Chapter 3: Are You Not Afraid That Your Stepmother Will Give Birth To Your Dad’s Child? (1)

As the saying goes, when you shoot an arrow, there’s no turning back.

If they hadn’t entered the campus yet, Jiang Jinjin would make the driver turn around and leave any minute.
After all, she wasn’t his biological mother, and she didn’t feel guilty about running away.
She thought for a moment, now that they had entered the school, if she told the driver to drive away, it was easy to implement, but there would be too many effects.
There was really no need to make the stepmother’s already difficult life mode even worse, so she had to brace herself and get out of the car in front of the school building.

The school leaders had long waited for her arrival.
Zhou Mingfeng kept a low profile, even his second wedding was not grand.
These school leaders and him weren’t friends from the same circle, so for the time being, they didn’t know that Jiang Jinjin was his current wife.
At the moment, when they saw Jiang Jinjin who was beautiful and young, and left a strong first impression, they mistook her for the staff sent by Zhou Mingfeng.

Director Chen was sweating.
Half of the students in this school were either rich or came from a noble family, so none of them should be easily offended.

Especially the Zhou family.

Although Zhou Mingfeng started from scratch, his background was unfathomable.
The development of his group was currently rising steadily, so maybe he would be at the top of the rich person list in the next two years.

More importantly, Zhou Mingfeng was generous.
When his son first entered school, he donated three teaching buildings, and gave big support in many other aspects too.
The school leaders wanted to offer him something by inviting him as a guest, but Zhou Mingfeng was very busy and only appeared a few times.

“Excuse me, how should we address you?”

Even though director Chen mistakenly identified Jiang Jinjin as Zhou Mingfeng’s assistant, he didn’t want to be rude, and his tone was very polite.

Jiang Jinjin naturally replied, “My surname is Jiang.”

“Miss Jiang, is Mr.
Zhou always busy?”

Director Chen immediately continued, “We all know that Mr.
Zhou is busy with work.
If it wasn’t because of particular circumstances, we wouldn’t call him too.”


Jiang Jinjin simply answered, but couldn’t suppress her curiosity, and asked tentatively, “What’s the matter?”

“Come this way please.”

Under director Chen’s guidance, Jiang Jinjin followed behind him through the teaching building to the conference center.

During this short journey, Jiang Jinjin also figured out what had happened.

Zhou Yan helped out when he saw injustice this time.
He was a bully at school, and normally people wouldn’t dare to easily provoke him.
However, this morning near the school, he saw some youngsters harassing a school girl, and he couldn’t bear to see it.
Of course he didn’t use his head but his fist instead.
When other students saw this, they also got excited and started to join the fight.

In order to escape from Zhou Yan’s fist, one of the youngsters accidentally broke into the traffic, got hit by a car and was still in the hospital.

Someone called and alerted the police.
Fortunately, the school was very strong and was able to protect the student from going to the local police station.
However, the school leaders were far from being calm.
On the contrary, after they checked the surveillance video, they found out that Zhou Yan was the one who started to attack.
Then this case became much worse, and in a flash, an unknown reporter appeared, wanting to use this incident to make big news.

Naturally, the school wanted to calm things down, so they invited several students’ parents knowing that they had money and connections.
So, the glorious task of settling this matter fell on the parents.

Director Chen was sweating and complaining in his heart, but he didn’t show it on his face.

When Jiang Jinjin heard this, she knew she couldn’t do anything about this incident.

Since director Chen misunderstood that she was Zhou Mingfeng’s assistant, she decided to leave the mistake uncorrected and make the best of it.
She immediately smiled and said, “I will truthfully tell President Zhou about this.”

Jiang Jinjin didn’t have the consciousness of being a good stepmother and clear up the messy situation.

The parents should care about their child, but don’t say that the stepmother was also the mother, because first, she didn’t give birth to him.
Second, she didn’t raise him.
If she really involved herself in his life, she felt that she was being immodest.

In the novel, Zhou Yan was Zhou Mingfeng’s only son.
And looking at Zhou Mingfeng’s generous donation of three teaching buildings for his son, she believed that he would take care of it.

Director Chen felt relieved when he heard these words.

These parents were indeed really amazing.
They were middle-class people with an annual income of millions, but no one could compare with Zhou Mingfeng, and this one was the big boss.

The matter worked out all right.
As Jiang Jinjin got up and was about to go back, director Chen went all the way to send her off.
It could have ended there, but who knew that a boy who came out of nowhere would almost run into Jiang Jinjin.

Yan Zhengfei had met Jiang Jinjin before.

Their class had a physical education class today, so when Jiang Jinjin got out of the car, he saw her and even informed Zhou Yan.

However, it was weird.
He still remembered when he met Jiang Jinjin at Zhou residence last time, she was very quiet.
She was very beautiful, yet she was like a transparent person.
This time, he saw her talking happily with Director Chen.
He thought he was mistaken, or did Zhou Yan’s stepmother have a twin sister?

“Hmm, Auntie?”

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