Zhou Mingfeng deliberately made a little movement, causing the two people to look back together.

Zhou Yan hadn't forgotten that he was still making shrimp skewers, and continued to concentrate on chopping the shrimp meat.
Fortunately, they were here in the villa area.
Even if they made a big movement, they wouldn't be able to disturb the neighbors.

Jiang Jinjin was very surprised.
She walked to him and asked curiously: “Didn't Uncle Yang say you won't be back today?”

Zhou Mingfeng explained, “The meeting ended early.”

“Oh so.” Seeing him staring at the cleaned vegetable dishes on the sink, Jiang Jinjin asked, “We are eating hot pot, would you like to eat it together?”

The raised corners of Zhou Mingfeng's lips did not fall, “Yes.”

He bowed his head and handed her the suit jacket naturally.

Jiang Jinjin took the opportunity.

At first, she saw him in a suit and shoes in the morning, and then looked at the temperature.
She didn't say anything, and she didn't question whether his temperature was different from that of normal people.

She dressed coolly and walked outside all the time, it was so hot and sweaty, how could he still be calm in a long-sleeved shirt?

Later, she discovered that the temperature in the midsummer whether high or low, which seemed to have little effect on him.
There was air-conditioning wherever he stayed, and the room temperature was pleasant.

In Jiang Jinjin's arms were his suit jacket.
He rolled his shirt sleeves to his elbows, revealing his lean arms.
After turning on the faucet at the sink and washing his hands, he said to Zhou Yan, “Hold on.
I'm coming.”

Now let alone Jiang Jinjin, even Zhou Yan was dumbfounded.

Jiang Jin said in surprise: “Do you cook?”

Zhou Yan was even more shocked.

Because in his impression, there is no memory of his father cooking.

Zhou Mingfeng said, “A long time ago.”

Jiang Jinjin only remembered that he also had a hard time.

In the original text, Zhou Mingfeng's family conditions were not good, and his family members were already doing their best to support him in college.
In his early years, life could be regarded as poverty.
He has caught up with the good times, is lucky and capable, and most importantly, he has an extraordinary vision.
Only then has he made a good road in the market and become the respected President Zhou.

“Show me the recipe.” Zhou Mingfeng said, turning his head.

Jiang Jinjin freed up a hand, opened the mobile phone software, and leaned over to him.

Zhou Mingfeng is even taller than Zhou Yan.

He leaned slightly, and she stretched out the phone in front of him, and for a while, the two were very close.

He took it seriously, and after thinking about it for a while, he began to focus on the “little” seasoning in the recipe.
Just looking at his actions did not give people a strange feeling.
After a few clicks, he adjusted it and it was no different from the hot pot restaurant.

A few minutes later, the three people came to the living room to continue the hot pot.

There are a lot more ingredients this time.

Jiang Jinjin asked Zhou Mingfeng: “What will you drink?”

Zhou Mingfeng's gaze flicked over the Coke and then over the Sprite, “Warm water will do.”


Jiang Jinjin smiled, “You are so health conscious, no wonder you're so well maintained.”

Maybe she was used to telling Zhou Yan, and she said: “Zhou Yan, pour your father a glass of warm water.”

Zhou Yan didn't have any comments.

Maybe he was also used to her orders.
He got up and walked towards the kitchen with long legs.

Zhou Mingfeng: “You guys get along very well.”

Jiang Jinjin blinked, “Very well?”

Where did he see it?

Zhou Yan came back quickly, and silently placed a cup of warm water by Zhou Mingfeng's hand, he sat down again, and started to shave the fat cow.

Although Zhou Mingfeng said to eat with them, he basically didn't move his chopsticks much, just drank a few mouthfuls of warm water.

Jiang Jinjin felt that Zhou Mingfeng still had a lot of foresight.
Seeing that they were too busy, he took the initiative to help them cook the meat.

Zhou Mingfeng put the prawns and fat beef into Jiang Jinjin's bowl.
Jiang Jinjin was crooked with satisfaction, “Thank you.”

This man is also a little cautious.

After adding food to his own son, Zhou Yan didn't say anything, so he didn't add food to his son.

After a while, Jiang Jinjin's small bowl was filled with fat cows.

Zhou Yan looked at his pitiful bowl with only dipping sauce: “…”

By the time Zhou Yan and Jiang Jinjin finished eating, it was almost twelve o'clock.

Looking at the mess on the coffee table, Jiang Jinjin suddenly said, “If these are put in tomorrow morning for auntie to collect them, the hot pot will not smell very good overnight.”

It's not just bad smell.

It simply challenges the optic nerve and the olfactory nerve.

This is even more inappropriate to call auntie.

“So,” Jiang Jinjin put his hands together and said piously, “Two good people, which of you will clean up?”

Zhou Mingfeng remained calm and seemed unwilling to clean up.
The two looked at each other, and they obviously didn't get along for a long time, but they also cultivated some tacit understanding.
At this moment, they had no other ideas and wanted to cultivate children.
Independence is the responsibility of every parent.

