On the way back, Jiang Jinjin deliberately slowed down the driving speed.

However, no matter how slow it is, she will still return to Shui Mi Bar.

What she never expected was that when she parked the car and came over, she collided with the Zhou Yan at the entrance of the bar.

He stood under the eaves of the bar, his eyes blank, and his expression seemed to have awakened from his drunken state.
His hair was wet and stuck to his forehead, looking pitiful and aggrieved.
She didn't know if the drizzle wet his hair, or…

Jiang Jinjin carefully measured his face.

She looked around carefully, but no traces of suspected beatings were found.

He leaned against the wall, with one hand in his trouser pocket, lazily, and when he saw her coming, he only took a look, then looked away, staring at the puddle on the ground, focused and serious.

Jiang Jinjin wanted to blurt out “Are you feeling better?” She stopped abruptly.

She has no sense of presence with him, and passers-by who don't know will think they are strangers if they see this scene.

He did not speak, and she ignored him.
She went straight into the bar to look for Zhou Mingfeng's figure.

Although in Yun Xin's mouth, it seemed that Zhou Mingfeng was a ruthless and irresponsible scum dad, but after just a day of getting along, Jiang Jinjin still believed in her own judgment more.
She felt that Zhou Mingfeng should not be that kind of person.

I don't know what method Zhou Mingfeng used.
On the one hand, he paid for Zhou Yan's calculations, and the school was also peaceful.
It can be seen that this matter will not have any impact.
On the other hand, he ordered Zhou Yan also knew the truth of the matter.
Zhou Yan was hit hard and fell ill with a fever.
Isn't he, as a father, still not aware of his son's temperament? In fact, with Zhou Mingfeng's financial resources today, even if Zhou Yan is a lifelong justice stupid, he can still help him, but Zhou Mingfeng does not.

What would happen to other parents Jiang Jinjin didn't know, but as far as she came into contact, there must be no parents like Zhou Mingfeng.

If Zhou Mingfeng is really indifferent to Zhou Yan, why does he have to work so hard?

It's just like adults who have passed the stage of children and can no longer resonate with children's emotions, so children can't understand the feelings of being a parent.
As far as Jiang Jinjin has seen, Zhou Mingfeng is really a competent father, who really cares about his child's life.

Because of this, Jiang Jinjin believed that Zhou Mingfeng must still be here.

Sure enough, when she stepped into the bar, she saw Zhou Mingfeng sitting on the side of the deck talking on the phone.

She slowed down and walked over, and vaguely heard him talk about the words “real estate in the north of the city” on the phone, probably talking about work.

Seeing her coming, he quickly hung up the phone, stood up, and asked in a leisurely and gentle manner: “Sent them back?”

“Well, Yan Zhengfei said that his brother will come to pick him up, so I sent Yun Xin home.” Jiang Jinjin replied.

“It's getting late, let's go back.” Zhou Mingfeng said apologetically, “Thanks for your hard work today.”

“It's not hard, it's not hard.” Jiang Jinjin followed him, walking towards the door of the bar, while pretending to ask casually, “Would Zhou Yan be okay?”

Zhou Mingfeng smiled, “I talked to him.
Don't worry.”

Jiang Jinjin: …She is not worried.

Walking out of the bar, Zhou Mingfeng glanced at his esoteric son who stood outside and didn't know what philosophy he was thinking about.
He said in a light tone, “Let's go back.”

Zhou Yan stood up straight, and obediently followed them to the parking direction.

Jiang Jinjin thought she was going to drive, but Zhou Mingfeng took the key in her hand, opened the car door and sat in the driver's seat first.

And Zhou Yan got into the car and sat firmly in the back seat.

So, is she in the passenger seat or in the back seat with Zhou Yan?

She's not a real mother, so she doesn't need to ask for warmth.

She only hesitated for two seconds, then pulled the car door and got in the co-pilot.

When Zhou Mingfeng was wearing his seat belt, he caught a glimpse of the plastic bag in the center console.

Jiang Jinjin: “…”

Years of surfing and eating melons on the Internet tells her that concern should not be too much.

He thought she was going out to find Zhou Yan before, and she couldn't explain it yet, so it shouldn't be misunderstood anymore.

She didn't want this credit at all, and she spoke quickly and quickly explained: “Yun Xin was very careful.
I passed the pharmacy on the way back to take her back.
She went to buy the medicine and said it was for Zhou Yan.”

Zhou Yan drooped his eyelids and said nothing, looking away from the car window without excitement.

Zhou Mingfeng smiled and said, “She's really careful.”

This was to Jiang Jinjin.

Immediately afterwards, his tone seemed a little more serious, “A'Yan, take some medicine.”

Jiang Jinjin happened to be on his side, and he could easily catch a glimpse of the impatient look on Zhou Yan's face.

For a while, she couldn't help holding her breath, thinking that she would witness the quarrel between father and son.

After all, she is a person who has read the original novel, and the male protagonist Zhou Yan's temper is really not good.

In the next second, Zhou Yan reached out indifferently and took the bottle of medicine, unscrewing the bottle cap sullily, and swallowed a few pills without reading the instructions.

Jiang Jinjin: Oh?

Therefore, even though Zhou Yan has great opinions on Zhou Mingfeng's father, Zhou Mingfeng's authority here is still unmatched?

