Zhou Yan didn't come to the bar alone, Yan Zhengfei and Yun Xin were there with him.

The relationship between the three people has always been very good.
It wasn’t Zhou Yan and Yan Zhengfei first time at the bar, but it is the first time for Yun Xin.
She can't hide the worry on her face as she watched Zhou Yan drinking glass after glass.

Yan Zhengfei caught a glimpse of her expression and leaned in and smiled: “Don't worry, the degree is not high, just like ordinary fruit wine.
It’s not intoxicating, do you drink orange juice or lemonade?”

Yun Xin wanted to dismiss Yan Zhengfei.

Only she knows that Zhou Yan's sad internal information is because she asked Zhou Yan's stepmother to speak to his Dad.
Now that Zhou Yan is in a bad mood, she should enlighten him.
It would be better if she could cheer him up again.

“I don't want to.” Yun Xin said, “When I go to the KTV, and my mother won't let me drink anything there.
When I came just now, it seemed that there was a convenience store nearby.”

Yan Zhengfei was speechless: “With me and Brother Yan, can you still be unsafe?”

Yun Xin: “But I prefer to drink sparkling water bought at a convenience store.”

Yan Zhengfei sighed, “Really an ancestor.” After speaking, he picked up his wallet and walked out, “Wait.”

After Yan Zheng flew away, only Yun Xin and Zhou Yan remained in the small private room.

Originally, Yun Xin wanted to confess, but when she talked to her lips, she worried that Zhou Yan would find her annoying and think she was nosy.

Very tangled for a while.

Zhou Yan was immersed in her own world, no matter how much she wanted to talk now.

Yun Xin didn't want to waste time, moved to his side, gathered up the courage to speak: “Zhou Yan, how is your stepmother treating you?”

This question brought Zhou Yan back to reality.

“…” But he didn't know how to answer.

Okay? It's not good, but it's not bad.
In Zhou Yan's view, the stepmother is like any student in the class who doesn't impress him deeply.

Although I see it every day, there is no deep impression.

Yun Xin misunderstood Zhou Yan’s silence.
She did not forget the purpose of today.
She was not here to add fuel to the fire, but to encourage him to cheer him up.
“Actually, I don’t think she looks bad, but when I think about it, she’s fine.
If it’s still not good, then it’s still not significant.
We will go abroad in just one year, and we would only see a few times in the year.
Then, after graduation, we may stay abroad and settle directly or return to China.
At that time, you won't live with your father anymore.”

In Yun Xin's heart, she and Zhou Yan were almost lovers, but no one spoke to pierce the window paper on their own initiative.

She is a girl, she naturally hopes that the other party can be more proactive and brave.

She paused and swallowed back what she wanted to blurt out, “We will get married and form a new warm family”, “We should be in our twenties by then, and when it's time to get married, you will have something that belongs to you.
Small family, wife and children…”

Originally, Yun Xin wanted to persuade him not to care too much about his father who was snatched by his stepmother.

Everyone has their own life, and it is impossible for mom and dad to stay with them until they grow old.

You will have a family that truly belongs to you, a wife who will never leave, and lovely children.

And this kind of life is not far away, so there is no need to be sad and unhappy about this kind of thing.

Zhou Yan listened to her, but it was not what she had hoped.
Looking at the original family, he emptied his brain.
It was probably Yun Xin who mentioned the child.
This made the sixteen-year-old substituting himself for the first time in his life, in an unfamiliar identity – father.

If I became someone's father, what would I be like?

Will I be sure to do better than him?

Thinking of these two questions, Zhou Yan was at a loss, because he suddenly found out that he didn't know.

What can he give to his children in the future?

A worry-free life, but this kind of life, isn't it what his father gave it to him, and then will he give it to his children? Is he sure to live like his father and give his children such a life?

What he had sneered at before, at this moment, he suddenly understood.

Jiang Jinjin didn't like the cold atmosphere.

Sitting in the passenger seat, after a few minutes of silence, she began to want to chat uncomfortably.

Today, she didn’t feel that Zhou Mingfeng was testing her, maybe he didn’t doubt her either, but that was because the time taken to get along was too short.
Obviously, the policy of not moving is not suitable for her, she decided , Before he tried her, she took the lead.

Some friends have commented on Jiang Jinjin before.

Very good at frantically testing on the edge of danger, but also good at pulling away in time before she falls over and then ends up unscathed.

This is also a skill that Jiang Jinjin uses to perfection.

She has an adventurous spirit in her bones and doesn't like a rigid life, so when she is not short of money, she decisively learns a skill in her freshman year and develops it into a career.
No matter where she is, her character cannot be changed.

“Why did it rain suddenly?” Jiang Jinjin pretended to say inadvertently, “and it's still such a heavy rain.
Only the date is correct for the weather forecast, and nothing else is correct.”

Before today, Zhou Mingfeng seldom heard her speak.

Today, he discovered that in front of him, she was the one who spoke the most in his ear.

“It's normal to have a sudden rainstorm in summer.” Zhou Mingfeng said calmly.

“Fortunately, you came back early.” Jiang Jin smiled, “If it was a little later, the flight will definitely be delayed.”

She turned her head and glanced at him again, a little curious.
If a busy person like him encounters a plane that is delayed, and it is several hours late, will he be angry?

