Zhou Yan and Xu Congjian are not acquainted, and the two have nothing to talk about.

Two people, one is a famous school bully and the other is a famous school learning tyrant.
Apart from being in the same class, they usually don't communicate much.
Zhou Yan thought of the blood in the palm of his hand and his sore arms, and asked, “Is there any kind of ointment or medicated oil for sale here?”

Xu Congjian paused, “Yes.”

Zhou Yan entered the convenience store with ease, “Then I will buy some.”

“Okay.” Xu Congjian has excellent work ability.
In just two days, he arranged all the items on the shelves and clearly remembered which items are placed where.
Soon he found several different brands of medicated oil for Zhou Yan, “You see which one you want to buy.”

Zhou Yan didn't understand this, so he chose a bottle of medicated oil.
When he scanned the QR code to pay, he stopped for a while, pretending to inadvertently mention: “That I came here to buy medicated oil, don't tell her.”

He didn't want his dad to know about it.

Although he was really tired today, he also decided to carry it by himself.
If he let his father know, it would be shameful, as if he couldn't even handle such a thing.

So even if he has a medicine box at home and a family doctor, he still wants to buy medicated oil outside by himself.

Xu Congjian replied: “Buying at a convenience store is not a real-name system.”

This means that as long as the boss does not check, he will not say.

Zhou Yan was relieved, picked up the medicated oil, “Thanks.”

Xu Congjian's face was calm.

Zhou Yan hid the medicinal oil in his backpack.
He also disliked the smell of sweat on his body, so he entered the forest villa area as fast as he could, and ran back home again.

Jiang Jinjin is very popular.
It didn't take long for her to get acquainted with some old grandmothers in the villa area.
For example, Grandma Liu, who came to do nail art today, really feels sorry for Jiang Jinjin's hard work in running a convenience store.
Before the convenience store opened, she was with her son.
Grandma Liu's children are busy with work, but they still visit her every month.
In order to make his mother happy, Grandma Liu's son also said that in the future, the company will buy tea and snacks to Jiang Jinjin's Weiwei convenience store.

For Grandma Liu's son, this was just a sentence.
For Jiang Jinjin, it was the largest order since the opening, which means that she has stable customers.

In real estate development, many people go to see the houses every day, and Jiang Jinjin also runs a lot of real estate before he entered the book.
These developers will provide drinks and snacks at the sales office.
Now Grandma Liu's son has asked the assistant to contact her.
Both parties have signed a contract.
She supplies them according to the list and settles the bill together at the end of the month.
It can be said that just relying on the business of Grandma Liu's son can feed this convenience store.

Jiang Jinjin remembered that the last gentleman who told her fortune-telling before entering the book said how precious luck hit her.

If it's just an office worker, it will be quite satisfactory.

If you are doing business for your career, then wealth is boundless.

Jiang Jinjin actually doesn't believe in these so-called metaphysics, but people around her seem to be addicted to it, and she has been dragged many times.
She believes in the good things, and she doesn't believe in the bad things.
Every gentleman who told her fortune-telling said that she had fortune, and it was probably affected by this.
She had a keen interest in doing business and making money since she was seventeen or eighteen.


Think about it, too, how many part-time workers can make a fortune?

Since the opening, Jiang Jinjin has been in a good mood, and naturally she is more willing to run wild on this road.

Butler Yang reported to her that the driver called and said that Zhou Mingfeng had an overseas video conference today, which would be held until early morning.
In order not to disturb her, he would rest in a hotel suite near the company tonight.

During this period, Zhou Mingfeng didn't come back to sleep every day.

Zhou's Group has a wide range of business, including the hotel industry.
Zhou Mingfeng has also invested in a five-star hotel.
The hotel owner has been his friend for many years and reserved a luxury suite for him.
This hotel is very close to the headquarters of Zhou's Group, which can be reached in ten minutes by car.
Therefore, when Zhou Mingfeng was in Yan Jing, he spent half of his days in the hotel.

