As night fell, ghost fires could be seen from a distance, the cries of foxes could be heard, and the chilly wind kept drifting into the cave.

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At the entrance of the cave, a young man wearing a light-colored robe was sitting cross-legged on the floor.
His sleeves were blown up by the sudden gust of wind outside.
The young man’s eyes were fixed outside for any signs of movement.
After a long time, he was interrupted by the sound coming from behind him.
The young man turned his head to look at the man clad in snow colored robes, who was quietly lying on the ground, began to groan and curled his body.
The beauty was slender, appearing sick and weak.
Anyone who looked at him wouldn’t be able to help themselves from running over and hugging him.

But Fang Chaozhou did not feel the same way.

Because he had transmigrated into a book.

He had transmigrated into this book about six months ago.
Half a year ago, Fang Chaozhou had died in a car accident.
But he did not expect to open his eyes again.
After opening his eyes, he realized that he might be in a different world based on his surroundings.
All the people in this world had long hair and were wearing ancient robes.

Later, someone came to greet him.
Calling him Second Brother and one by one, said the names of the other people there.
Fang Chaozhou suddenly discovered that the name the person said, seemed to overlap with the name of a character in a long and unfinished novel that he had read before.

He had read this book because he was idle and felt bored.
The reason was very simple.
It was because there was a character with the same name and surname as him in this lengthy cultivation novel.

That person with the same name was the Second Brother of the Protagonist, who was his Junior Brother.
Every day, the original host kept on mentioning this Junior Brother over and over again.
He blocked the sword for the Junior Brother, killed the beastly monster for the Junior Brother, and would even slam into a big wall for the Junior Brother.

Yes, the Second Brother admired and liked his Junior Brother.
This book had long sections and the chapters had to be bought with coins.
The author did not directly tell the reader who the main lead was, but had created countless outstanding men, and the Junior Brother in the novel seems to be a straight man.

In this book, countless male characters love him; but not only was the Junior Brother unmoved,  he was also indifferent to even those who deliberately flattered and approached him.
Although the book was not completed yet, it’s serialized to a million words.
But even then, no one can get close to the heart of this Junior Brother.

This book was very popular on the Internet.
There were more than a dozen forums on Baidu.
Each forum was for a different CP.
The major CP fans were always at loggerheads with each other on the Internet.
The Second Brother and the Junior Brother were also a slightly popular CP.
Fans also have another name-Egg (Dan) Fried (Chao) Rice for their CP.

It’s just that Fang Chaozhou had now transmigrated into the book, and the million-dollar plot had only now developed halfway.
The Junior Brother Xue Danrong had already attracted the attention of countless men, and even the biggest villain of the book already liked him silently.


By all means, Fang Chaozhou, who knew the development of the plot, should take advantage of knowing the plot in advance to get the Junior Brother first; but Fang Chaozhou was a salted fish who didn’t want to talk about love.
He just wanted to eat and then wait to die.

Out of the more than one million characters of the book, the original owner didn’t know how much hardship he had suffered for the sake of his Junior Brother.
Then in the later stage of the novel, he had become a demon, and was the most unfortunate among them all.
He was the most miserable spare tire.

It was not easy or even possible to always pursue the Junior Brother.
All those who pursued the Junior Brother were very fierce, worked hard to cultivate, and when they reached the later stage of cultivation, they would become a stepping stone for the Junior Brother.
Nothing more, that’s all.
All the pain from love and cultivation for the Junior Brother would go to waste.

So, on the second day after transmigrating into the book, Fang Chaozhou gave up pursuing his Junior Brother Xue Danrong; while happily becoming a salted fish, not going out early in the morning and returning late.

Hence, the disciples of the Tianshui Sect gradually noticed that there was a person missing from Xue Danrong’s side.


Fang Chaozhou looked at the young man on the ground.
Then as if he hadn’t seen it, he turned his head back viciously.

The snow-clothed young man on the ground was his Junior Brother Xue Danrong, and to put it simply, tonight’s incident was all an accident.

He had been living like a dead man for more than half a year, and finally his master couldn’t stand it anymore.
He had kicked Fang Chaozhou down the mountain with one foot and had forced him to lead the team containing his Junior Brothers and Sisters, making him take them to go exercise in the Secret Realm.
The Junior Brother Xue Danrong was in the team as well.

Along the way, Fang Chaozhou tried his best to keep a distance from Xue Danrong.
Of course, as to not let the character fall apart too badly, whenever he accidentally saw Xue Danrong, he would look sad and gloomy; as if he had suffered enough because of love.

Since Fang Chaozhou had intentionally and deliberately avoided him, none of the plot interactions he was supposed to have with Xue Danrong had happened until tonight.

