Ch22 – Mythical Beast, there are monsters! 

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After only three days of recuperating from his injuries, Sa Lei was as uncomfortable as if thorns were growing in his entire body.
Seeing how uncomfortable it was for him to be idle in the tribe, finally on the fourth day, Qin Fei released Sa Lei to go hunting, on the condition that he would only assist and direct from one side.
Sa Lei agreed as he took his sabre which Mocha had hijacked and set off with the hunting males. 


The females who had gone out to pick up food yesterday had found a lot of sweet potatoes in the mountain forest area not far from the clan, so today’s work involved almost all of the manpower of the tribe, apart from the guarding males, only a few pregnant women and children under the age of eight were left behind.
Ruma and Xiao Bu also joined the gathering party, which was said to be not far from the clan, but was also separated by a mountain and had to cross a large gorge.
Qin Fei had heard that the road up that mountain was extremely rugged and much more difficult than the mountain where Ruma had taken him to collect medicine.
Qin Fei was a little worried about whether the old man and the young man would be able to make it.
However, the whole tribe had old people and children, not just Ruma and Xiao Bu, so Qin Fei could not stop them, but could only try to help the group as they travelled.




Surprisingly and unexpectedly, the physical strength of these primitive people was not Qin Fei, a modern man could be compared with; don’t be fooled by the fact that Ruma was old and Xiao Bu was small and skinny, they were not less mobile than Qin Fei.
Qin Fei could not help but cry in his heart: not only was he a weak male, he was probably the weakest of the whole tribe. 

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The group travelled forward at a moderate pace.
Qin Fei found some medicinal herbs and vegetables along the way and while he told everyone to look for it along the way, he explained the functions of the herbs to Ruma in detail.
Xiao Bu and a few youngsters followed suit and listened intently, their eyes full of admiration.
With the small harvest, the group made it over to that mountain and soon they entered the canyon.


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Qin Fei raised his head to look up and saw that the canyon was very dangerous and difficult to access.
The vertical distance between the top of the canyon and the bottom was at least 50 storeys high.
The leader of the group,Torreja, told the adults to keep an eye on the children and not to stray from the road in the middle of the gorge.
The steep walls on either side might have debris falling down, so it was important to stay in the middle of the road to avoid being hit by the debris.
Qin Fei followed the group down the 10-metre wide gorge road but he was still a bit worried, for at this height, even if a small stone fell from above, it could smash through his head.
If they were unfortunate and the boulders fell, then there would be no place to hide.
As he thought about it, he heard a loud bang sound from a cliff not far ahead of them.
They watched two huge objects tumble down with a thick tree.
Everyone screamed in terror and the males rushed back to protect the rest of the collecting party.
The group’s order was disrupted and everyone’s faces looked terrified as they ran wildly like the men towards the entrance of the valley.



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Ruma began to make a supreme effort to oppose him.
Ruma did not want Qin Fei to take a risk, but after Qin Fei’s perseverance, he agreed to Qin Fei’s proposal. 


Qin Fei was not bold and reckless, even though the two monsters were huge, but falling from such a high cliff, if they didn’t die then they were probably half dead (barely alive).
Moreover, the way they fell, they were obviously fighting with each other.
The fact that they would not let go of each other even when life and death were at stake meant that even if they were only half alive, they would still fight with each other.
However, after running for so long, they heard nothing from inside the valley except for the sound of gigantic beasts falling down.
Obviously, it was impossible for two huge monsters to fight each other silently, so there were only two possibilities left; either both were seriously injured and unable to move or both had fallen to their deaths.
Therefore, Qin Fei preferred the latter.


Torreja and Qin Fei entered the valley again very carefully.
The valley was quiet but they did not dare to be careless so they listened carefully all the way to the valley.
However, apart from the occasional sound of insects and birds, there were no other sounds in the valley.
They walked until they reached the place where they had just fled; they could see two small mountain-piles of beasts fall on the ground not far ahead from them.
The huge bodies, the falling crushed or broken rocks and mountain trees were blocking the area. 


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Torreja saw the two rare beasts clearly and turned pale with horror, his lips trembling, “The mountain-breaker mythical beasts, it’s the mountain-breaker mystic beasts…!”


Qin Fei didn’t know anything about the mystic beasts, but his heart was pounding at the sight of the two gigantic and terrifying rare beasts.
They were somewhat like Stegosaurus but obviously even bigger and more dangerous.
The two huge monsters that fell on the ground were covered in huge and thick sharp spikes from head to tail, except on their chests, bellies and the four limbs.
There were two types of spikes, one mainly on the back, huge as the pointed pike head and the other one on the edges of the back, it were as thick and big as the four limbs.
The long tail was as small as the head of an arrow.
The spiny bodies were smooth and dazzling in the sunlight.
It was very sharp at first glance.
If the beast went berserk and swiped its tail, anyone caught in its path would be cut apart, not to mention the fact that its entire body was almost covered in weapons. 


However, what was worth rejoicing about was the fact that both of them were definitely dead now, one of them had its head twisted more than 360 degrees, while the other had its head stuck right into the spike on the back of the one that had twisted its neck.
The wide spike had been completely sunk into the beast’s head.



Qin Fei sighed in relief and took a few steps forward, only to be grabbed and stopped by Torreja, “Don’t, don’t go over there! These are ‘mountain-breaker mystic beasts’, no one can kill them.” 


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Qin Fei patted Torreja’s arm and reassured him, “Don’t worry, just because no one can kill these big guys, that doesn’t mean they can’t die.” Pointing to one of them, he said, “This one, with a twisted neck, has clearly broken its neck bone because of falling.” He then pointed at the other one and said, “This one, with its brain stabbed and become a honeycomb-like thing, must have been gone too.”


Torreja loosened up his hands that pulled Qin Fei as he tried to stop him.
Although he didn’t understand what a broken neck and ‘it was gone’ were, it was clear that Qin Fei meant that these two big guys were dead.
Having just seen two terrifying ‘mountain-breaker mystic beasts’, Torreja was so frightened that he lost his judgement, so at this moment when Qin Fei reminded him of it, he was extremely embarrassed. 


Seeing Torreja’s embarrassment, Qin Fei quickly changed the subject and said, “I’ve never seen these ‘mountain-breaker mystic beasts’ before, they look quite scary.”


Torreja’s face sank as he explained that these ‘the mountain breaker mythical beasts’ were the most terrifying existence in the continent, “Their spikes are so sharp that they can shatter mountains and break rocks.
By only one of them, they can wipe out a large tribe of more than 500 people, leaving no survivors.
Legend has it that they like to live alone in the half-ice field and are now extinct.
I don’t know why there are two of them here.” 


While listening to Torreja’s explanation, Qin Fei held and touched the pointed tip on the back of ‘mountain-breaker mythical beasts’  and thinking that perhaps they could improved their weapons. 

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