[TN: I will be re-translating chapters 5.2-8 and the description.
This will not be a priority of mine, but it will have some big changes.]

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The space between Li Yiye’s eyebrows twitched, and he couldn’t help but cast a technique of speech forbiddance on Fang Chaozhou.

The group of cultivators that were looking at Fang Chaozhou up and down unbridledly stopped, dumbfounded at this time.
The little beauty in their fantasies should’ve turned weak all over after being stroked a few times and let out a sound to feign anger coquettishly.
It was absolutely not like this, laughing until he was almost falling onto the floor. 

In the middle of this deathly stillness, someone unhurriedly opened their mouth.

“Sect Master Li, this little pet of yours is really interesting.
I don’t know where you bought it from?”

There were demon beasts who opened their spirit’s wisdom in the cultivation world, and among them, there was a portion of demon beasts who cultivators would subdue, and thus help the cultivators to cultivate.
There were also business opportunities that arose henceforth.
All cultivators could live up to hundreds of years, and some people didn’t want to bond with a Dao companion because Dao companions meant that their lives would be almost tied with that person.
However, they also had desires that they needed to vent.
They also thought that going to a brothel was dirty.
Finally, they put their minds onto those demon beasts who could change into human forms. 

After some demon beasts turned into human forms, their appearance would be very beautiful.  If this type of demon beast didn’t have high cultivation, they would usually become a cultivators’ little plaything in bed at the end.
They were given the beautiful name:——

“Little pet.”

Fang Chaozhou hadn’t yet escaped from the ticklish feeling from when the person touched his ticklish flesh.
Therefore, although he heard that sentence, he had no way to distinguish who the other party was.
Only after he finally calmed down, he was stunned to discover the person who was joking with the big devil, Li Yiye, was surprisingly Song Lianyi of the Fenyue An. 

Don’t ask how he knew, among the ten cultivators here, the only “woman” here was Song Lianyi.

Song Lianyi’s appearance was completely unmanly.
Looking with the naked eye, it was absolutely impossible to discover he was actually a man.
Even his build was no different than that of an ordinary woman’s.
But Fang Chaozhou, who had seen the original work, knew that Song Lianyi frequently changed faces.
He changed faces so much that in the original work, even Xue Danrong sometimes couldn’t tell which one was Song Lianyi.
Almost nobody knew what his true face was like. 

This still wasn’t the most perverted thing, Song Lianyi’s most perverted thing was——

When he changed faces, he would also change his womanly figure along with it.

As a result, whenever fans of Song Lianyi saw a woman appear in the original work, they would suspect that woman was Song Lianyi.
If they saw that woman drug Xue Danrong, they would be certain that woman was the big pervert, Song Lianyi, that they liked. 

[T/N: The fans of Song Lianyi are female.
The author used the female form of “they” here.]

“I also want a little pet like this.
In peacetime, when I have nothing to do, I can hear him laugh a bit.” Song Lianyi gave a quick look towards Fang Chaozhou, who was sitting in Li Yiye’s embrace.

Fang Chaozhou, who was glanced at, trembled all over.
It was just like a snake had licked him from head to foot.

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“I didn’t think that little friend Song would like my little pet this much.
Only, I am particularly fond of my little pet’s face, so it is hard to part with this cherished thing.” Li Yiye began to crazily take advantage of Xue Danrong again. 

Tool Man Fang Chaozhou couldn’t help but look at Xue Danrong’s complexion.
However, he unexpectedly met Xue Danrong’s eye.
That pair of usually icey-cold phoenix eyes now had suspicion and inquiry inside, looking right at him. 

Wait a minute, he had just spoken, it couldn’t be that Youngest Shidi recognized him?

This won’t do, he would think of a way to escape.
When he would rush back to the inn before Youngest Shidi went back, there definitely wouldn’t be anybody who would know the tool man right now was him.
Unless Li Yiye, this loathsome guy, would be shameless and talk nonsense everywhere. 

