Fu Yunzhou had no idea that his parents were beginning to become interested in Yuan Xi, and that they wanted to see Yuan Xi for themselves.


At the moment, Fu Yunzhou was still thinking about how he could develop good looking abs to draw Yuan Xi’s attention back to himself.


When he suddenly received a call from his mother, Fu Yunzhou was taken aback.


Originally, he thought she just wanted him home for dinner, but after listening to Shen Xiyun’s words, Fu Yunzhou’s expression turned a little helpless.


“Mom, Xiao Xi and I haven’t gotten to that point yet.
If you come now, you’ll scare him.” Fu Yunzhou continued to listen helplessly to his mother, only now discovering her thoughts about Yuan Xi.


But there really was no progress between the two.
If Shen Xiyun came, the little guy would definitely be scared.


At this time, Fu Yunzhou didn’t know that Yuan Xi was also imagining certain things in his head, but because he was cowardly, he didn’t go too far.


Shen Xiyun’s phone was on speaker, so Fu Tianqi heard this and looked at Shen Xiyun with a smile in his eyes and a bit of teasing in his tone.


“As I said, Yunzhou and Yuan Xi haven’t made any progress yet.
You were going to go rashly and make trouble for your son.” Shen Xiyun glared at Fu Tianqi, and continued to talk to Fu Yunzhou on her phone: “Yunzhou, Yuan Xi is your fiancee.
It’s a matter between the two of you.
After mom goes, maybe she can help you.”


Fu Yunzhou rubbed his forehead with a headache, knowing that his mother would not give up until she got what she wanted.


“Mom, Yuan Xi still doesn’t know my identity.
I only told him that grandfather has a deep relationship with the Fu family, and that he has a long career.
He doesn’t know that my surname is Fu.”


Shen Xiyun touched her face, then with a happy face, said, “Then your father and I can also act so that we can see what Yuan Xi is like.
By the way, where is Yuan Xi working now, and what is his work environment like?”


After Fu Yunzhou heard this, he was stunned.


He didn’t expect his mother to ask about Yuan Xi’s work.
Fu Yunzhou paused for a while.


Then he decisively said:


“Mom, I will definitely let you know when I’ve made progress, okay? You can stay at home in peace, and when Yuan Xi and I make progress, I will definitely let you know as soon as possible!”


After finally persuading her to stop, Fu Yunzhou breathed a sigh of relief, but he did not relax.


He had thrown Fu Yushen to headquarters for more than 20 days of training.
He was taking a break at Xingyao Entertainment, but Yuan Xi was his assistant and he could not keep this secret for long.


Fu Yunzhou was very familiar with his mother’s personality.
If she really wanted to meet Yuan Xi, it wouldn't end here, and there would be no way to convince her.


Therefore, Shen Xiyun would definitely try her best to meet Yuan Xi in the future.
In order to avoid unnecessary troubles, Fu Yunzhou felt he should make more plans.


Fu Yunzhou glanced at Yuan Xi who was processing documents with his head down.
He couldn’t help but wonder, was it really good for Yuan Xi here?


His current job was indeed very easy, but, if he were brutally honest, it was a waste of time.


Fu Yunzhou didn’t think of this at the beginning, but just now, after a phone call with his mother, Fu Yunzhou suddenly thought of something.


He found a leisurely job for Yuan Xi, but what did this job look like Yuan Xi himself? Did he really like it?


He never thought about this issue before, but now, he suddenly couldn’t stop thinking of it.


Especially during this period of time, Yuan Xi had nothing to do at all, and his daily tasks were very leisurely, so he could be said to have nothing to do everyday.


Fu Yunzhou was silent for a while, then raised his eyes to look at Yuan Xi, who was looking down at what he was working on: “Xiao Xi, how do you feel about your current job? Do you like it?”


Yuan Xi was looking at some information about the company, specifically about trainees.


He had already completed the task Fu Yunzhou arranged.
After seeing Yu Fei’s training, Yuan Xi was a little curious.


In his last life, he was just a little transparent 18th tier star, so no one cared about him at all.
The company was very small, so he didn’t get to learn or train that much.


With new recruits, they got directly pulled out to pick up jobs, and there was no training at all.


So after seeing Yu Fei’s training, Yuan Xi, who was idle, couldn’t help but be curious about it.


