this servant with you, and this servant will definitely take good care of Madam and never dare to have other thoughts.”

    Zhou Shi raised her hand and gave Baishao a slap, ” Bitch, what did you call me? Madam? I've separated with that bastard Wei An, and I have nothing to do with the Wei family from now on.

   Baishao hurriedly changed her words, and even slapped herself twice in an attempt to make Zhou Shi happy.

    Zhou Shi was really happy, and pulled her up, “

For the sake of your intentions, I will reluctantly take you with me, but if you dare to have thoughts that you shouldn't have, you poor maid, I can't spare you! “


    Bai Shao was happy when she heard that, and quickly thanked Zhou Shi, and also made a promise to God.

    Jiang Lin watched in amazement from the outside, “Is it so attractive to be a concubine? Or am I treating my servant too harshly, she will rather be abused by Zhou Shi than stay in the Wei family.”

    Wei Yunzhao said: “It's not surprising, when you choose your path, you must bear the risk.”

    They didn't know whether it was because she was afraid of Wei Yunzhao’s repentance or she wanted to leave impatiently, Zhou Shi’s dowry was ordered very quickly, and the dowry had been ordered before the housekeeper sent Heli letter back.

    Seeing that she was idle, Jiang Lin asked, “Aren't you going to say goodbye to the two little girls?”

    Zhou Shi's face instantly darkened, “Two white-eyed wolves, useless things.
Anyway, they are Wei An's seed, You will definitely raise them, they have nothing to do with me.”

    “Really?” Jiang Lin hooked the corner of his mouth, “Then you can remember today's words.”

    Jiang Lin was obviously smiling, but Zhou Shi felt a wave of chilling, she stretched her neck and said loudly: “Remember, remember, those two losers, whoever said they are rare.”


Jiang Lin pointed at the door, “Take your things and get out, get out quickly!”

Zhou Shi snorted, “Who cares about this shabby place?” Then she ordered people to carry the things, and walked away proudly with her chin raised.

    “Go back! ” Zhou Shi didn't take two steps before Jiang Lin let out an angry shout.
He pointed at the servants beside her and said, “They are servants of the Wei family, and you have nothing to do with the Wei family now, so you have no right to order them around.


    The dowries that Zhou Shi brought from the Zhou family were all maids, and some of them were dismissed by her earlier, and now there was only Baishao, an old momo and the one who reported to the Zhou family were left.

    As soon as Jiang Lin opened his mouth, Zhou Shi was stunned.
The servants refused to move her things, how could  she carry so many things by herself?

    “Jiang Lin, don't go too far, Yunzhao is still here, and it's not up to you to make decisions about the Wei family.”


After Zhou Shi shout viciously to Jiang Lin, she immediately put on a smile and said something nice to Wei Yunzhao, “Yunzhao, after all, I’ve been your aunt for so many years, don’t you even want to help me with this last little favor?”

    Wei Yunzhao said, “It's not anymore.
Besides, he is in charge of the Wei family now, and all matters in the mansion are under his orders.”


Wei Yunzhao didn't give her face at all, and Zhou Shi looked at the two of them angrily.
With a glance, she began to order Baishao and the old momo to move things.

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