p>It seemed this man used to wear glasses before, but he didn’t wear them today, and the action was like a bit of a habit.

He Guan remembered…

In the whole plot, the author only described the assistant who was brought by Slag Gong like this.

There seemed to be a good show.

He Guan smiled and signaled Ren Ning to temporarily stop and turn off the microphone.

The price continued to increase slowly.

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Finally, when it climbed to three hundred eighty million, the price increase was somewhat suspended.

Even the children of a wealthy family knew that it was a waste of money to buy a person at such a high price.

He Guan saw that the assistant of slag gong had raised his arm.

The slag gong had waited until now, before attacking.

He Guan quickly grabbed Ren Ning’s arm and went one step ahead of them.

“Five hundred million!”

He Guan’s hoarse voice spread throughout the audience.

Five hundred million??

This price exceeded the reasonable threshold of almost everyone present in the auditorium, and the audience instantly was in an uproar.

Several eyes turned to look at He Guan’s room, which was blocked by one-way glass. 

On the central screen, the picture of He Guan holding the assistant’s arm with great force and stability could be seen.

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Even Ren Ning, who was beside him, was stunned, seeing the madness in He Guan’s eyes.

The scumbag’s assistant turned off the microphone and stopped bidding.

He Guan smiled and released Ren Ning’s arm.
He went back to the sofa, signaling Ren Ning to close the microphone.

The auctioneer turned his head towards He Guan’s room and with a voice full of excitement said, “Five hundred million, once! Five hundred million twice!”

“Congratulations to this gentleman No.28!”

After turning off the microphone, Ren Ning trembled and called out He Guan.

“This, what to do now? He Guan, Young Master He, where can we get these five hundred million?!”

In a calm tone, He Guan replied, “Wait.
Let’s go first.”

Ren Ning, “We can’t walk away.
We first have to pay the money?!”

He Guan, “…”

When the auction was over, the staff would immediately start to confirm the location of the bidders and send someone to sign a renewed payment contract.

He Guan briefly explained, “You go first.
Don’t worry about me, I will be responsible for the payment contract later.”

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