On the way home, Jiang Jinjin was no longer as active as she was when she came.
She did not speak, and Zhou Mingfeng would naturally not talk to her awkwardly.
There were three big living people in the car, but the atmosphere was so silent like a cemetery in the middle of the night.

Jiang Jinjin noticed that the road is becoming more and more familiar, and something has always been hanging on her heart.

When she was a few hundred meters away from the store, she took the initiative to break the silence, “Mingfeng, can you stop in front?”

Without waiting for him to answer, she explained: “I saw that the rain would be heavier in the second half of the night.
It occurred to me that the electric gate in my shop was not closed.
Just passing by, you should stop and I'll close the doors and windows.


Zhou Mingfeng drove very steadily and stopped at the entrance of the store.

Jiang Jinjin opened the car door.
At this moment, although the rain was small, the wind was still strong.
She opened the umbrella with some effort and walked toward the shop.


Zhou Mingfeng, who hadn't planned to get out of the car, stared at her back.
He didn't know what he was thinking of, so he simply unfastened his seat belt and got out of the car and steadily caught up.

Jiang Jinjin was surprised, but still generously gave him half of the umbrella.
The two went to the door of the store.
Jiang Jinjin took the key to open the door.
After entering, she turned on the light.
She saw that rain had entered in and wet the place on the ground and a corner of the carton, she felt very distressed, “No way, is the material soaked in water? It should be okay?”

She opened the carton swiftly and hurriedly moved the wooden board inside and placed it on a high place.

Seeing the wet marks on the sides of two of the wooden boards, he looked unlovable and said in a prayer, “I hope it's all right, or else I wasted two more boards.”

This is all money.

Thinking about it now, maybe she really pretended to be struck by lightning.
If she didn't let the beautiful misunderstanding develop, she would immediately come to the store to close the doors and windows when she came out.

But at that time…
Zhou Mingfeng misunderstood her like that, and the car came out.
What would she have said? Should she have said “Excuse me, sir, I am not going out to find your son, I am here to close the door”?

Zhou Mingfeng looked at this store, and remembered that when he said he was going to drive just before leaving the house, she had a confused expression on her face.
What else did she not understand?

He paused slightly, and after reacting, he squeezed the bridge of his nose helplessly.

After Jiang Jinjin closed the window and closed the electric gate, she realized that he hadn't said anything, so she asked, “What's the matter?”

Zhou Mingfeng's gentle tone as always, “Let's go back soon.”

“Okay.” Jiang Jinjin couldn't control her expression and yawned, “I'm really tired.”

This night, it was really tossing.

Blame, blame, this sudden heavy rain.

After returning home, Zhou Yan went straight into his room.
Jiang Jinjin felt that she had been outside for so long and her body still smelled of a bar, so she plunged into the bathroom and prepared to take another shower.
When she went to the bathroom, Zhou Mingfeng began to look at the master bedroom with great interest.

When he bought this villa, his marriage with Zhong Fei was dead in name.
Neither he nor she lived in the master bedroom.

Later, after Zhong Fei moved out from here, for work convenience, he also moved into the second bedroom next to the study.

The master bedroom remained empty until Jiang Jinjin's arrival.

The traces of her can be seen everywhere in this master bedroom.

Zhou Mingfeng has a keen intuition.

The current Jiang Jinjin made him feel that she is different from the previous one.

It's like two people.

Two people…

Zhou Mingfeng thought about the origin of his marriage with Jiang Jinjin.

Jiang Jinjin took a hot bath comfortably.
If it's not too late, she would like to take another bath.
There is a natural hot spring near the forest villa.
This is also the selling point launched by the developer at the beginning, and it can be directly connected if possible.
Hot spring, enjoy hot spring water 24 hours a day.
I don't know if it was her illusion.
After entering the book, she felt that her skin was much more delicate, even without makeup.

When she came out of the bathroom, a scent of rose lingered in her body.

Seeing Zhou Mingfeng sitting on the sofa and still reading, she felt a sense of admiration.

If she puts most of her mind on work like him, why worry that she won't be in the ranks of thousands of rich women in the future?

Zhou Mingfeng didn't hear her.
He first smelled her and raised his head.
In the middle of the night, his original voice was a bit hoarse, “Did the butler give you the card?”

Jiang Jinjin was puzzled, “What card?”

“I told you on the day of the wedding that the butler will collect the gift money from the guest and store it in the card, and the butler will give the card to you.” Zhou Mingfeng looked at her with a calm tone as if he were discussing the weather.

Jiang Jinjin was stunned.

Gift money? Card?

By the way, she almost forgot, when you get married, all guests will give you money!

But she hadn't heard from the housekeeper before.

Zhou Mingfeng said again: “Forgot?”

He chuckled, “You have always had a bad memory, and the butler may have forgotten too.”

Jiang Jinjin was hit by this big pie falling from the sky.


Something like gift money must be taken by the new wife.

She raised her head, her eyes sparkling, “I remembered it as soon as you reminded me.”

Zhou Mingfeng paused, with a faint smile in his eyes, “Tomorrow I will remind the housekeeper.”

Jiang Jinjin rubbed her hands.
Zhou Mingfeng's friends must be both rich and expensive.
They must have given a lot of money, so she just said it! As a wealthy wife, the original owner cannot be so shabby that there is only two hundred thousand deposits.

Regarding money, she will not take the initiative to reach out and control what people want, but if others want to give it, she has no reason to push the money out.

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