They asked Sun momo before and the child was there all the time and heard it.

    “I don't even know when my aunt made me sick, and I haven't seen my aunt come to the house.”

    Jiang Lin played with the little knot on his head, “Perhaps when you were asleep, brother will ask the housekeeper tomorrow when Mrs.
Dong's came.”

It was getting late, Wei Yunqi yawned sleepily, Jiang Lin sent someone to bring hot water, washed Wei Yunqi and put him on the soft bed in the room where he had just moved in.

Afraid that something would happen tonight and the child would be scared at night or the child couldn’t fall asleep in an environment he was unfamiliar with.
Jiang Lin asked the child to sleep in the same room with him and Wei Yunzhao.

    It was already late at night when Jiang Lin lay on the bed by himself, he reached out and poked Wei Yunzhao's face, “Wei Yunzhao, I have handled so many messes for your family, you can't pay me back even if you promise me with your body.”

    Wei Yunzhao asked, “Then Madam, how do you want me to repay it?”

    Jiang Lin's hand that poked his face gradually lowered, “Can I touch your abdominal muscles? I can't sleep, can you let me touch it to help me sleep ?” Jiang Lin said and then blinking, he didn't care whether Wei Yunzhao could see it in the dark.

    Jiang Lin seemed to hear a vague sigh, and then his hand was put into Wei Yunzhao's clothes.

    His heartbeat immediately accelerated, and he was a little excited!

    Jiang Lin moved his hands back and forth, feeling envy and sighing, “You said, you didn't move all day, why do you still have abdominal muscles?”


    Thinking of him, he had been moving all day long, and he could carry someone with one hand, but his abdominal muscles were still missing.

    “Maybe it's fate?” Wei Yunzhao said nonsense.

    The unlucky Jiang Lin: “…” He silently closed his eyes and went to sleep!

    He wanted to flatten Wei Yunzhao's abdominal muscles in his dream!

    Jiang Lin didn't know if someone’s abdominal muscles became flat or not, but it was true that he was taken aback by Wei Yunqi, who was holding a worm and staring at him with cute big eyes, early the next morning.

    Seeing that he woke up, Wei Yunqi stretched out his hand to push the worm forward, and said cutely, “Brother, is this the bug you were talking about yesterday? I caught it,” and he put it on a handkerchief as a gift for brothers.

    The worm was still alive, Jiang Lin subconsciously squeezed into the bed, and his whole body directly stuck to Wei Yunzhao's body.

    Feeling some embarrassment, Jiang Lin moved himself out again, lifted the quilt to look, “

If you don't stand where you should stand up, you stand upright when you shouldn't.”


    Wei Yunzhao didn't know what he should do for a while. What was the reaction? He reminded Jiang Lin with a complicated expression, “You touched my abdomen all night last night.
Don't you want to say something because of this result?”

   Jiang Lin lifted the quilt and moved his legs, “It's time to get up.”

    Wei Yunzhao: “…”

    This kind of embarrassing moment was of course the best way was to slip away, Jiang Lin got out of the bed and put on his clothes, before washing his face, he hugged Wei Yunqi and went out to ask him when the Gu worm crawled out of.

    Wei Yunqi himself didn't know, anyway, he woke up in the morning and it was at his hand, “Brother, I'm so dirty, black, is it because of illness?”

    “Yes,” Jiang Lin nodded without hesitation, “Those black thing was the disease, and you are cured now.”

    Jiang Lin looked at the Gu worm, but he was not sure if it was the mother-child Gu, but it was possible to fight back with Jiang Rou.

    Madam Wei who rejected her relatives was at fault, and the Dong family was also at fault, but Wei Yunqi was not wrong, took her anger to an innocent child, Jiang Rou was not a good person in Jiang Lin's heart.

    During breakfast, Wei Yunzhao finally came out, with a calm expression on his face, and he talked about the Gu worm with Jiang Lin freely, without embarrassment at all.

    Jiang Lin didn't think it was fun, so the embarrassment of getting up in the morning just passed away, and no one mentioned it again.

    Jiang Lin: “Since we can’t invite the ordinary doctors in Shengjing, let's hire the imperial doctors, post a notice to spend a lot of money to hire a doctor, Qinghe County Wangfu is so powerful, we can definitely think of a way to deal with it”


    Wei Yunzhao didn’t object, Qinghe county Wangfu dared to do this because the Dong family was willing to support it, and felt that with the Dong family around, Madam Wei would not dare to make trouble.

    Madam Wei cared about the Dong family, but Wei Yunzhao and Jiang Lin didn't care.
The rumor that Jiang Rou couldn't conceive was not done by Madam Wei, and the Wei family would not bear the disaster for the Dong family.

    “Send Sun momo back to mother's yard in a while, and I'll ask them some more questions.
If there's no problem, I'll go to the palace and ask the emperor for a favor.
I think the emperor will agree.”

    “Okay,” Jiang Lin nodded, He scratched his chin, “Did we forget something?”

    Wei Yunzhao looked at him and was about to ask something when the housekeeper came, “Eldest young master, young madam, the fifth madam slept outside the door last night, she knocked on the door at dawn today, do you want to let them in?”


When the housekeeper said this, Jiang Lin immediately remembered that he had forgotten something, and he forgot about Zhou Shi who was outside the door.

    Wei Yunzhao said: “I'll follow you to have a look, I happen to have something to say to her.”

    Jiang Lin got up to push the wheelchair for him, and asked curiously, “What do you want to tell her?”

    Wei Yunzhao: “Ask her if she wants to stay in the Wei's family as a widow for half her life or if she wants to find another husband.”

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