n end.

Xie Luyu secretly started messing with the cat. 

“I think it might be in heat.
You should probably get it neutered.”

The movie was released shortly after filming ended.

Unsurprisingly, the box office numbers skyrocketed as soon as the movie was released.
After all, Xie Luyu was in it.
He was a guarantee of quality.

Several movie reviews immediately started showing up on major film review websites. 

However, it didn’t matter whether it was a professional film critic or just a regular audience member who was writing their own thoughts.

Pretty much everyone’s attention was focused on Gu Qingchi.

After an obligatory word of praise for Xie Luyu, they started putting all their effort into praising Gu Qingchi up to the sky.

Professional film critics were a bit more restrained and artistic with their wording. 

[I have to say that Gu Qingchi truly made the character, Ke Mu, come to life.
I originally thought that this character was a bad move on the screenwriter’s part.
No one could possibly be this beautiful.
This was beyond the scope of my cognition.
I was like an old peasant who had never seen the world before.
The most extravagant thing I could possibly think of was a golden hoe.
Gu Qingchi is someone who is beyond the scope of human cognition.]

[At first, I couldn’t understand why a princess would fall in love with a fool.
However, when he looked back and smiled during the celebration banquet, I knew that he was worth it.]

On the other hand, the audience didn’t care so much about wording.
They directly expressed their feelings on various social media.

There was this one verified account that had quite a few followers.
This account was a breath of fresh air in the film critic industry.
It was known for its sharp and down-to-earth language.
It often combined professional criticisms with audience ratings into a comprehensive review. 

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[I first saw Chi Chi’s photos online, and I immediately fell in love.
It didn’t matter to me whether it was a marketing tactic or if his photos had been retouched.
As long as he looked good, I didn’t care.
However, I stopped stanning after he announced that he would be acting in Wang Haisheng’s movie.
After all, it’s Wang Haisheng.
Wang Haisheng’s camera lens is like a demon-revealing mirror.
Other than Xie Luyu, who else can hold out against his camera lens!? Who else!? Why can’t you just stick with photos? No matter how good your acting skills are, I won’t be coming back.
At the time, I thought that, if I were to ever stan him again, I’m as good as a dog.
Now, I just want to say woof woof woof.]

This comment had accumulated 180,000 likes.


[Crying myself to sleep.
How could you do this to me!? Give me back my Ke Mu!]

[Don’t ask me.
I don’t know anything.
All I know is that I’m in love!] 

[Even if this was the trashiest movie in the world, I would still watch the whole thing as long as I can see that face!]

[Everyone, join me! My idol’s the best in the world!]

At the same time, Ye Li made an official announcement on Weibo—Gu Qingchi had officially debuted.

Ye Li’s Weibo was originally very low-key.
He only tagged Gu Qingchi, but, as soon as he posted the announcement, he soon gained tens of thousands of followers. 

At this moment, Gu Qingchi was in Ye Li’s office.

“As of today, you have officially entered the entertainment industry.
I’ll send in an application for a new place to live very soon.”

“Also, from today onwards, you must understand that you are an actor.
You need to maintain your image at all times.
After all, it’s entirely possible for you to be photographed even if you’re just walking down the street—”

Suddenly, he paused and looked at Gu Qingchi’s face.
With a face like his, even the most pixelated camera quality wouldn’t be a problem. 

Ye Li nonchalantly changed the subject.

“Actors need to live through their roles first and foremost.
You want people to pay more attention to your roles.
Watch out for the paparazzi.
Don’t reveal any of your private information to them.”

Gu Qingchi nodded softly.

“I’ll pay attention.” 

“In that case, I don’t have anything else to remind you about.
Be careful on your way back.”

Xiao Ke, who was standing next to them, handed Gu Qingchi a mask.
She also had a coat hanging on her arm.
Recently, she had been helping Gu Qingchi get used to going out in a disguise.
Lately, Gu Qingchi was often recognized whenever he was out on the street.