But how should he escape? 

There were so many people in front of him, and there was also a big devil with very high cultivation behind him.

Right when Fang Chaozhou was racking his brain, thinking of how he should do a perfect escape, he suddenly sensed a gust of wind that blew in his face.
Soon after, there was blackness before his eyes as if there was something covering him.

When the brightness recovered before his eyes, Fang Chaozhou discovered he was already not at the site of the Cultivation Convention.
Hearing the sound of water by his side and seeing the handicrafts and art objects for decoration in front of him, it seemed as if he was on a little boat.
There was also something else before his eyes——

Li Zhu.

As before, Li Zhu’s whole body was dressed in black.
His eyes were shining like a puppy’s, looking at him without blinking.

This expression in his eyes…

Fang Chaozhou suddenly remembered that he was wearing Xue Danrong’s face right now.
This little devil definitely recognized him as Xue Danrong.
Just as expected, in the next instant, Fang Chaozhou heard Li Zhu talk while using a voice that couldn’t conceal his excitement and love.

“Darling Danrong, I am Li Zhu, I adore you, I want to form Dao companions with you, and I want to be with you for generation after generation.”

Fang Chaozhou, who indescribably heard an earful of a confession, tilted his head, wanting to pour out the words in his ear.
Such a vulgar confession, he must pretend he hadn’t heard it.
When he goes back, he must also wash his ear. 

“Darling Danrong, are you willing? You not speaking represents that you are willing.
Us… let us do double cultivation right now.
This way, I can take you back to meet my dad, and say you are already pregnant with my child.
If he has ideas towards you again, it’ll be just like refusing to be a good grandfather and wanting to be a cheap stepfather.

Fang Chaozhou finally couldn’t listen anymore, and the palm of his hand struck the top of Li Zhu’s head. 

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This guy must’ve read too many childbirth huabens.

Ordinarily, Fang Chaozhou’s slap couldn’t damage Li Zhu.
In the very least, it would make him muddled, but now, his cultivation was limited, and he drank strong wine.
The strength was very much lessened, but on the contrary, this slap made Li Zhu’s eyes shine even more.
He even showed a smile. 

“You hit me so lightly, it seems as if you are acting coquettishly.
I’m really…so happy.
I… Can I double cultivate with you right now?”

If it weren’t for Fang Chaozhou being unable to undo the speech forbiddance technique yet at the moment, he would really want to ruthlessly step on and break this young man’s heart. 

So Fang Chaozhou just firmly shook his head. 

Li Zhu was obviously a bit disappointed, and the invisible puppy ears on his head also drooped down.
He looked at Fang Chaozhou longingly, hoping that Fang Chaozhou could change his decision.
But Fang Chaozhou pretended to not see him entirely and instead stood up, wanting to go out and see where he was at right now.

He still needed to return to the inn. 

But before he could walk out, a strength pulled him back.
Li Zhu’s hands wrapped around his waist.
He yelled: “Don’t go, I… I don’t mean to bully you.
But… but I like you too much, Darling Danrong, if you want to, I can… can be the one below.”

Salted Fish Fang: Oh!

When buying stocks, if there was a stock willing to be the shou for love, their final ending would be cannon fodder. 

[T/N: “Stock” is basically one of the male leads.
I chose to say “stock” because readers like “buying stocks”, aka betting on which male lead will be the final couple with MC.]

Li Zhu had no idea that after the extreme trials and tribulations he went through, the person he took away from the Convention wasn’t Xue Danrong at all.
At that time, he was separated at a very far distance and only saw his dad holding a beauty whose figure seemed very pretty and good.
Immediately, a drum sounded in his heart.
He knew his dad’s character, the most shameless and wanton.
So when he approached and discovered that beauty was exactly the same as Xue Danrong, he immediately and firmly believed that his dad had forcefully pressed Xue Danrong onto his leg.

