Chapter 31

This seemingly harmonious family of three deeply hurt Zhong Jia's eyes.

Before Zhou Mingfeng and Zhong Fei had officially divorced, Zhong Jia had no hesitation in falling in love with Zhou Mingfeng.
At first, she did feel guilty and even shameful for actually thinking about her brother-in-law, but then she gradually discovered that, The sister and brother-in-law did not seem to be an ordinary husband and wife relationship.
When she noticed it, the sister and brother-in-law had been sleeping in separate rooms for several years.
Later, in her quiet anticipation, her sister and brother-in-law finally divorced.
She thought that it had finally come to her turn and was about to approach Zhou Mingfeng with a different identity.
How would she know that after the divorce, Zhou Mingfeng would break off relationships with the Zhong family, including her.
It was even more rusty before.

She used to see him occasionally, but after the divorce, she only saw him once or twice a year.

She was very anxious, but she couldn't help it.
Every time she came to Zhou's house shamelessly, Zhou Mingfeng was either absent or left after speaking a sentence or two to her.

Later, with the advice of her friends, she decided to join Zhou's family in a roundabout way through Zhou Yan.
After all, she was Zhou Yan's aunt.
At that time, she always felt that it would not be difficult to win Zhou Yan, as a child.
It can be seen that the worse thing happened and Zhou Yan was even more indifferent to her.
A few years earlier, he was willing to call his aunt.
In the past two years, even this title has been omitted.
He was as cold as a piece of ice, and she came to Zhou's house several times, obviously caring for him, but actually waiting for Zhou Mingfeng, but he said, she should not come there all the time.

Zhong Jia has always believed that with Zhou Yan's temperament, he would make trouble with Jiang Jinjin.

No, to be precise, it would be Jiang Jinjin who would make trouble.

Zhou Yan would only force Jiang Jinjin to show his true colors.

But what's the situation now, they actually came back together?

This was unacceptable to Zhong Jia, even more unacceptable than she heard before that Zhou Mingfeng was married.

She knew that Zhou Mingfeng was back, and she dressed up specially today, and bought some vegetables to come to Zhou's house.
Of course, she still want to give Zhou Yan the warmth of cooking.
The main purpose is to show her presence in front of Zhou Mingfeng, and to destroy Jiang Jinjin's prestige.
Of course, Zhong Jia knows that Zhou Yan doesn't like herself that much, but after thinking about it carefully, she felt that Zhou Yan would not want to see Jiang Jinjin even more.

As a result, she sat and waited for two hours.
Was she waiting for such a result?

Zhong Jia was going crazy.

Women know women best.
Jiang Jinjin can see through Zhong Jia's mind at a glance, and smiles before she speaks: ” Zhou Yan's aunt, have you eaten yet?”

This title…

Both Zhou Mingfeng and Zhou Yan glanced at her.

Although Zhong Jia hates Jiang Jinjin very much, but in front of Zhou's father and son, it is impossible to ignore her and said: “Not yet, A'Yan is on winter vacation.
He liked to eat my grandma dumplings when he was a child.
I used to learn from my grandmother, and I was free today.
So I wanted to come over and make some dumplings for him.”

Zhou Yan was expressionless, as if the protagonist was not him.

The smile on Jiang Jinjin's face deepened, “That's good.
We just came back from the outside and packed some dishes and seafood.
Would you like to try it?”

Zhong Jia: “…”

She glanced at Zhou Yan incredulously.

Unexpectedly, he accepted Jiang Jinjin as stepmother so easily?

She doesn't even understand why such a simple thing becomes even more difficult when it comes to her.

Anyway, she is also related to Zhou Yan.
She is Zhou Yan's aunt.
If she is the stepmother, she is confident that she can do much better than anyone, especially Jiang Jinjin.
Why does this nephew know her but he doesn't help her? Why is Zhou Yan even more strange to his aunt than outsiders?

For a time, Zhong Jia was extremely uncomfortable.

She blames Zhong Fei, Zhou Yan, and Jiang Jinjin, except Zhou Mingfeng, who acquiesced to all of this.

“No need.” Zhong Jia straightened up, still unwilling to admit defeat.

It was strange that at this moment, she had forgotten to watch Zhou Mingfeng and the main purpose of coming today.

All she thought in her mind was: This is a woman's war, and she can't lose.