The brain made up for his crazy appearance, and the corner of her mouth was squeezed, revealing a shallow pear vortex.

Zhou Mingfeng also discovered that Jiang Jinjin is now too familiar.

Probably he had endured the favor of her family, so he didn't feel disgusted by her sudden enthusiasm.

“What are you laughing about?”

There is nothing more to do Tai Chi than this.

Even though she is now showing extraordinary concern for A Yan, he can still feel that there is nothing malicious in her eyes and her actions.


Jiang Jinjin also knew that everything had to be enough.

He asked her what she was laughing at, but she didn't dare to say the witty love words that she came across when facing her boyfriend, and honestly said: “I'm wondering if you have ever encountered a delayed plane.”

Zhou Mingfeng: “Of course.
As long as you take a few more flights, you will always encounter this kind of thing.”

Zhou Mingfeng didn't expect that he would actually talk about this with Jiang Jinjin.

From the delay of the plane to the crash of a certain plane, and then to some mysterious phenomena, before he parked the car, they were talking about the slightly boring topic of “If the option is available, whether the high-speed rail is good or the plane is good”.

Jiang Jinjin was very grateful that Zhou Mingfeng had misunderstood her meaning and thought she was coming to Zhou Yan.

She seized the opportunity to get acquainted with him quickly, even on the surface.

The heavy rain in summer came and went fast.
When Zhou Mingfeng parked the car, the rain outside stopped.
When Jiang Jinjin got out of the car, she opened the door too quickly.
Thinking that she had scratched the car next door, so she hurried to get check.

Zhou Mingfeng got off the car and saw her standing next to the car body.
He also walked over, came to her, and asked, “Scratched?”

Jiang Jinjin looked eager to cry without tears: “I don't know.
I heard a sound, but I'm not sure.
Now the light is dim and I can't see clearly.”

Don't worry.” Zhou Mingfeng said in a low voice, “I’ll get a paper and pen from the car.
You can check if it is scratched.
If it is scratched, I will leave Assistant Liu's number and let the owner contact me.”

“Okay.” Jiang Jinjin nodded.

Zhou Mingfeng went aside and got into the car.

Just as Jiang Jinjin reached out and touched the car, there was a male voice not far away——

“Jiang Jinjin?”

“Really, I almost didn't recognize ypu!”

Jiang Jinjin stood up straight and looked at the voice.

It is a few young men and women.

One of the men in a floral shirt walked in the main position.

Jiang Jinjin did not have the memory of the original owner, and naturally could not recognize these few, but soon they took the initiative to clarify for her, “Jiang Jinjin, the previous company’s project has made money, and the boss is generous.
He brought each department have dinner.
The budget is not that much.
Qi Kai paid for it out of his pocket and brought us to Shui Mi.
If you didn't quit your job, you could have joined us.
By the way, why are you here?”

The tone is very proud, as many people always say in reality on the Internet-“My third aunt's neighbor’s aunt’s college classmate’s husband is a high-level member of a listed group.” “My cousin’s distant cousin makes millions every year.” .

It seems that Shui Mi is a relatively high-end bar.

No wonder it has a membership system, and the staff stopped Teacher Sun from entering.

Jiang Jinjin is not familiar with them.
Thinking about it again, it's just a former colleague and there won't be any intersections in the future, so she nodded coldly, “passing by.”

“Your boyfriend's car?” A obviously blessed male colleague glanced over the car next to her with a subtle smile, “This doesn't seem to be a Yan license plate.
Recently, there are strict controls.
Be careful not to be targeted.”

Following the reminder from the male colleague, several people looked at the car beside Jiang Jinjin.

The license plate of the neighboring city, the car looks very old, less to say, for seven or eight years, a few male colleagues like to study the car, at a glance, it can be seen that this car was placed a few years ago, and the landing price did not exceed 100,000.

Suddenly everyone's eyes changed.

When Jiang Jinjin resigned at the beginning, people in the company said that she became a rich second generation, but now it seems that she is completely bragging.

Which rich second generation drives this kind of car?

Jiang Jinjin looked unlovable.

She just said, how can a novel have the best quality, whether it is a male or a female lead, the best quality around is very few.

Dare to love the best are all gathered around her background board.

No wonder this is the world of fiction, the real world, how many people would not wink to such a degree? Her colleagues are getting along well with each other, and an individual  on his or own will be the bad person.

“Jinjin, you don't know, Qi Kai's house has been demolished.”

Jiang Jinjin never knew that a man could break his mouth to such an extent.

“I heard that it made up to one or two million.
Qi Kai got the number this time and bought a BMW for four to five million yuan.” The male colleague flattered the man in the flowered shirt,” Qi Kai, I said at the time that you and Jinjin are not suitable.
Look, just after Jinjin resigned, your house will be demolished, so who didn't count it for you, your life is fire, and Jinjin’s name contains too much water! Are you sure?”

The male colleague has recently had a tight hand.
He wanted to borrow some money from Qi Kai, so he naturally wanted to flatter him He knew that Qi Kai had chased Jiang Jinjin before and was rejected, and his anger was still unresolved.
Only then did he aim at Jiang Jinjin.

In this situation, Jiang Jinjin only thought of an emoticon package to sum up her mood: the enoki mushrooms are coming together again.

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