ally and said, “Remember, people’s worth is his face.”

After saying this, He Guan stopped talking, took the tea from Ren Ning’s hand to moisten his throat, and waited for the auction to start.

The wall in the center of the box was divided into two pieces.

One piece of one-way glass was placed on one side so that guests in the box could look at the auction venue without being seen through.

And the other was a screen with a camera, facing the single sofa where Ren Ning was sitting.
It was the place from where the assistant beside the rich man could raise a placard so that the rich man’s identity would not be revealed.

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The original body came here to catch a big guy, so the auction was not his main focus but for He Guan, this was not the case.

The original body couldn’t make hard money without deception, so he chose the entertainment industry.

After entering the industry, he signed a talent show with his charming face. 

The original body learned very quickly and made his debut as a member of a five-member rap team.

His voting and data were very good.
Because of his self-centered personality, he had many extreme fans.

Ren Ning had plans to let him enter the entertainment industry completely and stop the cheating business.

Some people like that kind of character, and some people hate it.
The other members of the group were very dissatisfied with the original body’s arrogant and exaggerated style.

During the cruise, one of the members had already bought the hot search and was going to make him black and red. 

This would not work, He Guan thought.

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He had no interest in being an idol.

He only knew how to play the role of a  rich boss, how could he become an idol?? 

Either Ren Ning was crazy, or He Guan himself was crazy.

He had to find someone to replace him, and the little white flower protagonist shou was a good candidate.

The life experience of the shou was not good, and he could become a good idol.

After becoming famous, he wouldn’t be sold around, at least not on cruise ships like this.

After all, as soon as the idol disappears, the fans would be the first to explode.

He Guan remembered that the protagonist shou in the original book was very beautiful.
The author used the term “angel-like face” to describe him several times in the book, so he must be easy to recognize.

The slag gong invested 2 million in shou, but the contract he signed made him at least hundreds of millions of profit in return.

As his memories ended, the originally dark venue suddenly lit up, and the auction outside began.

He Guan looked at the lively venue.

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