At least at this moment, in Zhong Jia's mind, Jiang Jinjin has far more thoughts than Zhou Mingfeng…

“A'Yan likes to eat dumplings,” Zhong Jia looked at Jiang Jinjin with a smile, “It's too late now, it just happens that I have been on vacation these few days, if you don't mind, otherwise I will stay tomorrow morning to make the dumplings.
Dumplings for breakfast for you?”

She threw the problem to Jiang Jinjin.

She didn't believe that Jiang Jinjin could say the word “mind”.
If she really said that, what would brother-in-law and Zhou Yan think of her?

Jiang Jinjin was gearing up, is this a chance for her to play?

That's great.

After entering the book for so long, she hasn't really fought a war of words.

Without knowing that she hadn't said anything, a male voice rushed in front of her, and the voice said indifferently: “I won't eat.”

Jiang Jin looked at Zhou Yan in surprise.

Although in the original text, Zhou Yan didn't have much affection for this aunt who had been coveting his father, it was the first time that she faced Zhou Yan's “rebelliousness”.

Zhong Jia: “……???”

She widened her eyes and didn't seem to believe that Zhou Yan would actually treat her like this in front of Jiang Jinjin.


Zhou Yan went left and straight upstairs.

Before his parents were officially divorced, this “good aunt” came here twice in three days.
Later, when his parents divorced, this aunt came more frequently, and always came over to take care of him every time.
He was a child, but it's not that he didn't know anything.
Once she was so stupid to ask him whether she should stay in his house and take care of him.
He was annoyed and called his mother, and it finally stopped for a while.

Jiang Jinjin was truly amazed.

It can be inferred from Zhou Yan's attitude that it is definitely not the first time that he has shunned and treated Zhong Jia this way, but Zhong Jia has come over the past few years to brush up on her sense of existence.
Zhong Jia's psychological quality is so good that she admires it!

Zhong Jia stood in place.

Zhou Mingfeng glanced at her, the tone was still gentle, but when she listened carefully, it also brought some unfamiliar meanings, “It's getting late, you also go back quickly.”


Zhong Jia hurriedly said: “Brother-in-law, I want to talk to you about something.
Regarding the stocks I bought, I am a little worried about losing money.”

Zhou Mingfeng replied in a flat tone: “I don't quite understand this, you can find someone else.”

Jiang Jinjin:? ?

Gangster, have you forgotten how you made your fortune? Isn't it just because of stocks and futures?

Experts in this area don't know much about it…

Although Zhong Jia looked stiff, she quickly adjusted her mood and nodded, “Well then, I won't bother you.”

In fact, since her sister and brother-in-law formally divorced, she didn't have too many excuses to come here again.
She was going to follow Zhou Yan's route.
She didn't know how to go about it as she was trained by her sister and her brother-in-law also told her that she should call the housekeeper before coming over.

But every time she called the housekeeper before she wanted to come, the housekeeper would tell her it was inconvenient.

Later, she had to wait for her sister came to see Zhou Yan and she came with her.

Now that the brother-in-law was remarried, she really couldn't accept it, so she came over without calling the housekeeper.

After so many years, doesn't she know that her brother-in-law has no thoughts about her in that regard? But even after knowing that, she can't let go of it in her heart.

In the past few years, she has also been in love with others, even to the point of talking about marriage.
However, she still can't let go of her inner obsession.

Zhou Mingfeng didn't even think about Zhong Jia's mood.

He just said to Jiang Jinjin: “I'll go up first.
If there is not enough supper, you can let the kitchen make some more.”

Jiang Jinjin hurriedly responded “thoughtfully”: “Yeah.”

Zhou Mingfeng didn't look at Zhong Jia more, so he walked upstairs.

But before he left, he glanced at Jiang Jinjin, hoping that she would also go upstairs together with him.

But the other party was motionless.

Zhou Mingfeng: “…”

Zhou Mingfeng didn't force it, and after a pause, he went upstairs.
Soon, Jiang Jinjin and Zhong Jia were the only ones left in the living room.

Just now, Zhong Jia, who was still a bit sentimental, entered the state of preparation for a second.
After sweeping away the previous malaise, the whole person seemed indescribably energetic.

In fact, Zhong Jia came here today to sweep away the shame.

It's just a ready-made excuse to make dumplings for Zhou Yan.
So, it can be said that Zhong Jia came here to fight Jiang Jinjin again.
No matter what, she can't forget the main purpose of coming today!

Zhong Jia smiled slightly: “Just now when you came in with A'Yan and brother-in-law, I realized that you look a bit like my sister.
No wonder brother-in-law would like you and marry you.”

