Ch21 – The egg custard and scrambled eggs that conquer the female

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Sa Lei sat depressed on a rock, watching Qin Fei tinker with the branches and vines he had cut and brought back.
Although he didn’t know what the so-called food steamer and egg custard had to do with each other.
But when he saw what Qin Fei was making in his hands at lightning speed, he was a little tickled or tempted.
He tried to help him several times, but was swept back by Qin Fei’s freezing stare. 


It was almost time for dinner.
The people who had gone out were returning to the tribe one after another.
Although the hunting males had only caught a few herbivores that were not too big and the females who were go picking, had not picked much food either, but at least, the other people who stayed behind in the tribe brought back plenty of taro from the nearby hills, so everyone still had enough food to eat.




The people in the tribe were busy cooking, and Qin Fei’s food steamer was finally finished.
He poured some of the whisked egg mixture with water into a stone bowl, sprinkled some chopped onion on top and drizzled some oil from the fruit oil.
He placed them in several bamboo steamers and stacked the steamers on top of each other.
They are placed on a large pot with water and covered with a lid of the cooking pot made of tree bark.
As the stone pots were not the standard one, there were gaps between the food streamers.
Qin Fei found many more large leaves to seal these gaps as tightly as possible. 



Not long after that, there were a few females whispering, “There seems to be a very fragrant smell coming out from inside that pot.”


More and more people gathered around the steamer, curiously looking at what strange things Qin Fei had come up with.
The females obviously really like this kind of smell so they all glanced sideways at Qin Fei with their eyes from time to time, but they were too embarrassed to ask him directly what the odd thing he was cooking in the pot?



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Qin Fei steamed the egg custard while he prepared for another piece of meat, sliced it finely and thinly then cut up the washed scallion, poured the oil into another large hot pot, added the green onion and quick-fry them, poured in some of the egg mixture and finally added the sliced meat.
The thick and delicious fragrance of the dish was quickly spread in the tribe’s camp.



The females all gathered around Qin Fei and watched him.
As he cooked, Qin Fei explained the ingredients and the method of frying the dish to the females of the tribe.
The females listened enthusiastically as they were eager to try it.
Qin Fei smiled as he told them that there were four more bowls of this egg mixture, which meant that four females could try it out for themselves.
The females couldn’t help but cheer and a few daring females stepped forward, ready to try out the stir-fried dish that Qin Fei had taught them. 


Qin Fei took out the stir-fried dish and gave the turn to one of the daring females.
Under Qin Fei’s guidance, this female did quite well, although the eggs were slightly overcooked but it was good enough.
The next few females also did well.
The people in the tribe were overjoyed as they tasted the freshly cooked stir-fry.


Sa Lei took a big mouthful of the meat and scrambled eggs and then came forward to stuff a big bite of it to Qin Fei, “It’s simply too delicious, compared to this dish, the boiled eggs are really awful.” 

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Vj Ofl cbvvfv tlr tfjv fcfgufalmjiis, atfc revvfcis gfwfwyfgfv atja tf tjvc’a fjafc atf fuu merajgv sfa jcv tegglfvis qblcafv ab atbrf obbv rafjwfgr, “Qtfc klii atja bcf yf gfjvs?” 


Qin Fei knocked Sa Lei on the head,”Tribe Chief Sa Lei, don’t look like a good-for-nothing and don’t be so gluttonous!”


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Sa Lei smiled fatuously as he was in a good mood and watched as Qin Fei went over and brought down each of the hot food streamers. 


The females gathered around Qin Fei again.
Qin Fei used the thick leaves folded together to take every stone bowl out of the food streamer.
Smiling as he said to everyone in the tribe, “There is not much egg custard this time, so you all can only taste the flavour.
Later when we have more eggs, we will be able to eat them every day.”


The people in the tribe cheered up and began tasting the delicious egg custard.
When everyone wasn’t looking, Qin Fei secretly slipped a bowl of egg custard to Xiao Bu, so he could take it back to the tent and share it with Ruma.
Xiao Bu took the bowl carefully and walked very quickly back to the tent.
He hid and secretly went to eat the food with Ruma. 


Sa Lei saw Qin Fei gave something to Xiao Bu again, pouted his lips unhappily and walked over to Qin Fei to take him into his embrace, “You’re sneakily gave something to that kid again.
You’re biased…”


Qin Fei rolled his eyes helplessly, “Tribe Chief Sa Lei, you used to be the most selfless, didn’t you? How come now you’ve gone up to the point of fighting over the food with a child and an elder?” 


Although he didn’t quite understand all what he meant, he did get the general idea and bit Qin Fei’s neck in frustration, “You made it with your own hands,so I have to eat more.


Qin Fei had to get close and whispered to Sa Lei’s ear,”I saved half a bowl for you and left it in the tent, so you can eat it when you get back to the tent after dinner.” 


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Sa Lei reluctantly accepted and pursed his lips, “You gave Xiao Bu a bowl but you only left me half.”


Qin Fei pinched his thigh in anger, causing Sa Lei to wince in pain, “That bowl was for Xiao Bu and Ruma and yet you fuss over that.” 


Sa Lei felt wronged while rubbing the spot where he had been pinched, “Half of the bowl is fine too, but tonight you have to mate with me.”



Qin Fei exploded and reached out to tug on Sa Lei’s ear.
Sa Lei was pulled on his ear, baring his teeth all the way back to the tent. 


Mocha sighed and elbowed Benert who was beside him, “Why do you think Boss Sa Lei had to be pulled back by Qin Fei on ear when he could easily dodge it?”


Benert looked confused.
This question was too difficult for him to answer since he didn’t have a female yet. 


Mocha continued, “Boss Sa Lei is losing his place, I think we should call Qin Fei boss from now on.”


Benert nodded thoughtfully and Mocha added, “If Boss Sa Lei was half as good as I am, he would already mate with Qin Fei by now.
Look at me, this brother of you, I want Brazha to mate with me, Brazha will mate with me; I want Brazha to give me cubs, Brazha will give me cubs… Hey, Benert what’s wrong with you? Your expression is so strange…What’s wrong with your eyes? Why do you keep blinking and also slanting…?” 

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Mocha felt that something had gone wrong so he stopped talking and followed Benert’s gaze to look behind him.
He first saw a big round belly and then a darkened face Brazha.


Mocha immediately put on curry a favor smile, “Brazha, I didn’t eat a single bite of the egg custard, I saved all of it for you.” 


Brazha hummed softly, “Our warrior, Mocha, is really something, even better than the patriarch!”


The corner of Mocha’s mouth twitched, just when he tried to explain and defend himself, Brazha already reached out and grabbed Mocha by the ear.
Mocha screamed in pain all the way back to their tent. 


Benert swallowed the food in his mouth and muttered, “Both of them are the same, but I think Mocha is more miserable.” His ears hurt as he watched them.
He couldn’t help but reach out and rub his ears when he thought about it.



At this moment, Sa Lei was happily hiding in his tent with Qin Fei, eating the egg custard, fried vegetables, and the roast pork.
From a distance, he watched Mocha who was nagging as he was being pulled on his ear by Brazha.
He couldn’t help but laugh out loud. 



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