Chapter 36

    “Since when Qinghe County Wangfu can cover the sky with one hand, making people dare not to invite a  doctor?” Jiang Lin was full of doubts.

    Baishu explained, “It was the people from Qinghe County Wangfu who sent a message to the doctors in Shengjing  that they are not allowed to come to Wei's Mansion for medical consultation, otherwise they won’t be able to open their clinics Shengjing.”

    Wei Yunzhao asked Baishu, “Yunqi said that my mother is drinking medicine.
Since you can’t invite a doctor, where did you get the medicine?”

the Dong family helped to get it.” Baishu lowered her head and whispered.

    It seemed that the Dong family was also involved in this matter.

    Wei Yunzhao said seriously: “Tell me the cause and effect of the matter carefully, and you must not miss anything, let alone conceal it.”


The incident happened after Old madam Wei went to Dong's house to ask someone to help to save Wei An, and that day Madam Wei went to Dong's house to pick her up , her sister-in-law asked her to go to the temple outside the city to burn incense together the next day, Madam Wei also thought that things at home were not going well, so she led Sun momo and Baishu to the temple with Dong's sister-in-law the next day.

    Unexpectedly, in the temple, they met Qinghe County Wangfei and her daughter Jiang Rou.
Because of the refusal of the Wei family, the two parties had an unpleasant quarrel. The Wei family was not good now, Madam Wei wanted to avoid the two of them, but the other party insisted on talking to Madam Wei.

    She said it was talking, but it was actually cynicism.
Qinghe County Wangfei also said that the Wei family had committed too many murders, and the retribution was coming.

    “I didn't know what Miss Jiang said to Madam.
Madam has been restless since then.
When drinking tea in the afternoon, she broke the teacup and scratched her hand.
Madam Dong also took Madam to ask for tranquilizing incense in the temple.
Madam lit the incense to help her fall asleep at night, at first it was okay, but in the second half of the night, she had nightmares again and again, screaming and sitting up from the bed, looking for the young master everywhere.”

    “When it was dawn, I went to invite the doctors, but those doctors refused to come.
After some difficulty, I found out from them that it was the Qinghe County Wangfu who didn’t let them come.
The doctors all said that they are just ordinary people who have to support their families.
Not to mention disregarding the lives of other people in the clinic, and being powerless, let our family hire another doctor.”

    No matter how you listened to this matter, there was a problem, Jiang Lin said, “You coudn't invite a doctor yourself, so you asked the Dong's family to help yu to get the medicine?”

    Baishu shook her head, “We got the medicine because we saw that Madam's condition became more and more wrong in the past two days, so we went to ask the Dong's family to get the medicines.”

    “At first…”

    Madam Wei only had nightmares at night, and if she wanted to see Wei Yunqi, she had to hold him over and let Madam Wei take a look and say a few words, and she would be able to continue to sleep, and there was no abnormality at all during the day.
They didn't invite a doctor, Madam Wei wouldn't let her go to ivite the doctors again, and wouldn't let her tell this matter to the rest of the family.
She just relied on the tranquilizing incenses for half of the night before going to bed, and then went to Wei Yunqi's room to guard in the second half of the night.

    However, there were not many tranquilizing incenses given by the temple, and they would be used up soon.
Madam Wei couldn’t fall asleep without the tranquilizing incenses at night.
She often felt that someone would rob her of her son and kill Wei Yunqi.

    Madam Wei also realized that she might be really sick, so she asked Sun momo to go to Dong's house, and when she came back, she brought the medicine that the Dong's family helped to get. But the medicine sometimes worked and sometimes didn't work.


    “I also persuaded Madam to tell Eldest Young Master and Young Madam, they will definitely find a way to find a doctor for Madam.
But as soon as I mentioned it, Madam reacted very strongly.
She said that she would never tell Eldest Young Master, and asked Sun momo to rebuke me and tell me to keep my mouth shut, and if I dare to tell the eldest young master secretly, she will break my legs!”

    Baishu kowtowed to Wei Yunzhao twice, and said in a crying voice: “Eldest young master, madam is your mother, don't ignore her, please think of a way to find a doctor for Madam.”

    Seeing that she was so loyal, Jiang Lin helped her up, “Get up first.”

    Naturally, they wanted to invite a doctor, but Jiang Lin felt that he had to figure out why Madam Wei knew that she was sick but still refused to tell Wei Yunzhao.

    Jiang Lin asked: “Do you know what exactly happened when Madam Wei refused the proposal from Qinghe County Wangfu two years ago?”

    Baishu shook her head, “I don't know, although I have been serving by Madam's side, but sometimes Madam is only willing to tell Sun momo about many things, and doesn't allow me to know.”


    The matter was related to Qinghe County Wangfu, Jiang Lin always felt that the source was because of the refusal of the proposal two years ago, Baishu didn’t know much, and they still didn’t know about what exactly Jiang Rou did to Madam Wei that made Madam Wei had such a big reaction.

    Before Madam Wei woke up, Jiang Lin called Huaijiu and asked him to bring Sun momo back.

    Sun momo was thrown directly from above to the ground by Huaijiu.
A handful of old bones hit the ground with a crackling sound.
Sun momo groaned and couldn't get up for a long time.

    Huaijiu flew to the side of the tree and squatted, he explained, “She was dishonest, I frightened her.”

    Huaijiu's style of behavior won Jiang Lin's heart, and he thought about turning around and telling Wei Yunzhao to see if he could give Huaijiu to him.

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