Zhong Jia is gone, and Jiang Jinjin naturally has no reason to stay where she is.

She thought of the conversation with Zhong Jia and was very satisfied with her performance.
Up to now, it was not Zhou Mingfeng that she and Zhong Jia had quarreled about, but who will win or lose.
Just like today, Jiang Jinjin didn't realize that Zhong Jia hadn't been staring at Zhou Mingfeng.
From the time they entered and left, Zhong Jia only looked at Zhou Mingfeng a few times.
Jiang Jinjin even had an illusion: she felt that Zhong Jia purpose today, it was not Zhou Yan or Zhou Mingfeng that she wanted to see, but her…

However, the things that Zhong Jia said when she arrived today still provided her with alternative ideas.

Jiang Jinjin began to wonder how likely she would be to succeed if she followed Zhou Mingfeng.

She did have a crush on Zhou Mingfeng, but this kind of crush was not reliable.
Generally speaking, she had no deep affection for him so far.
It was precisely because of this that she was indifferent to Zhong Jia's provocation, and she didn't feel the slightest turbulence in her heart, and she even felt funny.

But from an outsider's point of view, was she a little wronged today?

Of course!

If this is put on someone else, they will explode within minutes.
The cousin of my husband's ex-wife comes over to show off true and false.
If it is put in another family, it's impossible to say that a quarrel would absolutely be avoided.

She just didn't know if Zhou Mingfeng will feel a little guilty and embarrassed.

After all, the cousin of the ex-wife talked rubbish to the current wife.

Many men are used to taking advantage of women's guilt, so of course she should also take advantage of Zhou Mingfeng's guilt at this moment.

However, she just doesn't know whether Zhou Mingfeng, who is already an old fox, has any precious guilt.

Maybe he is also very calm?

Maybe he, like many men, thinks she should be more magnanimous, and thinks Zhong Jia's provocation is just sprinkling water innocently?

In any case, she did not intend to let this opportunity pass.

Jiang Jinjin returned to the bedroom and found that Zhou Mingfeng was not in the bathroom of the master bedroom, guessing that he should have gone to the second bedroom.

She took her pajamas from the cloakroom and made up her mind to take a good bath.

Sometimes Jiang Jinjin feels that the reason why she has no intention of divorce for the time being has something to do with this big villa.

It's so comfortable here.
The bathroom in the master bedroom is nearly twenty square meters.

Lying in the bathtub, taking a bath, drinking red wine and watching TV, this kind of fairy day will indeed corrode her beliefs.

After she soaked herself with fragrant fragrance, she walked out of the bathroom as if she has her own fairy spirit, Zhou Mingfeng was already sitting on the bed and looking at his phone.
Jiang Jinjin pays attention to his movements, sits in front of the dressing table, looks at him through the mirror while taking care of her skin.

Okay, this man is sure enough.

Don't say it's guilt, maybe for the rest of his life he won't even have emotions like “sorry” or “I was wrong”.

Jiang Jinjin stroked her face with the beauty cream.

As the saying goes, there is no harm without contrast.


Look at Zhou Yan, and then at Zhou Mingfeng, this is a sharp contrast.

Holding the thought of “I'm sorry and I won't make you feel better”, Jiang Jinjin fell asleep without touching the pillow after turning off the light, but deliberately turned over every time Zhou Mingfeng's breathing became slightly more even.
Seemingly drowsy, she immediately turned over to make a movement…

Zhou Mingfeng: “…”

In the dark, Jiang Jinjin naturally couldn't see the smile on his face.

His voice was as calm as ever, “What's the matter? Can't sleep?”

Jiang Jinjin's tone was soft, but there was no look of sorry for disturbing his dreams on her face, “I'm sorry that I disturbed you.”

“No worries.” Zhou Mingfeng asked her in a low voice, “What's wrong?”

Jiang Jinjin sighed.

This sigh is very artistic.
It expresses her discomfort vividly, but it does not appear to be too sad.

“It's nothing, just thinking, Zhou Yan's Aunt will misunderstand me.” Jiang Jinjin said, “I really didn't know that she will come today.
After waiting at home for so long for nothing, do you think she will misunderstand me?”

With a big bed, Zhou Mingfeng and Jiang Jinjin were not close.

It's just that the room is too quiet at the moment, so quiet that Zhou Mingfeng's voice is slightly hoarse at this moment, and even the warm breath seems to fall in her ears—

“It doesn't matter much.”

Jiang Jinjin questioned: “En?”

“It doesn't matter what she thinks.” He added patiently.

“But.” Jiang Jinjin hesitated, “I still want to have a good relationship with her.
After all, I don't have any friends.
It can be seen that she really cares about you and Zhou Yan.”

Zhou Mingfeng followed her words and said, “You don't need to make a good relationship.”

Jiang Jinjin's tone was deeply regretful, “Really? I'm quite interested in stocks recently, and I want to ask which stocks she has bought.”