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Tonight, they encountered a very powerful monster that had scattered their group.
Fang Chaozhou got lost and it rained on his way through the Secret Realm.
So, he ran to avoid the rain and ended up in a cave, only to see his Junior Brother Xue Danrong who had also fallen in the cave.

He froze before remembering that there was a plot scene that needed to be finished tonight.

In the original plot, he and his Junior Brother were not separated.
When they went to find the other Junior Brothers and Sisters in the sect, the Junior Brother was accidentally bitten by a poisonous snake.
Fang Chaozhou immediately killed the snake and took the Junior Brother into a cave to heal.

On this dark and windy night, Fang Chaozhou removed his Junior Brother’s shoes and socks.
Looking at the snow-white and delicate ankles, his nose flared, and he suddenly lowered his head to suck…

Stop it!

This plot is out of question.

Fang Chaozhou shook his head and drove the image out.

He didn’t expect that they could still run into each other, even though he had already tried his best to avoid Xue Danrong.
Also, since he knew that his Junior Brother couldn’t die, he was the Protagonist after all, Fang Chaozhou sat on the side without a guilty conscience.

This rain was really strange, it started as soon as he went out and stopped when he returned to the cave.
Could it be that the book had opened its eyes and forced him to follow the plot?

No, a scholar can be killed but not humiliated.
He wouldn’t kiss a man’s feet, no matter how beautiful they were.

His Junior Brother whined and groaned, the sounds from him continued behind Fang Chaozhou but there was not even a fluctuation in his heart.
He even took out a lamp made out of Night Pearls and a small notebook from his storage ring.

Now that he had arrived in the world of cultivation, Fang Chaozhou had long been fasting.
Long-term consumption of beads will only damage his cultivation.
Although Fang Chaozhou did not want to cultivate, seeing his cultivation regressing always felt a bit dangerous.
After all, he, the Second Senior Brother, still had to take his Junior Brothers and Sisters out to gain experience.

That’s why, though he was a real glutton for food, he had to take expensive beads to make the turbidity in his body dissipate whenever he ate.


Thus, without the hobby of eating, Fang Chaozhou could only waste his time by reading the small storybook.
He had to say, there were many high-quality books about the cultivation world.
Usually before Fang Chaozhou has finished the first half of the book, the author releases the other half of the book.

But having recently entered the Secret Realm, all the small story books in the storage ring had been read, leaving only this one unread.

It’s embarrassing to say but this was a fan novel of his Junior Brother Xue Danrong.
When scanning the goods, the boss saw him generously hand it over for scanning.
He didn’t notice what kind of book it was before he brought it back and looked at it.
Later, he realized that it was a fan novel about his Junior Brother.

Xue Danrong was already well-known at this time.
Among the readers, there was a list for beautiful characters, which was updated every year.
There were a total of 12 places on the list.
When Xue Danrong left the mountain after his seclusion, he easily squeezed into this list.
Even as his cultivation increased, his ranking rose higher and higher.
Many fanfiction writers would write stories about the people on the beauty list.

Fang Chaozhou didn’t want to read it, but he was really bored now.

So, he turned to the page where he had left off the night before.

The book reads-

“Xue Danrong looked at the man in front of him full of shame and anger then said, ‘What are you doing? (What are you going to do?)’

The man in black sneered, ‘Can’t you see? I have tolerated you and that man for a long time.
You two are always sticking together in front of me.
Do you think I’m blind? Tonight, I’ll show you who’s your real man!’

A muffled thunder sounded and Xue Danrong’s face instantly paled.
He couldn’t believe that the man in front of him actually harboured such thoughts about him.
He had always treated the other as his close friend……”

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Fang Chaozhou shook his head in disgust.
Was it hard to tell?

He just kissed you last time.
Have you lost your memory? Ah?

“Hmm…… ah……”

The voice behind him became louder.
Fang Chaozhou paused and finally got up.

He strode over to the young man clad in snow colored robes, who had completely curled into a ball due to the pain.
His long hair covered his face and he remained unconscious.

Fang Chaozhou squatted down and casually pushed away the long hair that was covering the young man’s neck, then placed a silencing spell on him.

Well, it was quiet now and he could get back to his reading.

After casting the spell, Fang Chaozhou thoughtfully covered his neck with his long hair.
The weather was cold.
He didn’t want his Junior Brother’s neck to freeze because of the biting cold.

After reading a few more pages, Fang Chaozhou was so completely engrossed in the story that he didn’t notice the movement behind him getting louder.
He only snapped out of it when his shoulders were suddenly clasped hard by a hand.

“Second Brother?”

It was the voice of his Ju

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