ce the young man’s voice.

He looked at the young man with gentle and nostalgic eyes, and asked, “What’s wrong with you??”

How come his hoarseness in the voice made him unable to recognize him?!

He Guan pointed at his throat and said, “It’s because of the almonds.
This gentleman, we don’t seem to know each other??”

Hearing it, Lou Jun Duo said in a hurt-filled voice, “You don’t know me?? I am…”

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He Guan opened half of his eyes, and softly blinked, cutting off his words, “Should I know you??”

Lou Jun Duo immediately blamed himself, and his eyes turned red. 

“It’s because I haven’t been by your side for so many years…you can’t even take care of yourself…”

Lou Jun Duo greedily looked at He Guan’s face.

Feeling the scumbag’s sticky gaze, He Guan wanted to cut him off.

In the ancient BL abuse literature, there was always a cold-blooded tyrant with countless people in his harem, with no taboos.

Luo Jun Duo was a kind of scumbag who was bad, so bad that he didn’t know that he was violating people’s goodness and moral order.
Even if he knew, he wouldn’t stop.

He thought about He Guan inwardly, but if he couldn’t get He Guan’s body, then he would find one or two like him.

There were always one or two males and females to share the love with.

The reason why he didn’t bring anyone else to today’s auction was that he heard from the person in-charge that there would be an auction of a boy.

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And when he saw the person, he was immediately shocked by the beauty of that person, and then he instantly thought of He Guan.

But Luo Jun Duo didn’t expect to be cut off halfway by He Guan.

What a coincidence!

He would take both of them today.

Lou Jun Duo saw that He Guan was silent, so he took another step forward and said, “Guan Guan, you really don’t know me?? Can you take a look at me??…”

“Even if you are wearing a mask, I will recognize you at a glance.
You are the same as before.
No, you are more handsome than before, like a beautiful prince…”

“Do you remember when you took me in and let me live in your rented apartment?! When I saw you today, those memories came all of a sudden.
I miss you so much…but why are you behaving so indifferent??”

“Think about it! I just want you to remember me, don’t be afraid…okay.”

Hearing Luo Jun Duo’s sweet words, He Guan felt a little funny.

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