taring at that little fresh meat.


After Director Li left, Yuan Xi breathed a sigh of relief.


Immediately looking down at the place where he was injured, he waved to Fu Yunzhou, who was still black-faced: “Yun Zhou! Yun Zhou, come and help me, my leg hurts, come and help me change my posture!”


The qi buildup in Fu Yunzhou’s stomach seemed to be punctured by a needle, and the pressure dissipated.


Shaking his head helplessly, he got up and walked to Yuan Xi’s side.


When Yu Fei put him down before, Yuan Xi didn’t control his posture and position, but after sitting down, Yuan Xi kept the uncomfortable posture because there were outsiders.


Now that they were gone Yuan Xi immediately called Fu Yunzhou over to help.


After walking to him, Fu Yunzhou could see Yuan Xi’s movements clearly.


He was only half seated on his chair, and his body was twisted awkwardly.
In order to keep himself from falling, Yuan Xi was lying on the table.


Fu Yunzhou chuckled lightly, wrapping both his hands around Yuan to lift him up.


Without anybody else there, Yuan Xi’s expression relaxed, and he began to continuously complain.


“Yun Zhou, you know, I was really confused at that time! Do I really look tender, like a trainee? Wuwu, did you know, I really wanted to explain, but they didn’t give me the chance, interrupting me every time I spoke.” The more Yuan Xi said, the more aggrieved he felt.
His leg was still throbbing in pain.


His expression originally only showed pain, but now seeing him with a wronged expression, Fu Yunzhou’s heart softened.


He stretched out his hands to pull Yuan Xi into his arms, patted his back lightly, and comforted him in a soft voice: “There there, it’s alright.”


Yuan Xi was suddenly pulled into his arms, and he felt his face and ears get warm.
Especially when he heard his male god’s voice, Yuan Xi felt a little overwhelmed.


The man in his embrace suddenly became quiet, so Fu Yunzhou became a little worried.
He looked down at Yuan Xi and asked with concern: “What’s the matter, does it hurt again? I’ll take you to the hospital.” After speaking, Fu Yunzhou hugged Yuan Xi and got up to go outside.


The two took the VIP elevator directly into the parking lot, and Fu Yunzhou drove to the hospital.


Because he was worried Yuan Xi would have problems, Fu Yunzhou carried Yuan Xi to all of the different tests.


After confirming again and again that there were no other problems, and that it was just a simple muscle strain, Fu Yunzhou breathed a sigh of relief.


But even a simple muscle strain would be uncomfortable for a while.


Looking at Yuan Xi, who didn’t dare move, Fu Yunzhou was silent for a while before he took Yuan Xi to drive home.


Yuan Xi watched in confusion as he was suddenly picked up, and when he noticed they weren’t going back the way they came.


Yuan Xi shrunk his neck and asked in a low voice, “Where are we going?”


Fu Yunzhou glanced at Yuan Xi, but did not speak.


Because of the ointment, the pain in his leg was greatly reduced, but Yuan Xi still did not dare move.


The pain of his muscle strain after doing the splits was indescribable.


When he got out of the car, Yuan Xi discovered that Fu Yunzhou had brought him back to the main residence of the Fu family.


After Fu Yunzhou walked in with Yuan Xi in his arms, Aunt Zhang was standing at the door.
She immediately gave up her seat when she saw the two of them, and followed behind and looked at Yuan Xi with pity: “Oh, how did this happen? No, working at the company, how were you able to strain your muscles?”


Yuan Xi embarrassedly buried his head in Fu Yunzhou’s shoulder, not daring to look at Aunt Zhang’s expression at all.


He was really embarrassed to say, he was pulled to training because of his tender looks, and then he was injured by muscle strain.


Aunt Zhang didn’t really need to know the answer.
After looking at Yuan Xi, Aunt Zhang turned her eyes to Fu Yunzhou: “Da… Yun Zhou, did you take Xiao Xi to see a doctor?”


Fu Yunzhou took the doctor’s prescribed medicine and instructions out: “Look, this is the doctor’s orders and the medicine.”


After Aunt Zhang took it, she glanced at the content and said, “Yun Zhou, Xiao Xi is like this, could you give him a few days off? Let him rest well at home, otherwise if he goes to the company like this, he won’t be able to help you.”


Aunt Zhang said this carefully as she checked the doctor’s orders on diet.


Fu Yunzhou glanced at Yuan Xi, who was lying on the sofa, not daring to move, and couldn’t help but smile: “Okay, let him rest at home for a few days.
It just so happens that the company is not busy, so I can’t use him.”


Aunt Zhang responded affirmatively.


Yuan Xi pouted, feeling a little wronged in his heart.


He just went to cook a meal, why did this happen in the end! Muscle strain, it hurt to death!


The author has something to say:


Fu Yunzhou, looking down: Can we try a different pose next time? Yuan Xi: … QAQ


The qi buildup in Fu Yunzhou's stomach seemed to be punctured by a needle: Qi is vital energy that flows through the body in Chinese medicine.
It’s affected by diet, habits, and emotion.
Acupuncture can help with qi hence the part about the needle, and it’s also linked to the spleen, hence the part about the stomach

Da…: again she was going to say “da shao ye”/first young master but caught herself

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