There was even a period of time where Xie Luyu’s mother, no, Mrs.
Cheng, would take the initiative to ask about Xie Luyu. 

Xie Luyu had been incredibly moved and flattered.
Their mother-son relationship instantly improved like never before.

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However, the facts proved that it was still too early for him to feel flattered.
Her change of heart was false.
Her schemes against him were what was real.


A person who showed kind intentions for no reason was sure to be hiding something.
Xie Luyu ended up getting played.

The Cheng family was a very traditional, business-oriented family.
There were a lot of children in the family.
Cheng had a ton of older siblings above her and even more younger siblings beneath her. 

However, there were only so many assets to go around.
It wasn’t a huge amount, but it was enough for them to fight tooth and nail.

Cheng received dividends.
The amount she received every month was enough for a small family to live off of for a year.

However, her lifestyle was simply too extravagant.
Plus, she was an artist.
She wasn’t just providing for herself.
She was also providing for a bunch of her friends.
Even so, she never had enough money.

At that time, he was currently on the rise.
His position within the industry wasn’t very high or very low.
All the money he earned went straight to Mrs.

Xie Luyu didn’t care at all.
He had probably been taken in by this so-called mother’s love.
As long as Mrs.
Cheng said a few kind words, he would give her everything.

Xie Luyu pretty much never had any money in his hands.
Even Pan Xiaocheng, an outsider, found it hard to watch, but, at the time, it wasn’t too appropriate for him to get involved.
Since there wasn’t a set time for Xie Luyu’s salary to enter his account, Pan Xiaocheng secretly held off on giving Xie Luyu his salary.
The longer he could hold it off, the better.

At that time, Pan Xiaocheng was still too young and inexperienced.
He thought that doing this much would be enough.
However, what happened later completely shocked him.

This time, it wasn’t just Mrs.
Even Xie Luyu’s father, the man who never went home, the man who practically lived at hotels, got involved. 

After that incident, Xie Luyu completely fell out with his family.
In the middle of the night, he dragged along his suitcase with an ashen face and moved out of the house.

He never contacted his family again.
Even if he accidentally ran into his parents at some sort of event, he would pretend as if he didn’t see them.

It had been like this all the way up until now.
Despite his young age, he was crowned movie emperor.

Xie Luyu truly lived up to his status as a business school graduate.
He took to financial affairs like a duck took to water.
Sometimes, Pan Xiaocheng would hand the finances over to Xie Luyu to manage.
It didn’t matter if it was stocks or funds.
He would never lose money.
Now, Xie Luyu’s net worth was an astronomical figure.
His salary alone was in the millions.
Plus, he had several endorsements and other sources of income.
Pan Xiaocheng couldn’t even imagine how much money that would be. 

Xie Luyu’s relationship with his parents was still tense, but his relationship with his grandparents was alright.
He would still contact them from time to time, and he would also attend their birthday celebrations.

Pan Xiaocheng was just mentioning it to let Xie Luyu know that he received such a phone call.
Since Xie Luyu had already made his stance clear, he didn’t bring it up again and changed the topic.

“I received an invitation from the Xilin Film Festival.
The movie from last year, the one about the drug enforcement officer, was nominated for the Best Male Lead.
I’ve already cleared up your schedule for you.”

The Xilin Film Festival was an internationally renowned film festival.
The guests were well-known actors from all over the world—of course, there would also be various celebrities who were just there for the publicity. 

The awards handed out here were second only to the Motion Picture Association’s Golden Globe Awards.

Xie Luyu thought it was a little strange.
He had already gotten through that period of time where he was working around the clock.


“I have a schedule? I don’t think I’ve picked up any work recently.”

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“Don’t pay so much attention to the details.
Don’t I sound more professional when I say it like that? It makes it seem like I’m doing a lot of work.” 

Ye Li was also speaking with Gu Qingchi.
Gu Qingchi was at home, lying on the sofa.
He was leaning against a cushion with a book on his lap.

The phone was set on speaker mode and placed on the coffee table next to him.
The cat took advantage of the fact that Gu Qingchi was distracted and managed to nestle itself into Gu Qingchi’s arms.
It enthusiastically started licking his chin.
Gu Qingchi was focused on the phone.
He didn’t pay it any attention and just lifted his chin as it licked away at him.

Ye Li had already introduced several scripts that he thought were pretty good to Gu Qingchi.
There were a few roles available for second male lead or third male lead.
The rest were minor, supporting roles.

The scripts that invited Gu Qingchi to play the male lead were all third-rate screenplays.
They relied on melodrama in order to attract people’s attention.
It was alright for actors who just entered the industry to act in one or two of these, but, if they acted in too many of them, it would cause audiences to associate them with these types of third-rate stories. 

It would be a waste for Gu Qingchi as he was now to go act in these roles.

“What do you think? Which one are you interested in?”

“They’re all fine.
You can decide.”

An expected answer, Ye Li thought to himself. 

“In that case, we’ll go with the screenplay adapted from the modern fantasy novel.
It’s not a top-notch role and you only appear in a few episodes, but the character has a lot of conflict.”

“Also, I have some good news.”

Ye Li seemed to be flipping through some documents.

“I received an invitation for the Xilin Film Festival.
It seems that Director Wang submitted the movie to the film festival, and you were then nominated for Best Supporting Actor.
I don’t think there’s any hope of winning, but a nomination’s still a big deal.
You can just go for the experience.” 

Wang Haisheng submitted the movie to all kinds of film festivals and award shows out of habit.

Either way, the applications were pretty much the same.
It didn’t matter if he submitted one movie or two.
It would almost be a waste not to submit it.

Actually, he was also very clear about things in his heart.
It was a commercial film with a simple plot and no deeper meaning.

It was a thousand miles away from what those old-fashioned snobs usually liked.
At most, it would probably just win an award or two in China. 

The Xilin Film Festival had always favored films that showed the contradictions of real life.

However, he didn’t expect the Xilin Film Festival would actually give his movie a nomination.


Wang Haisheng spent a long time trying to guess why.
In the end, he came to a rather unprobably conclusion.

They probably weren’t actually going to give the award to them.
They just didn’t have anything better to do and gave them a nomination.
They were going to let Gu Qingchi walk the red carpet and take a look at what Ke Mu really looks like along the way. 

Wang Haisheng wasn’t worried at all.
He was a frequent guest at the Xilin Film Festival and had won several awards there.
He actually thought it was rather interesting that this movie got a nomination this time.

He went ahead and told Ye Li about it on the phone.
Gu Qingchi would walk the red carpet and let those foreigners get a good look at him.

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