Although he was frightened by unreliable companies, Yuan Xi couldn’t help it as he watched them train.


Couldn’t resist checking out their materials online.


Fu Yunzhou’s sudden question made Yuan Xi feel a little guilty, and he had the subconscious thought that Fu Yunzhou knew what was in his heart.


“I… work is okay.
I don’t dislike it.”


Although the work was very easy, Yuan Xi couldn’t say two words about what he liked about it, so he looked elsewhere and changed what he was going to say.


For this current job, Yuan Xi couldn’t say whether he liked it or not, but in comparison, he had to say his current job was very good.


Fu Yunzhou was not an idiot.
The level and rank of the people he dealt with everyday were much higher than who Yuan Xi dealt with, so Yuan Xi’s expression and tone of voice when he spoke made him understand Yuan Xi’s thoughts.


“Xiao Xi, do you have a job in particular you like?” Fu Yunzhou looked at Yuan Xi’s guilty expression and didn’t mind.
He had his own plan in his heart, anyways.


Yuan Xi glanced at Fu Yunzhou in surprise, as if he didn’t expect this question.


Although he couldn’t say he didn’t like the current situation, he didn’t hate it either.
And with Fu Yunzhou nearby, he was happy.


“Yun Zhou, I, I don’t particularly dislike it.
Did I do something wrong? Do you think I’m not good at this job?” Yuan Xi looked at the other party in a panic, and got up to explain.


“I really like this job, I don’t think it’s bad.”


Fu Yunzhou chuckled a few times, looking at the flustered expression on Yuan Xi’s face.
He lightened his tone: “I don’t think you are bad, and neither should you.
This place is wrong for you, so I just think that maybe you’d like to try other jobs.”


Yuan Xi looked at Fu Yunzhou nervously and opened his mouth to explain, but he was interrupted by Fu Yunzhou.


“Yuan Xi, I really don’t think you’re bad at this job.
I just suddenly felt that this current position was a waste on you.
Director Li told me that you go down to watch the trainees in your spare time.
The trainees are studying, and you like to go listen to their class.
It’s just that I didn’t think about this before.”


Yuan Xi lowered his head, and his expression was a little guilty.


Since seeing Yu Fei that time, he did often go downstairs to watch them practice, and he was also infected by the vitality of the young trainees.


Especially when looking at those people who learned to act by chance, Yuan Xi’s curiosity became even stronger.


Yuan Xi liked to act, he liked to play characters one after another according to a script, to try and figure out their mental state, and act out the characteristics of the character.


But he also knew he was not qualified.


He didn’t come from a professional school, and he didn’t study it systematically.
His acting skills and abilities were no match for those who studied seriously.


And because of the company in his previous life, Yuan Xi wanted to be independent, and did not dare step out.


He was afraid that he would meet the same kind of company from his previous life, and he was afraid that he would die again because of that.


He finally met a male god who matched his aesthetics.
He would not be satisfied if he died just like this.


“Manager Yun, I really like my current job, and I don’t want to change it.
If there is anything wrong with my performance, I hope you will bring it up directly so that I can correct it.”


Yuan Xi’s tone was serious… he also used Fu Yunzhou’s title when addressing him.


For the sake of the relationship between the two, including when they were in the company Yuan Xi always called Fu Yunzhou Yunzhou when there weren’t others around.


But now, he called Fu Yunzhou the manager, to emphasize his own thoughts.


Fu Yunzhou opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but after looking at Yuan Xi, he couldn’t say anything.


He silently told himself in his heart, it’s okay, wait for a while, until he figured out what Yuan Xi wanted.


And after helping him deal with everything, he would tell Yuan Xi.


After thinking about it, Fu Yunzhou couldn’t help but soften his face: “Okay, okay, I didn’t say you had to quit.
Your work is very good, there are no problems, it was just something I was thinking about in my heart.
It has nothing to do with you.”


After Fu Yunzhou finished speaking, in order to prevent Yuan Xi from continuing to think about it, he lowered his head and began to work seriously.


He stopped looking at Yuan Xi as if the question he asked then was just an impulse.


Yuan Xi stood in front of the desk and watched the other party carefully for a long time.
After seeing that Fu Yunzhou did not continue to discuss the topic, he was relieved.


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