For Jiang Jinjin, Zhou Mingfeng's presence or absence does not make much difference.

In his absence, it's just that the entire bedroom, including the big bed, belongs to her.

Jiang Jinjin never thought that he could fall asleep peacefully with a man who was not a boyfriend for so long.

The reason is probably that Zhou Mingfeng exudes a distinctive temperament all over his body.
It made her feel at ease with him inexplicably, and she even began to feel that as long as she did not raise it, as long as she was unwilling, even if the marriage lasted until the age of eighty, she would not have sex.

How reassuring!

Jiang Jinjin rolled over on the big bed after taking a bath, she lay on the bed and started playing with her mobile phone.

Playing with mobile phones is naturally a one-stop process of WeChat, Weibo, and short videos.

At about ten o'clock, Jiang Jinjin swiped the video that the blogger had just posted, and he was actually eating hot pot!

This made Jiang Jinjin suddenly remember that since she came over through the book, she had eaten bird's nest and shark fins, seafood feasts, and market snacks, except for hot pot.
How could this make her ashamed to call herself a hot pot killer in the future?

She is not hungry right now, just greedy.

Decisively, she took out her mobile phone, searched for nearby shops, and finally found a hot pot restaurant.
At this point, this distance, the delivery fee is a bit more expensive, but it can't stop her from wanting to eat hot pot.
After she ordered her favorite food immediately, she eagerly looked forward to the arrival of the takeaway brother.

The delivery speed of the hot pot restaurant's younger brother is very strong.
Only about half an hour after Jiang Jinjin placed the order, he brought the hot pot in work clothes.

At this point, the housekeeper and the aunt were resting in the annex building next door.

Jiang Jinjin wanted to eat hot pot while watching TV, so he cleaned up the fruit plate on the coffee table in the living room and asked the takeaway boy to put the ingredients and the small pot on the coffee table.

After the takeaway boy left, Jiang Jinjin sat cross-legged on the carpet.

The tomato bottom in the small pot began to boil, and she quickly scalded her hairy belly.
The moment it entered her mouth, it is no exaggeration to say that the soul was satisfied.

After Zhou Yan came back in the evening, because of the soreness and swelling of his body, he didn't care about anything else.
He just ate a few mouthfuls for dinner.
Before falling asleep, he realized what it was like to be hungry to the point that his chest touched his back.
He was so hungry that he couldn't fall asleep.
He just had to go downstairs to find something to eat.
As he walked to the stairs, he smelled a strong fragrance.


He went downstairs and turned a corner and saw Jiang Jinjin watching TV while she was boiling hot pot.

Obviously, the fragrance was floating from there.

Jiang Jinjin also heard the footsteps, raised her eyes and looked over.
Seeing Zhou Yan standing not far away, she didn't think too much, and asked, “Are you going to eat together?”

At that moment, Zhou Yan's subconscious had already found many excuses for himself.

In short, when he reacted, he was already standing at the coffee table.

He was at a loss: Why didn't his legs obey?

Probably because the previous few times got along fairly well, although he doesn't say anything to Jiang Jinjin, the two really got along peacefully, so that he could not feel bad about her at all.
With her invitation, he didn't refuse.
He obeyed the instinct of the body.

“Go to the kitchen and get the bowls and chopsticks by yourself.” Jiang Jinjin's tone was quite natural, and he also ordered him, “By the way, get me a bottle of Coke from the refrigerator.”

Zhou Yan: “…?”

He still went to the kitchen, took the dishes and chopsticks by himself, and also gave her a bottle of Coke from the refrigerator, and by the way, he got himself a bottle of Sprite.

Hot pot with iced carbonated drinks, two words, absolutely refreshing.

Zhou Yan was already hungry, and he unceremoniously showed off a talent in front of Jiang Jinjin—Storm Inhalation.

When Jiang Jinjin fired up the pot, he didn't even think about sharing with others.
The dishes she ordered were all for one person, and she couldn't finish it all by herself.
At this time, adding Zhou Yan, who is in the physical growth period, And as a guy who did physical work today, these ingredients are far from enough.