The eyes of the two were on Zhou Yan who was aside.

Zhou Yan: “…”


He really regrets it.
How cheap was his leg when going to the coffee table.

However, he didn't even notice it.
Even so, he didn't even have a trace of anger in his heart.
No matter what his human temperament is, how impulsive and irritable he is, he is only a sixteen-year-old boy.
If he is twenty-six years old today, his thinking will be completely different.
At the age of sixteen, after all he is not an adult, he still has an irresistible yearning for a family.

Zhou Yan, who was at least sixteen years old, did not reject such a hot pot meal at such a late night.

Jiang Jinjin said, “In fact, it's not troublesome at all.
There is a dishwasher at home.
Just put these dishes in the dishwasher and press the little hand that makes you rich.”

Zhou Yan still didn't move.

As long as Zhou Yan showed a hint of impatience, Jiang Jinjin would not continue to talk about it.


She could clearly see that Zhou Yan seemed to be waiting, waiting for a reason to convince him, which meant his resistance was all for show.

In all fairness, Jiang Jinjin doesn't hate Zhou Yan.
Such a handsome, rich, young, and unobtrusive young man, which old aunt can hate?

“After doing these things, I will give you one hundred yuan.” Jiang Jinjin said with a smile.

It's like joking.

Zhou Yan: “??”

If he was before the start of his part-time job plan, he would definitely dismiss it and just got up and left.

But now he is a worker, and he is competing with his father.
The rhetoric at the dinner table last time, he can't assume that he hasn't said it before, and he will do what he has said.
Only two years will pass before he was eighteen years old.
Before eighteen years old, he must learn to be self-sufficient.
Anyway, he was already mentally prepared, and the bowls and chopsticks on the coffee table has to be collected by himself, in that case…

He continued to be silent.

Jiang Jinjin understood, and she was snickering in her heart, but she didn't show it on his face, “One hundred and fifty, no more, I can't afford more.”

Zhou Yan nodded reservedly and agreed.

Jiang Jinjin looked at Zhou Mingfeng again, “Is your wallet available?”

Zhou Mingfeng's expression was obviously cheerful, “Yeah.”

“Is there any cash? Give it to him first, and I will return it to you later.”

Zhou Mingfeng took out his wallet.
He didn't have much cash, all of them were 100 yuan.
He took a hundred yuan and handed it to her.

Jiang Jinjin was speechless: Why not directly give Zhou Yan, but also let her handle it.

Zhou Mingfeng seemed to see her mental activity and explained with interest: “I am lending it to you.”

Jiang Jinjin was funny and speechless, “Are you afraid that I won't pay it back?”

While talking, he took the money and handed it to Zhou Yan.

Zhou Yan reminded him, “One hundred and fifty.”

This is only one hundred.

Jiang Jinjin: “???”

Really, you deserve to be rich, father and son.

“I'm not lacking fifty yuan.” Jiang Jinjin said, “WeChat transfer?”

In this way, Jiang Jinjin unconsciously achieved the achievement of “becoming a WeChat friend with her stepson”.

She sent Zhou Yan a fifty-dollar red envelope, and he received it within ten seconds as if he was afraid of her going back.

When Zhou Yan cleaned up the dishes, Zhou Mingfeng glanced at her, “Where is mine?”

Jiang Jinjin: “You want to pay back the one hundred yuan?”

She hasn't asked him for living expenses yet! !

Zhou Mingfeng smiled and nodded.

Jiang Jinjin smiled, bowed his head arrogantly and sent him a red envelope of one hundred and three yuan, “Three yuan is interest.”

He is so profitable, so savvy, the richest man in the future is not who he is.

Zhou Mingfeng accepted it happily, and solemnly returned a message to her, even though she was standing in front of him: [Thank you.


The two went upstairs and returned to the room one after another.

It was already late, and Jiang Jinjin didn't even bother to take a bath.
After a brief shower, she came out, just in time for Zhou Mingfeng, who came back from the bathroom of the second bedroom.

Zhou Mingfeng handed her a black invitation card with gold edges.

Jiang Jinjin's sleepiness hit at this time, and she yawned several times, and there were some tears in his eyes.
In addition to the dim light in the bedroom, she saw the black at first glance, thinking that he finally had a bossy husband.
Consciously gave her a black card, and the excitement had not yet risen, he heard him say: “This is a private discussion, you can listen to it if you are interested.”

? It's not a black card.

Jiang Jinjin took it, and when she looked at the card, she felt unusual.

“What's the discussion?” She looked up at him questioningly.

“Didn't you say you want to learn?” Zhou Mingfeng smiled lightly.
“I really don't have time recently.
These are my acquaintances.
Two of them are famous traders.
They are better than me.”

“Really, of course I am interested!”

She has to go all over the world with knives.

How precious is this kind of boss-level symposium!

“Tomorrow at four o'clock in the afternoon.” Zhou Mingfeng reminded, “The address is on the back of the card.”

