and his hair was meticulously groomed.
Yuan Xi stood five meters away from him, and could see the other party’s hair shining brightly.


After looking at each other, Yuan Xi turned to look around, and after confirming he was the only one there, Yuan Xi pointed to himself and asked, “Sir, are you calling me?”


The man glanced at Yuan Xi, and there was a flash of surprise in his eyes.
After hearing Yuan Xi’s words, the expression on his face immediately turned ugly.


With his hands behind his back, he gave Yuan Xi a proud look, and a bit of contempt flashed in his eyes.


“You don’t know me? What’s your name, and who brought you here? Not training well, just thinking about nothing all day.
I’ll tell you, I won’t take your shit.
Even if you pretend you don’t know, it’s impossible for me to treat you differently.”


Yuan Xi looked at the man’s face, dumbfounded.
He didn’t understand the meaning of the man’s words at all, he really didn’t know this man in front of him!


“No, sir, you may be mistaken, I’m not…”


Yuan Xi opened his mouth to explain, but he was interrupted by the other party before he finished speaking.


“No, there’s something wrong, where’s your training suit? What would the company think if you’re not wearing a training suit? What are you doing in the restaurant after meal time has passed? Could it be that you’re trying to skip training?


The more the man talked, the more he felt that he’d seen through the other party’s purpose.


“Let me tell you, if you don’t train well, it’s absolutely impossible for you to make your debut.
Now, hurry up and let’s go to the training room.
If you don’t train well at a young age, you can’t succeed.
What are you thinking? Are you thinking of taking shortcuts? I’ll tell you, taking shortcuts is not that easy…”


Yuan Xi looked at the man’s mouth that had no intention of stopping, and felt himself get pulled towards the training room.


Yuan Xi tried to interrupt him several times, but he couldn’t get a word in.
After finding a teacher, the man pushed him into the training room without a word.


“This kid was caught by me in the restaurant just now.
You guys just stare at him while he practices.
It’s not good to think about taking shortcuts at such a young age.



As the man spoke, he handed Yuan Xi over to the teacher in the training room.


Yuan Xi’s baby face looked young, and he was wearing his own clothes.
There was absolutely no dissonance when he stood among the other trainees.


The teachers in the training room glanced at each other a few times, wondering why such a well-behaved child seemed to have no respect for them.
And he even skipped class! Were they not teaching enough?


So after Yuan Xi was stuffed into the training room, he was given special treatment for “skipping class”.


Trainees needed to practice a lot of content, singing, dancing, as well as rhythm, etiquette and so on.
This class was a dance class.


Yuan Xi watched all of the trainees around him practicing very proficiently.
He was like a rabbit who had strayed into a chicken flock, standing there dumbfounded, not knowing what to do.


“Why aren’t you practicing?”


Only Yuan Xi was left standing in place, and the teachers in the training room could easily spot him.


One teacher walked to Yuan Xi and looked at him.
When he saw Yuan Xi’s jeans, he couldn’t help frowning: “Didn’t I say before that you couldn’t wear jeans during practice? They don’t have elasticity, so they’re easy to tear.”


Yuan Xi looked at the teacher and opened his mouth: “No, teacher, I’m not…”


“No, nevermind, show me your splits.
If your body is stiff, you need to train more, otherwise when you’re on stage you’ll look awkward dancing.
You’ll look worse than the square dancing aunts.”


“Although you’re wearing jeans, it seems to be okay, not too tight.
Zhang-laoshi, come and help me, this child’s body is quite stiff.


After the teacher finished speaking, he pushed at Yuan Xi to get on the ground.


After Zhang-laoshi was called, he came over to help hold Yuan Xi down, and the two began to stretch Yuan Xi.


“No teacher, I’m really not…”


Before Yuan Xi finished speaking, the two teachers pushed hard.
Yuan Xi felt a pain in his thigh, and he couldn’t help shouting out.


“Ah—! It hurts!”


“I’m not a trainee!!! QAQ!!!”


Step on thunder: Making a mistake, usually in conversation.
In this context, Yuan Xi stepped on thunder when he gave carrots to Fu Yunzhou, who hates them.

Square dancing aunts: Middle aged and retired ladies (usually) who join a group to dance outside in a plaza for community and exercise.
Super informal.

Laoshi: teacher

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