Saying that I don't want to be, oh the first step of the vicious stepmother.

“I listen to you.” Jiang Jinjin had to reluctantly say these words.

She doesn't know Zhou Mingfeng very well, so now he has only a half chance of agreeing.

Thinking that there is a 50% chance that she would pass 450,000 yuan, Jiang Jinjin was about to go crazy!

Doesnt he rarely attending parent-teacher conferences? Why did he come today?

Without the 450,000 yuan, how difficult it would be for her to get rich.
She had already figured out in advance how to spend the 450,000 yuan after getting it, how to make money, and pave the way for her to become a rich woman.

Zhou Mingfeng looked at her thoughtfully.

In the eyes of others, this is a bad sign.

The two parents who were sitting the furthest away from Zhou Mingfeng had already started to secretly discuss with their heads down.

[My child has been in the same class with Zhou Yan for almost two years.
In the past two years, how many meetings has Mr.
Zhou attended?]

[If I remember correctly, this is the third time.]

[So he came this time, he should be supporting his wife, is he afraid that we will embarrass her, or what?]

[He hasn't had a holiday with her either.
Maybe he is afraid that his son will embarrass her, so he rushed over here deliberately.]

[Zhou Mingfeng really likes his wife, this matter is probably going to be horrible.

“Just do it if you want.” Zhou Mingfeng finally spoke.


Although his voice is nice, it’s steady when he speaks, and there seems to be no moment of ups and downs.

Obviously he spoke plainly, but in the eyes of others, it sounded like it had a little bit of petting.

A few parents looked at each other.
On the one hand, they are happy to achieve their goals, but on the other hand, they also think that they have witnessed the fact that “Zhou Mingfeng really likes this little wife”.

Jiang Jinjin breathed a sigh of relief.

Although the probability of agreeing and not agreeing each accounted for 50%, hearing him say this, actually gave birth to a touch of emotion.

Overjoyed, she subconsciously looked at Zhou Mingfeng, her eyes quietly filled with joy.

The shoulders were slightly loose, and the corners of her lips were slightly raised.
Zhou Mingfeng saw all these small movements that she thought she was covering up well.

At the same time, Zhou Mingfeng cast his eyes down, concealing his probing look without a trace.

Zhou, I will ask after my child from you in the future.” A parent said, “Yes, are you still in the group? How can this work? It is too unsatisfactory to have no president in a group.”

Jiang Jinjin hurriedly took out his mobile phone from his bag, his eyes brightened, and he smiled and said, “Okay, I'll go now and try to do this job well.”

Yes, work.

For her, this is a job of taking money in one hand and doing work in the other.

Zhou Mingfeng watched Jiang Jinjin's WeChat group in full swing, and the smile on his face was even greater than before.
This made him wonder: What kind of medicine is she selling in the gourd.

When Jiang Jinjin was actively doing business with the parents, she did not miss Zhou Mingfeng's eyes that would occasionally float towards her.

This made her feel like a big enemy and some goose bumps appeared on her arm.

She is too useless.
She has been thinking about making money these days, but she has forgotten to find out why the original owner married Zhou Mingfeng.

Is she a pure and shy lily, or a passionate rose…

Or is she Daji who feeds him grapes from time to time?

At this moment, her brain circuit is finally in line with other people: the question is, how did the original owner get him? ? ?

When the parent meeting was going on, Yan Zhengfei, who had always been well informed, also unexpectedly learned that Zhou Mingfeng had come to the parent meeting.

Without saying anything, he quickly picked up his mobile phone and reported the happy news to his good brother: [Brother Yan, the latest news, Uncle Zhou is here! 】

Fearing that he will thing it is not the truth, Yan Zhengfei also posted a photo.

The photo was still as blurry as a paparazzi secretly photographing a celebrity relationship, but Zhou Yan still recognized it from his back at a glance.
It was indeed his dad.

Zhou Yan got up and was about to go out in a hurry.
Just as he walked to the door, he caught a glimpse of the exam ranking list posted on the wall by the monitor, and he suddenly stopped.

Originally, wherever he walked, he was always the main existence.
Now he was standing at the door, motionless, and soon his classmates noticed.
The classroom, which was still a bit noisy, gradually became quiet until there was no sound.
No one knew what happened.

Yun Xin sat in her seat.
She naturally knew what Zhou Yan was thinking.
After all, she asked.
She paid special attention today.
When she first knew that only Zhou Yan’s stepmother was coming, she couldn’t talk about losing her heart, because She knew that Uncle Zhou was very busy, and the stepmother Zhou Yan couldn't let Uncle Zhou put things down.
This was normal, but she just received the news.
When she confirmed that Uncle Zhou had come, she suddenly felt a pain in her heart.

It's weird.
When she asked Zhou Yan's stepmother, she really hoped that Uncle Zhou could come.

But after Uncle Zhou was really persuaded by Zhou Yan's stepmother to come over, she couldn't help but feel injustice for Zhou Yan.


Is it true that in Uncle Zhou's mind, the wife he married later is so important?

Seeing Zhou Yan's stiff back, she felt almost sore in her nose.
Shouldn't she go to ask Zhou Yan's stepmother, right now Zhou Yan must also be uncomfortable for this matter?

Think about Uncle Zhou’s busy work, and think about Aunt Zhong’s care for herself, remarriage after remarriage, Yun Xin feels that in this world, perhaps she is the only one who really cares about Zhou Yan.

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