Jiang Jinjin smiled more calmly: this is it? That's it? ?

Leave me here to start feeling like a stand-in and have a deep sadistic relationship?

She pretended to be incomprehensible and smiled: “Maybe, I just heard one sentence today.
Beautiful people are the same, and ugly people are different.
Although these words are detrimental, they should still have a certain truth, just like you.
Although Zhou Yan's mother is your cousin, the two of you don't look alike at all.”


Zhong Jia choked and did not admit defeat: “You are right, even if you look like that, you are not alone.
You haven't met my sister yet.
To be honest, when I was young, I envied my sister because my brother-in-law was so good to my sister.
He was very good.”

Jiang Jinjin wanted to laugh.

This person may be a bit schizophrenic.

While coveting his ex-brother-in-law, she also showed her how good her ex-brother-in-law was to her sister.
What are they doing?

Just as Jiang Jinjin prepared a whole basket of words that would make Zhong Jia speechless, a male voice robbed her again–

“It's so annoying, it's so noisy.”

Jiang Jinjin and Zhong Jia looked up to the direction of the stairs.

She saw Zhou Yan holding a bottle of water in his hand, looking at them indifferently.

To be precise, he was looking at Zhong Jia.

“Why haven't you left yet?” Zhou Yan himself was a sting, and he was always upset when he saw who makes him upset, so he didn't bother to care about whether she was an elder, “Don't use me as an excuse to come here in the future, it's annoying, this is the last time.
Next time you use me as your banner, don't blame me for being rude.”

“My mother will call and say in advance when she comes over now, can you be a little polite?”

Zhong Jia: “…”

Jiang Jinjin was also dumbfounded.

Did Zhou Yan just say so?

It seemed that he had given her a lot of face before.

After saying these words, Zhou Yan went upstairs again.

Zhong Jia's vitality surged, and immediately walked towards the door, only Jiang Jinjin was left in place, sighing: As expected of the male protagonist! This stunned person hit the nail on the head!

After Jiang Jinjin reacted, Zhong Jia had already walked out of the villa.

Jiang Jinjin suddenly remembered: She hasn't hit back yet! Although Zhou Yan stunned Zhong Jia, she hadn't made a move yet!!

Zhou Yan words belongs to Zhou Yan, and her words belongs to her.

She was not so shameless that she would think that Zhou Yan was venting for her.

If she didn't fight back in this battle, would it be considered a win?


She ran after him and stopped Zhong Jia outside the villa.

“Zhou Yan's Aunt!”

Zhong Jia paused and looked downcast, but when she heard Jiang Jinjin's voice, she sneered like she was injected with chicken blood.

Jiang Jinjin did not give her a chance to speak, “I just heard you say that Zhou Yan's father was very good to Zhou Yan's mother.
I believe it must be true.
Otherwise, they have been divorced for so many years.
I don't want to break this level of relatives.
I don't care.
Although I'm young, I'm still very open-minded.
If you had come in one day to hear your brother-in-law and sister screaming at each other all day, shouldn't you have trouble with Zhou Yan's father?”

Zhong Jia was about to raise her voice.

But Jiang Jinjin said quickly, “You are also ignorant, Zhou Yan's mother now has a husband, if he hears you calling Zhou Yan's father, brother-in-law, wouldn't you make the family uneasy? But I think, Zhou Yan's mother is definitely a very good person.
Like me, she will not care about you.
But I still want to remind you.
Zhou Yan now has a stepmother.
This is not to make him look bad.
If you know the inside story, you'll say you feel bad for Zhou Yan.
If you don't know, you think we are feuding, right?”

Zhong Jia's face was dead pale.

What does this mean?

“So, for Zhou Yan's sake, don't call Zhou Yan's father, brother-in-law in the future.” Jiang Jinjin smiled honestly, “I am honest and generous.
I don't care about this very much, but I am afraid that Zhou Yan will be embarrassed.
I heard you say, you love Zhou Yan very much.
You are the aunt who loves him the most and won't fail to agree? No?”+

Zhong Jia resisted the urge to vomit blood, her face looked ugly as if she had been constipated for a long time, and she gritted her teeth and left.

Jiang Jinjin was very satisfied, and she wanted to laugh wildly with her hips akimbo.
With that triumphant appearance, her tail could not help but be lifted up into the sky.

She was so immersed in her own world that Jiang Jinjin didn't even notice that Zhou Mingfeng was standing on the second floor terrace.
Under the moonlight, he was slender, with a smile on his face.

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