This is Jiang Jinjin's purpose.

Before she entered the book, she didn't dare to really touch the stock market.
The profit and loss of the fund alone were enough to affect all her thoughts.

If it wasn't for a different environment, she wouldn't have any thoughts in this area now.

She herself was interested in this, but suffers from unreliable people taking her to not understand it.
Now Zhong Jia's words have given her a lot of inspiration.
In the original text, she also briefly described Zhou Mingfeng's family history.
Said that his fortune was due to his vision and courage on the one hand, and his ability in the stock market on the other.

Originally, her plan was to use this identity to make money.

Now there is such a big boss lying next to her.
If she doesn't take the opportunity to make a lot of money, isn't it a big loss?

Zhou Mingfeng did not speak.

Jiang Jinjin is also very patient.

She didn't believe in Zhou Mingfeng, and she really couldn't understand the amorous feelings to this point.

Sure enough, not long after, Zhou Mingfeng groaned: “Do you want to trade in stocks?”

Jiang Jinjin said: “No, I'm just a little interested in this aspect, but you know, I don't have any friends, I don't know where to find out, and the information on the Internet is half true.”

She sighed again, “I thought that Zhou Yan's Aunt is a few years older than me, so we can talk.”

Zhou Mingfeng knew it well and pretended to ask casually: “Are you short of money?”

Jiang Jinjin was stunned.

She wanted to say lack, and then he would definitely give her a sum of money.

However, reason reined in time and swallowed back when the words reached his lips.
This was not her original intention, nor her goal.

“There is no shortage of money.” Jiang Jinjin said reluctantly.
“It's just that others say that stocks are quite interesting.”

Zhou Mingfeng said: “Don't touch the stock market casually.”

Jiang Jinjin: “I definitely won't touch it casually…” She paused, and then said, “Does Aunt Zhou Yantang often come to ask you about the stock market?”

“No.” Zhou Mingfeng replied.

Jiang Jinjin: “You said you don't understand, but I think you look like you're very knowledgeable.”

Zhou Mingfeng held back his smile: “Oh?”

Flattery is important here and Jiang Jinjin is not stingy with her words of praise, “Because when you look at it, you are the kind of successful person who knows everything.
If you stand with a bunch of people, I would be the first to recognize you!”

Zhou Mingfeng laughed lowly.

“I just know just a little bit.”

Jiang Jinjin:? ? Too humble.

But she was relieved.

“I don't believe it, you must be very good!” Jiang Jinjin said, “Hey, maybe I am too idle now, so I am interested in things I don't understand.”

Zhou Mingfeng finally asked: “How much money do you want to make in the stock market?”

Jiang Jinjin said: “I heard that the stock market can double the price.”

Zhou Mingfeng frowned.

Seeing that he didn't say a word, Jiang Jinjin immediately said, “But I'm not greedy at all.
I'm just playing anyway! It doesn't matter if you make more or less, it's mainly about being happy, and having fun to pass the time.”

“You go to Assistant Liu.” Zhou Mingfeng gave a final word.

“Assistant Liu? Can he do it?” Jiang Jinjin's tone was deeply suspicious.

Zhou Mingfeng laughed, “Assistant Liu is a top student from a prestigious school, and his personal ability is very good.”

“But I don't see him every day.” Jiang Jinjin just focused on Zhou Mingfeng, “He could teach me which stocks to invest in, of course, it is easy, but I am not to make money, or I have to get started and operate on my own to make it better.”

“Then what do you want to do?”

Jiang Jinjin moved to his side, but didn't dare to lean on him directly.

“Can you teach me?”

Teach her to invest in those stocks, and then teach her the knowledge of the stock market.

She knows she is greedy, but facing such a piece of meat, she won't be human if she doesn't chew.

Who is Zhou Mingfeng? That's the big guy among the big guys, but if she learns a little bit from him, even if after the divorce won't get a penny in the future, she will still make a profit without losing from it.

In the past, she didn't dare to say it easily.
Now if she worships the teacher Zhou Mingfeng, what else is she afraid of?

Of course, there are risks in the stock market.
She also knows that people like Zhou Mingfeng don't dare to say that stocks are stable and profitable.
But before she entered the book, she embarked on the road of doing business.
She can't go back to the past.
Isn't there such a saying, the higher the profit, the higher the risk that comes with it.

But she just likes an adventurous life.

Zhou Mingfeng seemed to be harassed by her and had no choice but to respond: “Okay.”

He added, “I don't have time every day.”

Jiang Jinjin replied: “It's okay, as long as you remember that this student is waiting for you to teach!”

Because of Zhou Mingfeng's nod, Jiang Jinjin decided to take back the previous statement that “He doesn't have a comparison with his son.” She was thinking very badly.
Jiang is old and spicy, like wine that is old and pure, he is still very good

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