Ch13 – The medicinal soil from the wild and uncivilized era that made people vomit furiously

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Qin Fei felt unhappy while looking at the busy Ruma in the underbrush.
He was looking for one kind of black-brown soil called medicinal soil.
It is said that if this kind of soil and medicinal herbs mixed together, before you boiled it or decoct it, could cure many traumatic injuries and illnesses.
The method was passed down from the successive priests of the Nata tribe.
It had been passed down to Ruma for an unknown number of generations already.
Originally, Qin Fei was also curious about this soil, so today he did not follow the collecting team out.
Together with Ruma, he went to the mountain nearby the tribe to find the black soil and also dig some herbs. 


What Qin Fei couldn’t stand was that everytime Ruma bent over, his buttocks would stick out while working his way through the grass.
How could an animal skin skirt which was not long and had side openings, possibly cover his buttocks? That old and dry chrysanthemum showed off ostentatiously at Qin Fei.
Qin Fei was so dumbstruck that he couldn’t bear to look up, but then he remembered with a jolt that every time he bent down to do something, it was probably inevitable for him to do the same.
The thought that he might have shown his chrysanthemum to the whole tribe made him wish that God would really drop a thunderbolt and simply kill him.




He was really infected by the barbarians.
He unconsciously had become an exhibitionist.
Qin Fei secretly gritted his teeth, when he went back, he would definitely make the shorts pants out.
He could no longer be like this every day, showing off his bird and his chrysanthemum. 



“Found it!” Ruma happily held up a handful of black soil, “Look, this is the medicinal soil!”


Qin Fei was so curious as he went over and saw that there seemed to be something wriggling in the black soil in Ruma’s hand.
Qin Fei came closer to see, there were actually a lot of small wriggling black maggots.
There was still a little bit of fur left where the maggots had gathered.
With just one look, he could tell it was some kind of small beast’s corpse that had not yet completely decomposed.


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“You, you say this is medicinal soil!” Qin Fei’s face was a little pale.



“Yes, this is medicinal soil.
When people in our tribe are injured or sick, I will find medicinal soil and cook it with some herbs.” Ruma was a little puzzled, Qin Fei looked curious just now, how come he suddenly turned pale? 


“You, say, you give me, drink those medicines…” Qin Fei was unable to finish what he was going to say, his stomach was churning at the thought of it.

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“Qin Fei, are you okay? Why are you suddenly vomiting so fiercely? How about we go back first, then I will boil the medicinal soil again for you…”


“Don’t bring that thing over!” Ruma had not finished talking yet, but he was already interrupted by Qin Fei.
In the end, Qin Fei also glared at Ruma fiercely, causing the frightened Ruma to step back. 

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“You, those disgusting medicines…I never want to drink it again in this life!” The thought of those maggots boiled into a black medicinal juice, where it also passed through his mouth and stomach, made Qin Fei incomparably sick.



Ruma was obviously greatly disappointed with Qin Fei’s reaction.
He looked for Qin Fei to come over because he wanted to show him the medicinal soil.
This was something that has been passed down from generation to generation and considered to be the pride of the Nata tribe.
The old priest couldn’t help but get angry as he glared at Qin Fei. 


“Hmph, if it wasn’t for that ‘disgusting medicine’, you kid would have been buried in the dirt a long time ago.
How can you still be picky here? ”


Qin Fei heard him say that and made another burst of dry vomiting.
Ruma hurriedly put down the medicinal soil and came over to check on Qin Fei. 


Qin Fei wanted to cry but he had no tears, “I tell you Priest Ruma, the so-called medicinal soil is actually rotting corpse soil.
Do you know what corrion soil means?”


