“Oh my God, our big star had finally woken up!”

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“Master Guan, how are you feeling now?! Do you have a headache?? Do you recognize this number?!”

The voice saw that he didn’t speak, so the person spoke again.

“Aren’t you speechless now? I will call the doctor, you wait here!”

When He Guan opened his eyes, he felt a splitting headache like his brain was smashed by a hammer.
There was some shaking and the sound of water around him. 

He seemed to be in the cabin.

He Guan subconsciously replied, “Wait…”

After speaking a word, he couldn’t continue.
He felt a burning pain in the throat.

He Guan slowly sat up and the quilt on his body fell off.

The body under the quilt was slender, and the hands and the legs were long, but it looked abnormally pale. 

It seemed that he was recovering from a serious illness.

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He Guan took a closer look and found that he was wearing nothing but underwear.

At the same time, he realized that this was not his body.

He Guan touched his little curly black hair and hoarsely asked, “What’s wrong with me??”

He didn’t know the man at all.

The lights in the room were bright, and the room was decorated in European-style. 

The chandelier was bright overhead, and the carpet was soft underfoot.
Outside the white circular window, the deep black seawater was everywhere. 

The cruise ship was carrying two thousand passengers floating on the sea.

It took more than fifteen minutes for He Guan to understand the whole picture.

He had transmigrated into a book. 

He had penetrated into a scum chasing his wife’s novel he had read yesterday.

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The shou was a traditional little white flower, and the gong was the boss with a poisonous mouth.

In the initial plot, the scum gong missed his white moonlight and was attracted by the shou’s look. 

Although he had sent shou into the entertainment industry and put him in the men’s group, and never let little flower shou lack resources, the scum gong was still stubborn and unwilling to admit his love.

The scum gong used insults, psychological suggestions, and force to show his love.
For the first half of the book, the scumbag abused the shou ruthlessly.

This book was a wife chasing novel, but actual chasing was very less. 

The second half of the book mainly focused on the

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