Gu Qingchi didn’t actually care that much about it.
As long as it didn’t cause him any trouble, he didn’t mind others looking at him.
He had long since gotten used to it.

However, he still did as Xiao Ke asked him to.
He put on the mask, and he even pulled up the hood of his sweatshirt. 

Xiao Ke then opened the door for him.
Having an assistant was also something that he needed to get used to.

“The driver’s already arrived.
He’s waiting for you outside.”


Whenever Gu Qingchi walked through the hallway, there were always people from various other offices poking their heads out to look at him.

This kind of treatment was something only the truly famous celebrities would receive. 

Xiao Ke’s ponytail swayed back and forth.
She kept her gaze fixed ahead as she followed Gu Qingchi through the crowd.

As for Gu Qingchi, he was like this before, and he was like this now.

Chen Chen was a pretty big streamer under one of Starlight’s subsidiaries.
He was famous for his pranks and funny videos.

Since his pranks were fairly appropriate, they never went too far.
In between pranks, he would even explain himself and apologize afterwards. 

Plus, he was really quite funny, so his reputation was pretty good.

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He was also very capable.
Recently, he got in touch with one of Starlight’s department managers and organized a joint activity.

Basically, he was going to sneak into one of the dorms for trainees.
He was going to go in with his camera and knock on each door, one by one.
He would be disguised as one of Starlight’s employees.

Technically, it could be considered an official live broadcast for the company.
After all, Starlight already gave their permission. 

The audience was very curious about the trainees’ living conditions.
Plus, since it was going to be a surprise visit, a lot of the trainees showed interesting reactions.

Chen Chen’s live streams weren’t as rigid as official live streams done by the company.
Furthermore, he was an eloquent speaker.

Therefore, the live stream had always been pretty popular.
The trainees were also able to attract a wave of fans.
There was one trainee who attracted a lot of fans by showing off his dance skills and debuted as an idol.

It was a win-win situation for everybody.
By now, most trainees already knew about it.
They were all willing to cooperate. 

The trainees were also graded.
They were ranked from C to A.

Chen Chen first turned the camera towards himself.

“Right now, we’re in the territory of the elites.
Here are all of Starlight’s A-level trainees.
Unlike the C-level or B-level dorms, the A-level dorms are single person apartments.
There will only be one girl or guy behind this door.”

Chen Chen usually started by knocking on the door in the farthest corner of the hallway. 

Once he heard someone approaching the door, he would shout out.

“This is a Starlight employee.
Don’t open the door just yet.
Make sure to pay attention to your clothing.
There are cameras outside.
We’re currently live streaming.”


Usually, the person inside would pause for a bit.
Then, they would come out.

Chen Chen was used to waiting for ten or so minutes. 

However, this time, there wasn’t any pause at all.
The door opened straight away.
Chen Chen thought that the person inside didn’t hear him and subconsciously wanted to cover the camera.

It wasn’t fun to film something that shouldn’t be filmed.

He didn’t manage to cover the camera lens.
Chen Chen looked up and was stunned.

Gu Qingchi opened the door.
His hair was still damp, and he had a towel draped around his neck.
He wore a simple button-up and black pants.
The cat poked its head out from behind him. 

He looked up, seemingly unconcerned about the camera.

“Is there a problem?”

Chen Chen blanked for a second.

“This is an official live stream.
We’re approaching trainees at close distance.
W-would you like to say hello to everyone?” 

Gu Qingchi took a step forward and placed a hand against the wall.
Chen Chen subconsciously backed up until he was up against a wall.
He was still holding the camera in his hands.

Gu Qingchi looked at the camera.

“From this day forward, I will no longer be a trainee.”

“I’ll be their senior.” 

The comment barrage had been furiously flooded by comments ever since Gu Qingchi appeared.
After he said this, the comment barrage stopped for a while.

That was until a big, bold comment slid across the screen.

[If you think about it, he technically just kabedon-ed me!]

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