He appeared like the Savior and rescued away——  

A salted fish.

He simply didn’t see Xue Danrong, who had his back facing him. 

When Li Zhu said this, he was really shy to an extreme point.
His voice and body were even involuntarily shivering.
But after he finished speaking, he heard a grim laugh. 

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“Who?” Li Zhu heard the laughter and immediately blocked in front of Fang Chaozhou, conscientiously being a cannon fodder shou. 

“Moron, you recommend yourself to be a pillow mat without even looking if the one you took away was really Xue Danrong.”

Following the voice, a yellow-clothed young lady appeared in front of Li Zhu and Fang Chaozhou.

[T/N: “Pillow mat” is like the promise of the body.]

Fang Chaozhou took a closer look and discovered that it was the big pervert, Song Lianyi.

A salted fish like him instantly pondered for a moment.
In the end, was the little devil discovering the actual facts of the matter and flying into a rage out of humiliation scarier, or this big pervert, who surprisingly chased them over here more scary…

With two blinks of his eyes, Fang Chaozhou understood it thoroughly.
So he weakly shrunk behind Li Zhu at once and even grabbed Li Zhu’s clothes tightly with his hand. 

When the little devil and big pervert fought, he would seize the opportunity and escape.

But when Fang Chaozhou just finished hiding, someone appeared again.


It was Li Yiye.

Li Yiye only produced one monosyllabic word, but the feeling of oppression far suppressed Song Lianyi to the side.

Fang Chaozhou paused, then quickly moved behind Song Lianyi.

Li Zhu: “???”

Li Yiye narrowed his eyes.  

Song Lianyi couldn’t help but hook his lips into a smile.

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Fang Chaozhou was calculating his abacus very fast.
He was thinking like this: Li Zhu is Li Yiye’s son, and if he hid behind Li Zhu’s back, Song Lianyi, seeing that Li Yiye was there, would definitely not attack Li Zhu as he pleased.
If Song Lianyi didn’t attack, Li Yiye would lecture his son, and it wouldn’t be a matter of a few minutes.
In that case, he still couldn’t run away, so he hid behind Song Lianyi. 

This way, Li Zhu would be wounded by the situation and wouldn’t be in the mood to fight.
When Li Yiye saw his broken-hearted son, he would definitely want to lecture Song Lianyi.
When that moment comes, he would seize the opportunity and escape. 

Everything was perfect except for——

Song Lianyi was really too short and couldn’t block his tall, bold, and powerful body. 

Just when the atmosphere in the small boat was becoming increasingly tense, there was another weight on the small boat. 

Li Zhu saw the person who came, and his eyes widened all of the sudden.
Then, the eyes that didn’t dare to believe it kept on switching between Fang Chaozhou and the person who came.
Li Yiye saw the person who arrived, and the black air among his appearance instantly lessened a lot.
He bluntly stared at the person who arrived, his speech carrying a smiling expression.
“Why did little friend Xue come?”

Xue Danrong didn’t speak and only kept on staring at Fang Chaozhou with wrinkled eyebrows. 

Fang Chaozhou looked at the top of Song Lianyi’s head and instantly felt that the thing he found to hide behind was not so good, so he was at a loss for a moment.
He moved again, behind Li Yiye. 

With this move, the atmosphere on the small boat immediately became weird.

Li Zhu: “!!!”

Song Lianyi’s face was expressionless, and even the emotion in his eyes gradually became gloomy. 

Li Yiye raised his eyebrows slightly, and soon after smiled silently.

When Xue Danrong saw Fang Chaozhou, who Li Yiye’s body covered completely, his complexion also became somewhat ugly.

Salted Fish Fang, who made the weird atmosphere, had only one thought in his head at that moment——

Even if he was beaten to death, he couldn’t let Youngest Shidi find out it was him!

He would just let Youngest Shidi believe he was only Li Yiye’s little pet. 

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