osed to break up, she was still a little sad.
How to transfer emotions, can only do sitting.
Later, when she fell in love and broke up in her sophomore year, she already had some savings.
She made appointments with friends to go shopping, travel around and relax…
and she walked out within a few days.

Money is not everything, but money can solve at least 70% of the unhappiness in life.

No matter how good the man is, she will get bored after having it for a while.

Only money, she wants to be locked up with it all her life.

Zhou Mingfeng seems to be surprised by Jiang Jinjin's frankness, but even more surprised is that she actually did this for…

Then, he immediately understood.


He said so.

Jiang Jinjin: “…”

Ginger is old and hot, and men are old.
She said that she wanted to make money.
As a husband, shouldn't he ask “Is it short of money”, or simply skip this link and give her a black card to let her swipe, buy, buy and buy as she pleases?

Very well, she suddenly understood that at the dinner table today, Zhou Yan got only one word “good” after uttering a lot of words, it was like an expression of constipation for a long time.

Because she is in the same mood now.

However, this is also very good, at least she knows more clearly-this old man is as shrewd as a ghost, it is impossible to make money in his hands, it is impossible in this life.

Jiang Jinjin was not disappointed either.
On the contrary, he asked sincerely: “Would you like to teach me some experience, boss Zhou?”

Who is Zhou Mingfeng.

It is a rich generation who started a business while studying at the age of 18.

He is not like Zhou Yan.
He has the aura of his parents.
Now his wealth is earned by himself.
Like a big boss of this level, she really doesn't want to be his wife, but rather wants to be his apprentice…

Zhou Mingfeng glanced at her, “You don't look like you are inexperienced.”

Jiang Jinjin: “?”

After Yan Zhengfei returned to his room, he remembered Jiang Jinjin's story about the opening of the store, and he naturally did not forget that he boasted that he would find at least fifty people to join him at the opening.

He knew a lot of people, and he quickly found a person named Wang Bo in the WeChat address book and sent a message: [Bo Ge, help me find fifty people to join a newly opened store the day after tomorrow.
Reimbursement, the salary is 300 per person.
In addition, I also spend 200 per person on shopping expenses to buy things for them.
They carry the things themselves, but they must buy more than 200.

This support will cost at least 20,000 to 30,000.

If it is another high school student, he will definitely not be able to get it.
Yan's father is a senior leader of a listed company.
Yan's mother also has shares in a film and television company.
The couple can be regarded as elites in their respective fields.
Before the housing market restriction policy came out, they bought several houses in good locations.
More than that, Yan Zhengfei's brother Yan Zhengkai is now in the entrepreneurial stage, and the future prospects of the game company he started in partnership with his friends are also good.

In such a family, Yan Zhengfei's pocket money will naturally not be less, not to mention the annual birthday and the red envelopes received during the Chinese New Year.


Yan Zhengfei, who seems to be a fool, also has a six-figure small vault in his hands.

Therefore, the two to thirty thousand yuan is really not much for Yan Zhengfei.
He thought about it.
This matter was done to Jiang Jinjin's satisfaction.
Then Yun Xin can naturally get a good night's sleep, and the money is worth the money.

Wang Bo: [? I don't understand the rich world.

Yan Zhengfei: [Can it work?]

He changed hands and sent a 666 transfer.

Wang Bo: [Okay, boss.]

As soon as Yan Zhengfei made an appointment with Wang Bo about the time and location, Zhou Yan's call came in.

Yan Zhengfei picked it up without thinking, “Brother Yan?”

Zhou Yan was also in his own room, but the game was not that attractive to him.
He was so boring, so he remembered Yan Zhengfei's abnormal behavior that almost pleased his stepmother today.

Yan Zhengfei said that he wanted to apologize because he was not polite to her when she drank too much.

However, in Zhou Yan's impression, Yan Zhengfei was not that kind of person at all.
He stepped back ten thousand steps and said that he was really rude to her.
He should come to apologize the next day, so why delay for a week? Therefore, the person who is rude to her is not Yan Zhengfei.

So, who would make Yan Zhengfei willing to wipe this butt?

The answer is ready, but he still needs to confirm.

Zhou Yan deliberately defrauded him, and said in a lazy tone: “Just now Yunxin called me and I know everything.”

Yan Zhengfei was stunned, “Did she call you?”

“Yeah.” Zhou Yan replied, “She kept apologizing.”

Yan Zhengfei didn't expect that after Yun Xin had asked him, she couldn't help taking the initiative to confess to Zhou Yan and be lenient.

How can he not believe that she will do this well?

Even in a delicate mood and a little downturn, Yan Zhengfei pretended to say lightly: “In fact, Yunxin is also worried about you for your own good.
She is afraid that after your stepmother is pregnant, the relationship between you and your dad will be worse.
However, If it weren't for a drink of wine that day, Yun Xin wouldn't dare to tell your stepmother like that, she's been uncomfortable for more than a week, and she didn't sleep well, so don't be angry with her, we've known each other for so many years, right…

Zhou Yan's eyes paused slightly, and a similar incomprehensible emotion flitted across his face.

Yan Zhengfei had already said so clearly, he could probably guess what Yun Xin said to his stepmother.

“Whether she is pregnant or not, why do you outsiders care more than me?” Zhou Yan was in a bad mood at first, but now he knew that his friend would take care of his family affairs under the banner of being good for him.
He couldn't control his own words.

Yan Zhengfei admitted that he was stimulated by this “outsider”, although he knew in his heart that he was an outsider to the Zhou family, but Zhou Yan said it, that was another matter.

“But only us outsiders care about you!” Yan Zhengfei said, “If she is not your stepmother, and she has a relationship with us if she is pregnant or not, we are also worried that your dad will have a baby and forget you, the big one, Yun Xin didn't think about everything, but she really cared about you wholeheartedly!”

Zhou Yan sneered again and again: “Why, what do you think of my future depends on my dad's attitude? In the future, I will rely on his charity and have to compete with a child?”

Is he just such a waste?

“We didn't mean that!” Yan Zhengfei was also anxious.

“My dad is my dad, I am me, I won't want anything from him in the future!”

Yan Zhengfei: “???”

What did he hear?

He must have a problem with his ears, or how could he hear such a lunatic speech? ?

“No,” Yan Zhengfei was not in the mood to quarrel with him at the moment, he asked, “Do you know how much money you have in your family? Do you know that Uncle Zhou may be the richest man in a few years?”

Zhou Yan replied indifferently: “I don't know, I don't care.”

If it's not a good relationship, if it's not for being afraid of Zhou Yan's fist, Yan Zhengfei really wants to reply: idiot!

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