“Tomorrow afternoon?”

“Why, what are you doing?”

Jiang Jinjin nodded, “I made an appointment with Wenqing to accompany her to see a house tomorrow.”

Zhou Mingfeng looked at her.

Obviously he doesn't know who the Wenqing she is talking about is.

Jiang Jinjin just remembered that he was busy with work on weekdays and didn't have time to attend the parent meeting.
Then he was even more unlikely to know Zhou Yan's teachers in various subjects, so he explained: “Wenqing is Zhou Yan's math Teacher Sun.
She also sent a message telling me that she saw Zhou Yan in a bar.”

Zhou Mingfeng: “Have you known each other before?”

Jiang Jinjin shook his head, still looking at the black card intently, “No, I added her WeChat when I attended the parent meeting, and I got familiar with her later.”

Zhou Mingfeng: “?”

If he remembers correctly, the parent meeting was also not long ago.

She actually knew the teacher to the point where she could accompany her to buy a house?

? ?

For Jiang Jinjin, it is not difficult to get acquainted with people with good senses.

She liked Zhou Yan's teacher very much.
After adding friends, she would like to comment on Sun Wenqing's circle of friends.
They got acquainted after coming and going, and the two of them even went shopping together and went for dinner a few days ago.
Because Sun Wenqing doesn't have many friends, and he doesn't know much about shopping for clothes.
During the summer vacation, other colleagues either took their children out on a trip or went out with a boyfriend.
She didn't have any friends at all.

Jiang Jinjin's most recent achievement is time.
After hearing that Sun Wenqing was unaccompanied, ehe volunteered to ask her to go shopping with her.

After entering the book, Jiang Jinjin found that the original owner had few friends.

In addition to making money in business, she also hopes to have her own life circle as soon as possible, such as friends and career.
Otherwise, she would be alone, she is most afraid of loneliness.

Facts have proved that Sun Wenqing is indeed a very good person, and she would be a very good friend in the future.

Jiang Jinjin didn't notice Zhou Mingfeng's surprise either, so she raised her head and said, “I will definitely be there tomorrow, but can I bring Wen Qing with me?”

Zhou Mingfeng returned to his former calmness, “Yes.”

Jiang Jinjin smiled, “I heard her say that she was also a little interested in this one.
She is a learning tyrant and must be much better than me.
If I don't understand, She will understand it.
Maybe the two of us can discuss about it later.”

“You are also very smart.” Zhou Mingfeng said.

“I'm a little smart.” Jiang Jinjin thought of Sun Wenqing's resume, and couldn't help but sigh, “She is very smart, she doesn't know how long her head is, but she can be so powerful.”

Jiang Jinjin is a small talker.
Once she opens the chatterbox, she can talk non-stop–

“I'm a kind of person, and I just admire academic bullies.
It may be because no matter how hard I try, my grades were only average when I was in school before.
Anyway, she is very good, and I like her very much.”

Zhou Mingfeng looked at her headband.

Since returning from the last business trip, he found that in the bedroom, and even the house, all kinds of headbands can be seen everywhere.

Once in the middle of the night, he was awakened in his sleep.
When he got up, he saw that there was a hair ring on the bed with irregular shapes embellishment, and the culprit was sleeping very sweetly.

At this moment, the hairband on Jiang Jinjin's head is very cute, with exaggerated bear ears on both sides, and there is a blue flower in the middle of the hairband, which flickers with her movements.

After Jiang Jinjin quickly applied skin care products, she went to bed and lay down.
The lights in the bedroom were turned off and the curtains were closed, which made people experience what it means to be invisible.

Eat a hot pot meal before going to bed.
At this moment, the mouth feels better, and the mind feels better, but the stomach feels less comfortable.

She touched her lower abdomen, and couldn't help but sigh: “I'm so full, I want to do exercises to consume it.”

As soon as I said this, the air flow seemed to slow down a bit.

Jiang Jinjin rarely has embarrassment, but at this moment, she just wants to rewind to a minute ago, she wants to take back this imaginative sentence! Can she still be rescued?

Just as she was hesitating whether she was racking her brains to change other topics, or just pretend to be dead, he spoke.
In the dark, his voice became clearer, “The temperature difference between day and night is large here, and the pool water may be a little bit cold.”

Jiang Jinjin breathed a sigh of relief, and couldn't help but reflect on herself, could it be that she was really too dirty?

Take a look, the man's mind wasn't crooked after hearing this, but her mind was crooked.
I have sins, Amitabha.

“That's right.” Jiang Jinjin laughed sullenly, “Then I'll swim tomorrow.” She pretended to yawn, looking as if she was too sleepy, “I'm so sleepy.”

After speaking, she quietly moved to the other side, wrapped the quilt tightly, and got ready to fall asleep.
It was dark all around, Jiang Jinjin naturally couldn't see Zhou Mingfeng's expression, his voice was steady: “Well, good night.”

After a while, Zhou Mingfeng closed his eyes tiredly until the sound of even breathing came from his nostrils.

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