“Let me go to the kitchen to see if there is anything else you can cook for hot pot.” Jiang Jinjin got up.

Zhou Yan's face was not thick enough to sit comfortably while waiting for her to serve food.

He followed, hesitated for a moment, and followed her to the kitchen.

Jiang Jinjin found prawns, fat beef and some vegetable dishes in the refrigerator.

She looked at the manicure she had just made with a tangled expression, then glanced at Zhou Yan who was standing next to her, thinking that he had eaten her hot pot, then she should order him to do little things within her power, right? Isn't it an equivalent exchange?

Thinking of this, she said, “Do you mind doing a little bit of work?”

Zhou Yan looked at her, obviously a little puzzled, “What?”

“Then I don't mind.” Jiang Jinjin pointed at the shrimps, “wash these shrimps, half of them directly into the hot pot, and half of the shrimps.”

Zhou Yan: The problem is not big.

He nodded, “Okay.”

“Wash the baby vegetables, and the potatoes are best cut into slices.
Is that okay?”


Jiang Jinjin breathed a sigh of relief.

In fact, the male protagonist is still very easy to get along with, and he is not as mad as the original text.

If it is a rebellious period for the male lead, then she can still accept it.
What she is most afraid of is the kind of “oilfield master” who is the number one in the world and everyone should be his slave and listen to his orders.

Zhou Mingfeng's video conference ended two hours earlier than expected.

In the car, he sat in the back seat and closed his eyes tiredly.

The driver dutifully asked in a low voice: “Zhou, are you going directly to Junting Hotel now?”

Zhou Mingfeng raised his hand and pinched the bridge of his nose, his voice low: “What time is it?”

The driver replied: “Twenty-five minutes past ten.”

Zhou Mingfeng remembered that his son went to work as a porter in the company on the first day today.
It was not too late at the moment, so he said: “Don't go to Junting Hotel, go home directly.”


At 10:30 in the evening, the rush hour of traffic jams had already passed, and even on the main road to the Forest Villa, there were not too many vehicles, and the road was unimpeded, arriving ten minutes earlier than before.
Zhou Mingfeng didn't forget to tell the driver after getting off the car, “Go straight back and rest.
It's not early.”

The driver responded.

Zhou Mingfeng got off the car, and the driver slowly drove the car to the garage.

It is almost eleven o'clock.

The moon is bright and the stars are sparse, quiet and silent.

He entered the villa steadily, and the door used a security system that integrated fingerprints and face recognition.
He just stepped on the steps, the door slowly opened, walked into the room, and first smelled a strong hot pot smell.
After a glance, there was almost a mess on the coffee table.
At a glance, he guessed that someone was eating hot pot here.

The strange thing is that there are two sets of chopsticks, one with Coke on the side and Sprite on the other.

When he was in doubt, a conversation came from the kitchen.

He thought for a while and walked to the kitchen.
Before reaching the door, he saw Zhou Yan and Jiang Jinjin standing in front of the sink with their backs to him.

Jiang Jinjin stood aside, somewhat restrained at first, and then calmly instructed Zhou Yan.

Let Zhou Yan taste the taste of being ordered.

“If you want to remove the shrimp thread, you don't need a meat grinder, just chop it with a knife, and add a little egg white…” Jiang Jinjin flipped through the recipe on the phone, “There is also a little salt, cooking wine and pepper.”

Zhou Yan did these things for the first time.

Hearing this, he asked: “…how much is a little?”

“I don't know too well, it depends on your mood!”

Zhou Yan: “…”

He actually regrets it.

Regret for not controlling his stomach and his legs.
If he didn't go to the side of the coffee table, wouldn't he just find some bread in the refrigerator and eat it?

Under the bright light, Zhou Mingfeng, who had finished his busy work, did not exude the meticulousness during the day.
He raised his hand and unbuttoned the cufflinks lazily.
Hearing their conversation, he looked down, and there was a faint smile on the corner of his lips.

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