Ch1 – F*ck, transmigrated! 

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Qin Fei slid down from that slippery tree after the seventh time.
He no longer even had the strength to curse.
His whole body lying and formed a 大 word as he was physically paralyzed under the tree.
He looked up at the large and watery red fruit on the tall tree as he licked his dry and cracked lips.
He was 100 percent sure that the fruit was not poisonous but the damn tree was so unrivally smooth that every time he climbed it halfway up, he would slip down.
Now he had no strength left to try again.
He could only pray in his heart that God would drop the fruit to save him before he died of thirst and starvation or before he was found and bitten by a strange wild beast.

Wasn’t it said: If God closed a door for you, he would definitely open a window for you.
Qin Fei felt that he was already throughly unlucky so that God would give in as charity and should not be stingy, not to give him even this one fruit.  

Thinking about the bitter experiences that had happened this year, it was indeed the worst nightmare of any nightmare he had ever had.
At first, he was kidnapped by GRV company when everything was perfectly all right and suddenly threatened to join the development of the Primordial Limit Drug; then he helped the police undercover agent to destroy the secret experimental base of GRV general headquarters in one fell swoop.
Both of them immediately took advantage of the chaotic situation caused by the explosion to escape into the remote mountains behind the base, transmitting signals and waiting for rescue.



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He was about to say goodbye to this nightmare soon, but unfortunately at this moment Qin Fei slipped and rolled down from the hillside.
When he got up from the state of chaos and despair later, he was already in this odd place.

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For the first hour, Qin Fei who lost his balance, fell off and while he was in a daze, still holding on to the extravagant hope, desperately suggesting himself that ‘he was still at the back of the GVR base so if he climbed over the high mountain ridge behind him;  he would be found by the people coming to rescue him or maybe that young policeman was already organizing a rescue team to search for him and rescue him’.  

However, one hour later, Qin Fei came to his senses and realized that if he wanted to roll from that high mountain ridge to the jungle below the mountain in just a few rounds, he would have to be going at least over 500 kilometres per hour.
Five hundred kilometres per hour? Holy crap ~ what kind of concept is that? Even if it was nowhere near as fast as a supersonic plane, it would definitely cause a long line of fire coming out of his ass! As a person who had studied herbal medicine, he then thought about those many plants on the road that even he could hardly identify; several words immediately exploded in Qin Fei’s mind like a thunder ——Lao Zi had, transmigrated, over! 


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It was thanks to the fact that Qin Fei was born into a famous and prestigious family of Chinese medicine practitioners that he was brought up to recognize numerous herbs.
Although Qin Fei had not yet seen many of the plants in this strange place, but based on his analysis, he could force himself to identify some that were not poisonous and edible.
It was also because of this that Qin Fei had managed to survive until now.


The first day in the jungle had left Qin Fei incomparably desperate.
He was already very sure that he was not on Earth.
Even though the geography of this place was extremely similar to that of the Earth, even the daytime sunlight and the moonlight at night were similar.
The strange thing was that the moon here was oval in shape also with so many satellites around it.
It was as if a ring of pearls had been set around it.
When he saw such a moon, Qin Fei almost dropped his jaw in surprise. 


This is not a mistake right? Is this a fairy tale drama or a comedy film b

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