Baishu went to help Sun momo, and Sun momo was naturally dissatisfied with being dropped like this, but she didn't dare to complain when she saw the eyes of Jiang Lin and Wei Yunzhao.

    “Tell me what you know,” Wei Yunzhao told Sun momo, with an unquestionable tone.

    “Eldest young master,” Sun momo just spoke, but her voice disappeared under Wei Yunzhao's cold gaze.
She nodded honestly, “Yes, I will say everything.”

    “Miss Jiang once fell into the water and suffered from the cold.
The doctor said that it would be difficult for her to get offspring  and she wouldn’t be able to conceive.
After madam learned about this, she told the Dong family.
Madam Dong had a thought and wanted the eldest young master to marry Miss Jiang and then marry another daughter from the Dong family as a flat wife, and she asked madam to negotiate terms with Qinghe County Wang because of Miss Jiang's inability to conceive, but Qinghe County Wang refused, so they rejected the marriage.”

    “Later, Miss Jiang's inability to conceive was spread, and Wangfu thought it was spread by madam, and they had been very unkind to madam in recent years.
A few days ago, when they met in the temple by chance, Miss Jiang said something to madam.
Because of this, madam had a heart demon, and couldn't sleep well at night.
That's why she is sick.”

    Wei Yunzhao looked directly at Sun momo, “Is it true that they met by chance?”

    Sun momo didn't dare to answer, the Dong family had been involved in it all the time, anyone could understand that this was not such a coincidence.

    “So, Madam Wei refuse to let Wei Yunzhao know that she is sick because of the Dong family?” Jiang Lin asked after listening to the words.

    Sun momo nodded hesitantly, “Madam is afraid that the eldest young master will complain to her and dissatisfy with the Dong family because of this, so she rather suffer than say anything.”

    Jiang Lin didn't believe it, “You mentioned earlier that if Wei Yunzhao know this, it will really kill Madam Wei and Wei Yunqi.
Wei Yunzhao blames Madam Wei, if he is dissatisfied with the Dong family, he won’t kill his own mother and younger brother, Sun momo, you are not honest!”

    Jiang Lin suddenly raised his voice and yelled at her harshly, and Sun momo trembled from fright.

    “Young…Young Madam,” Sun momo bent her knees and knelt down, “Don't ask me, this old slave really can't tell you, it will kill Madam and Young Master.”

    “I think you are also sick,” Jiang Lin frowned, “What can't be said, no matter how capable Jiang Rou is, can you come to Wei's mansion to kill people?”


Unknowingly, these words hit Sun momo's point, and she burst into tears directly.

    Jiang Lin and Wei Yunzhao looked at each other, and he said, “Could it be another Gu again? Jiang Rou has relationship with the empress?”


When Jiang Lin said the Gu, Sun momo trembled visibly, and Jiang Lin was sure that he had guessed right.

    “What kind of Gu?” Wei Yunzhao asked.



    At this point, Sun momo could only say it, “Madam was poisoned, and the poison was put in the tranquilizing incense.
Young master was poisoned by the child-mother gu.
He has the son-mother gu, and the mother-gu was planted on his body by Miss Jiang, Miss Jiang said that Madam ruined her, and she will make Madam restless for the rest of her life, if Madam doesn’t follow her orders, she will kill herself and bring young master along with her.”

    Wei Yunzhao continued to ask, “When is the Gu planted, and who planted it?”

    Sun momo stammered, “Yes…it’s the Dong family…no, it’s me, the old slave who planted it, eldest young master, the old slave deserves to die, the old slave killed madam and young master, and this old slave is willing to apologise with death.” Sun momo knelt down on the ground and wept bitterly.

    Jiang Lin understood, “It seems that it’s  the madam from the Dong family.
Going to the temple and asking for some incense was premeditated.
The rumor that Jiang Rou can't conceive should have been done by the Dong family, Jiang Rou’s reputation has been ruined, so she hasn't married anyone yet.
She also hates Madam Wei because of this.
When the Wei family lost power, Jiang Rou began to retaliate.
What I'm curious about is what Jiang Rou or Qinghe County Wangfu promised to Dong's family, what a good thing that could make the madam from the Dong family wouldn’t hesitate to murder her sister-in-law and a child who is only five years old?”

    “And the Dong family, what did they promise you, or what did they use to threaten you, so that you will work hand in hand with them.
Betrayed your own master, and even have to take the blame for them?”

    Sun momo just cried and stopped talking.
They asked what Jiang Rou said to madam Wei in the temple and she didn't answer, so Jiang Lin asked Huaijiu to take her away and watch her, didn't let her die.


    This time Sun momo didn't struggle to resist at all.

    Jiang Lin put Wei Yunqi on Wei Yunzhao's lap, “I'll go see if your mother is awake.
Since Sun momo won't tell me, so I can only let her talk.”

    Before Jiang Lin could enter, Baiwei opened the door and came out to shout, “Young madam, madam is awake.”

    Jiang Lin: “It's good to wake up, let's talk, I just want to ask her clearly whether her mother's family is important or her son's life is important .”

    Madam Wei woke up from her sleep, and she became more sober.

    After going out, she glanced at Jiang Lin lightly, then went straight to Wei Yunzhao, and said to him, “It's getting late, I'll take Yunqi back to rest, and he has to get up early to study tomorrow.”

    She stretched out her arms to hug Wei Yunqi, but Wei Yunzhao didn't give Wei Yunqi to her, and Wei Yunzhao looked at her blankly, “Isn't mother going to say something to her son?”

    Madam Wei's face flashed panic, “Say…what do you say?”


“Mother and son Gu, the tranquilizing incense, the Dong's family, and Qinghe County Wangfu.
Mother chooses, she can say anything.”

    Madam Wei turned pale instantly, and trembled backwards, “You already know?”

    She smiled wryly, ” I know that I can't hide it, I just thought about how long I could hide it, but I didn't expect this day to come so soon.”

    “How long you could hide it, when do you want to stop hide it? The day you fell ill and strangled Yunqi ?” Wei Yunzhao looked at Madam Wei with indifference.

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