Yan Zhengfei was really desperate.

Although they are still not adults, they understand everything that should be understood.
Otherwise, why should Yun Xin worry about Zhou Yan's stepmother being pregnant.
In the eyes of adults, these minors must not understand anything, and they must have a simple mind, but it is clear that it is an illusion caused by their overconfidence.

They know that their parents are the starting line of their lives.

Because of the financial resources created by their parents, they will be able to remain unrestrained when the third year of high school is approaching.

The college entrance examination is nothing to them, just like any previous quiz, because their parents have already arranged their lives.

Hearing Zhou Yan's almost angry words, Yan Zhengfei suffocated his “big idiot” and forgot that there was a quarrel over the term “outsiders” just now.
He persuaded him painstakingly, “After that, all your father's money will be given to your stepmother.
And your younger siblings who might be born? Are you willing?”

The wealthy people who said that they had a bloodshed for their fortune?

Before this battle started, his brother Yan patted his ass and surrendered.
What a thing!

Zhou Yan said stiffly: “It has nothing to do with me.”

He really made up his mind to not allow his dad to support him in school after he was eighteen.
He would earn it on his own regardless of whether it was tuition or living expenses.

This may be a pity.
Zhou Yan also understood very well in his heart, until this moment, he still hoped that his father would react to what he said and did.
However, after this idea grew, he felt like he had a goal in his life.

Yan Zhengfei: “…”

He felt suffocated and said, “Your stepmother is probably going to laugh so much that no one will survive.”

What a good luck to meet such a fool and automatically give up a huge amount of fortune.

Speaking of stepmother, Zhou Yan finally remembered what Yun Xin did.

He squeezed the bridge of his nose impatiently.
This time he spoke less yin and yang.
He just said wearily: “Don't do this in the future, she is not malicious to me, and I am not malicious to her, although we are not familiar, but no matter what.
, She is my dad's wife.
I don't want to take care of my dad's affairs.
There will not be another time, if she does this again, we will not be friends in the future.”

From beginning to end, Zhou Yan had no malice towards Jiang Jinjin.

He is indifferent to her, just like he would not like, but he would not hate the classmates who meet every day in the class.

He has attended his mother's wedding three times, and now he has attended his father's wedding only once.
It's a small scene.

Yan Zhengfei heard the seriousness in Zhou Yan's words, and said involuntarily: “Don't worry, she didn't dare.
She is weak against your stepmother.”

Zhou Yan said, there was nothing to chat with Yan Zhengfei, so he hung up.

After hanging up the phone, he thought of Yun Xin actually reminding Jiang Jinjin not to get pregnant, and he felt a headache again.

Now that he knows this matter, he can't pretend to be ignorant.

After all, Yun Xin was his friend, and she really offended her.
He shouldn't ignore it because of reason.

This is a difficult problem.

The situation of Yan Zhengfei on the other side was not much better.
First, he was still depressed, Yun Xin begged him on the front foot, and then went to Zhou Yan to confess the matter on the back foot.
Second, he was very anxious about lying down for the buddha's buddhism.

It really broke his heart.
It's not that the opponent's combat effectiveness is too strong, but that their side is scum, and they surrendered and left before the war.

No wonder Zhou Yan's stepmother is now radiant, beaming, and unhappy.
Whoever would run into such a silly stepson be unhappy.

Thinking of Zhou Yan's stepmother sitting on the Zhou family's property in the future, he didn't even bother to support her newly opened store.

Twenty to thirty thousand is not much, but it is also money.
How many skins and game equipment does he have enough to buy?

He is also stupid to support this behavior, as if a beggar has to donate the money he has finally collected to the richest man.

It's so laughable.

Thinking of this, Yan Zhengfei immediately sent a message to Wang Bo: [Those fifty people don't have to ask, and the other 666 transfers are half of me.]

The day after tomorrow, he will go to join him alone and buy something for seven to eight thousand!

That's not a breach of promise!

Wang Bo: [? ? ]

For minors, it is a very big thing that can cause insomnia.
For Jiang Jinjin, it is just a few chandelier lights on the ceiling, and she doesn't bother to think about it again.

Jiang Jinjin had been lying in bed and playing with her mobile phone early, and Zhou Mingfeng still had something to do with the business, so he went back to the study to work overtime.
At about ten o'clock, his cell phone rang and it was a call from Assistant Liu.

Assistant Liu is a very competent employee.

Before going to bed, he suddenly remembered his work, and immediately got up, washed his face with cold water and returned to work in a second.

Zhou, there will be a meeting in Xinxin Science and Technology Park tomorrow.
Will you go for it?” Assistant Liu said, “Mr.
Liu and Director Zhang are also going to attend.”

Zhou Mingfeng replied: “Go ahead.”

This kind of cooperation projects between enterprises and relevant departments, naturally, they have to be extra careful.

“Okay.” Assistant Liu replied, “I will tell you over there.”

In the past, Zhou Mingfeng's phone conversation with Assistant Liu never lasted more than one minute.
Assistant Liu also knows that Zhou Mingfeng is busy, so every time he makes a call, he will prepare in advance and try to make things clear without delay.
This time, before Assistant Liu was about to hang up, Zhou Mingfeng stopped him, “Something…”

Assistant Liu hurriedly said, “You said?”

Zhou Mingfeng's eyes dropped, as if playing with a pen, he asked casually: “What happened to the parent committee before?”

This is also Zhou Mingfeng's self-confidence.

Never care about things you don't care about.
Even if Jiang Jinjin went to the parent meeting uncharacteristically before and served as the president, although he was shocked, he never thought about what he would do about this matter.
Even if she did, even if she had ulterior motives, he was confident that she could not make a fuss.


However, this evening, he suddenly became interested in this matter.