Ruma shook his head, entirely at a loss.
Qin Fei continued,”It is those who died of disease, die a natural death, or the animals that were killed, buried or exposed to the wilderness.
Over time, they slowly decompose and turn into carrion soil.
After the skin and the hair (fur) of the corpse completely disappears, the carrion soil will be almost the same as the general soil.
In other words, the so-called medicinal soil you use to make medicine is some corpses that have not completely rotted away.
Therefore, what is your medicine worm, you should be able to guess what it is.
You should be thankful that there is nothing toxic about it…” Maybe those patients could get better because of the high protein from those wriggle insects.
Thinking of this, Qin Fei felt like he was going to vomit again. 


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Ruma’s face gradually turned pale as he heard what Qin Fei said.
How bad was the rotting corpse, Ruma naturally had seen it.
Besides that, people in the tribe were very disgusted by the worms that would come out from the rotting meat.
It was just that Ruma had not expected that the medicinal soil inherited by the tribe and the medicinal worms that were born in it would be that kind of thing.
Thinking of this, Ruma could not help but squat down and vomit.


Qin Fei looked at the stricken Ruma and regretted it a little.
Maybe he should say it more politely to this old priest, but once he thought of the disgusting things that he once drank; he thought it was also good to say it in this way.
At least in the future he would not see that disgusting medicine soil and worms in the tribe, otherwise, Qin Fei could not guarantee that he would not vomit every time he saw it. 


He helped Ruma to stand up, Qin Fei patted Ruma’s back to smooth his breath, while comforting “Priest Ruma, you also do not need to feel so sad about it! Since the medicine soil can be handed down, it must have its reason.
However, in the future, please don’t make any more medicinal soil for the people of the tribe to drink.
I promise I will make medicine that is a hundred times more effective than medicinal soil, so let us not make such things anymore!”


Ruma nodded weakly.
He didn’t want to drink this kind of stuff anymore either.
The people in the tribe would probably go mad if they knew that their priest had been giving them that kind of stuff to drink when they were sick. 


“Come Qin Fei! I will take you to see a herb that has been inherited and passed on to us from our tribe.” Ruma was not willing, there were still some good herbs that had been handed down to him from his tribe.
No matter what, he had to let Qin Fei see that the Nata tribe still had something to be proud of.



Qin Fei was a little amused by this modest and amiable old priest, afraid that he had offended a certain nerve of pride in him.
However, Qin Fei’s curiosity did not dissipate because the medicinal soil was demolished, he guessed that a tribe that had existed for so long must still have some heritage. 


Ruma was obviously very familiar with this mountain.
In a short while, he already found the place where the piece of medicinal herb grew.
He plucked away the wild grassland and some plants with tiny pink flowers were revealed.

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Qin Fei felt a little unbelievable and muttered ,Invaluable! 


Ruma turned his head and looked at Qin Fei in surprise, “You know this herb?” Seeing Qin Fei nodding, Ruma smiled and said, “Then come and help! ”


He said this while he used a bone knife to cut off a plant close to its root, picking the top leaves, and discarded the other parts of the plant.
Qin Fei could not help but raise his eyebrow.
He also saw Ruma use too much force as he pulled up the plant by its roots, but he still picked the leaves and discarded the rest of the plant. 


Faced with such ‘reckless waste of the products of nature’ behavior of Ruma, Qin Fei could not turn a blind eye to it.
He walked up and picked up the parts that Ruma had discarded one by one and put them into the animal skin bag.


Faced with Qin Fei’s action Ruma was very puzzled, “You know this herb? Then why do you pick up the useless parts?” 


Qin Fei sighed, he really could not expect too much, helplessly pointing to a complete plant in front of him, “This plant is called Tian Qi , also called San Qi, it has many names, this is the primary medicine to enrich the blood.
Its roots, stems, leaves and flowers, all can be used as medicine, so some people also call it ‘invaluable’.
It means that the item is so valuable and can not be replaced.
Moreover the part where it has the most medicinal value is the root buried in the soil.”


Ruma’s eyes widened and rounded in shock.
In the past, he only knew that the leaves of this thing mixed with the medicinal soil had the effect of stopping the bleeding, but he did not know that the entire plant could be used as medicine.
Moreover, the root that he had always discarded was actually the most valuable part. 

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