When they saw Qin Fei, they all looked at him with eagerness, waiting for him to give them an idea.
Qin Fei scratched his hair and pointed at the fallen trees, telling them to pick some perfectly straight ones and cut the branches clean from it to make the round rolling wood.
Although they did not understand what Qin Fei was trying to do, they did as they were told.
Ten logs were cut in a row and four were placed under each beast, while another was placed five metres in front of the beast.
Qin Fei directed the group to push the huge monsters placed on the logs which rolled forward and it moved significantly.
When the heads of the beasts had rolled onto the unused logs placed at the front, Qin Fei had the men bring the exposed logs at the end to the front, so that only one third of the manpower was needed to push one of the beasts.


It took them less than an hour to transport the giant beast to the entrance of the valley.
Qin Fei told everyone to rest in place first, as the next section of the mountain to be climbed might have to rely entirely on everyone’s efforts.
It would be much easier to wait until they reached the top before rolling down with the logs. 


The powerful physical labour made everyone thirsty.
Luckily, there was a stream at the entrance of this valley, so everyone went over to drink some water from the stream and sat by it to enjoy the cool.


Qin Fei was the last one to reach the stream and was about to drink from it when something fell on his head and splashed him all over his face.
Thinking it was a prank, Qin Fei was about to curse but he noticed something floating on the water instead, so it was actually a bottle gourd.
He tilted his head up and saw that there were many trees near the water’s edge with ripe gourds hanging from them.
Qin Fei was all smiles and directed everyone to go up the trees to pick the bottle gourds while he himself scoop out the bottle gourd from the water. 


Everyone didn’t understand what he was up to, but given Qin Fei’s various weird ideas, no one asked him and they all went up to the trees to pick the bottle gourds obediently.


Qin Fei picked up an old bottle gourd.
The big one was half the size of a watermelon.
He cut off the side of the gourd near the spout and eagerly emptied out the seeds, a simple water gourd was ready.
He pushed the bottle gourd into the stream, filling it most of the way with water.
He then shaped the cut part of it into a plug or cork and pressed it into the mouth of the gourd.
Shaking the gourd in his hand, he said, “You can make more to put the water in.
This solves the problem of not being able to carry the water.” 


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Everyone was overjoyed and immediately striving to be first and fearing to be last, Qin Fei also generously lent his knife to one of the male to help him cut the calabash or the bottle gourd heads.


As they watched more and more calabash being made to fill it with water, Ruma stepped forward and instructed that as there were these things called bottle gourds around the tribe so everyone should just make enough here for the journey and the rest could be made later when they were back.
They seemed to wish that they could continue but as they thought about it and since they still had two huge monsters to carry, they resentfully stopped. 


The rest of the mountain path was so difficult to travel that it took three hours to haul one of the beasts halfway up the mountain.
Looking at the sun that had risen to the middle,around 12 p.m, Qin Fei told everyone to rest in place.
The crowd fell and lay on the ground, exhausted.
Qin Fei’s throat was on fire so he took several gulps of water to relieve himself.



“It seems like we’ll only be able to transport one back today.” Ruma said. 


Torreja came over and said, “This morning, I heard the tribe leader talking to Mocha ‘and Benert and it looks like they will only ‘be hunting for half of the day, they will go back to the tribe in the afternoon to rest and reorganize because tomorrow they plan to go hunting to a place that a little further away.
If they can make it back to the tribe now, therefore we should send someone back to the tribe and ask them to come here so we can move both of the mountain breaker mythical beasts back today.”


Qin Fei nodded in agreement and Ruma also thought it possible so they immediately found a fast-footed male to rush all the way back to the tribe to report the news. 

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