Assistant Liu was a little surprised.
He didn't expect Mr.
Zhou always to be interested in this matter.

Is it possible that she is afraid that her wife will be wronged? Could it be that her wife temporarily changed her mind and doesn't want to be the president anymore?

He felt awe-inspiring and recalled it, and then replied concisely: “The Parent Committee has some opinions about the school and wants to send a representative to supervise the school, but the other parents don't have time, so the madam wants to give it a try.” He paused, and said, “The parents asked me to transfer half a million generations to the madam.
Although the wife was not very willing, she was kind enough to accept it.
The parents were very happy that the madam came forward.”

Assistant Liu wanted to remind Mr.
Zhou that all his wife's money has been collected, and the parents' gratitude has also been accepted.
Now if the stall is not working, the parents must be unhappy in their hearts.

Zhou Mingfeng thoughtfully, “What's the matter with the 500,000 yuan?”

She probably said this before.

Because he was not unfamiliar with the number of 500,000, but he didn't take it seriously at that time.

Assistant Liu replied: “It's a thank you fee.
Parents also want to prepare gifts, but they don't know the wife's preferences.”

“So that's the case.” Zhou Mingfeng faintly understood, and then remembered her bright eyes when she mentioned making money, and laughed in a low voice.

He misunderstood.

Uncharacteristically opening a store is to make money.

She went to the parent conference to be a parent of the committee, and for the 500,000 yuan.

That day he thought she was going out to find A'Yan, but it was actually distressed that the store might get soaked in water.

“Has the half a million been transferred to her?” Zhou Mingfeng asked.

Assistant Liu: “Transferred.”

Zhou Mingfeng said.

He was a little curious about how much money she could make, and he was also curious about what she would do after making a lot of money.


Jiang Jinjin didn't expect that it would be so difficult to recruit a clerk these years.

The information on the recruitment website has been sent out for several days, but nobody cares about it.
She didn't plan to invite anyone, but who would have thought that Zhou Mingfeng suddenly gave her nearly four million, and she became the chairman of the school committee, so it would be difficult for her to put all her thoughts in the store wholeheartedly in the future.
She thought about it, this convenience store is positioned for twenty-four hours, so she would be too busy alone.

At least one clerk had to be hired, but who would have thought that when the store was about to open, and she hadn't seen the shadow of a clerk.
She was very worried when she thought of this.

Is it because the salary is too low?

But she still wanted to struggle.
After all, she hasn't seen the profit now, and the salary is set high, which is not in line with the rules of businessmen.

Just when Jiang Jinjin wanted to go scouting for clerks, she finally received a call claiming to be an applicant.

“Hello, is this Youwei Convenience Store?”

Jiang Jinjin was sitting at the counter and flipping through the bills carelessly.
Suddenly, it was like the sound of a clear spring on a hot summer day.
It washed her ears and relieved her irritability.
She suddenly raised her head—how could welfare be so good!

How long has it been since? Although Zhou Yan rarely talks to her, his voice is very nice.

Not to mention Zhou Mingfeng's, such as the sound of jade and stone is not an exaggerated description.

Now there is another voice that surprises with voice control!


The refreshing and slightly low male voice asked again.

Jiang Jinjin then came back to his senses, “Oh, yes, this is a Weiwei convenience store.”

“Hello, I saw your information on the recruitment website, but didn't see the email address, only the phone number, so I took the liberty to call.
Have you hired any employees?”

“Do you want to apply?” Jiang Jinjin is not so stupid to tell the truth, her ears are moved by his voice, but her heart is not.
If the other party hears that she hasn't hired someone wouldn't he want to talk to her about the salary? Naturally, it is necessary to create an atmosphere where “there are many people competing for this position”.

She said again: “How many people are coming for the interview.
I'm not sure yet.
Do you want to come?”

“Yeah.” I replied over there, “However, I have just turned eighteen years old and have not had a degree and a certificate.
I saw that your recruitment information said that it was two shifts.
For the next two months I can work together in the day shift and the evening shift but after this I can only work the evening shift.”

He paused and asked in a low voice: “Can I apply for a job?”

Jiang Jinjin's first reaction was: This is still a student.

Work-study students.

If someone else comes to apply for the job, she won't hire such an employee who can only work on the night shift after September, but now the key is that she has no choice.

It's impossible for her to be alone 24 hours a day when a convenience store opens, right?

The worst plan now is to let this person stay for two months…Anyway, the employee will definitely get the place.

Jiang Jinjin only hesitated for a while before he said, “It's okay, but I don't guarantee that the boss will hire you.”

As if she was afraid that the other party would not even bother to apply for the job, she added calmly, “Well, if you want to come, come today.
Our boss will reimburse you for the round-trip fare regardless of whether you have applied for the job or not.”

I can come anytime.”

Jiang Jinjin responded and picked up a pen to write on the paper, “By the way, what is your name, please?”

“My surname is Xu.” The other side said, “Xu Congjian.”

Jiang Jinjin wrote this name.

She didn't know why, she felt that the name was a bit familiar, but no matter how she thinks about it, she never remembered where she had heard it.

Forget it, she doesn't want to.

Although Jiang Jinjin is voice-attracted, every boyfriend that she dated before entering the book, the necessary condition is not the voice, but the appearance.

People with good-sounding voices may not be good-looking, and good-looking people may not be good-sounding.

There are people with two at the same time, and Jiang Jinjin has currently only seen Zhou Mingfeng.

Zhou Yan's voice is also good, but not particularly good, so he can be excluded.

An hour later, as the convenience store prompt sounded “Welcome”, she looked up and saw a boy wearing a light gray T-shirt coming in.
He was tall but thin, with fresh broken hair and a cold temperament.
The exhilarating voice she heard on the phone before said, “Hello, I am Xu Congjian, here to apply.”

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