Jiang Lin changed his address, Wei Yunzhao didn't mention it any more, he nodded and said, “I will let someone tell you later, Yunqi will be staying at Zhaoyunyuan tonight, and tomorrow I will invite a doctor for mother and send Yunqi back if she is fine.

    “He will be six years old after the new year, should he go to school?” Jiang Lin worried about the children's study again.

    The two big men held their children and chatted about how to raise children properly, and they were quite energetic.

    Because it was their first encounter, the two of them asked Wei Yunqi for his opinion from time to time.
The child was raised at home since he was a child, and he seldom went out of the mansion.
The women who had the most contact with him were the female relatives in the mansion.
The one who was asked was also at a loss, with confusion written all over his faces.


    Fortunately, the cooked dumplings saved him.
He jumped off Jiang Lin's lap, and couldn't wait to sit on the chair and wait to eat.

    The dumpling’s filling was made by Jiang Lin, and the vegetables were taken from the space, so the taste was naturally nothing to say. There were a lot of dumplings, besides them, the maids like Baiji and Baiwei also got their share, and they didn't pay attention to etiquette, so they just brought a bowl to eat in the courtyard, they ate the dumplings while chatting and laughing, it was very lively.

    Jiang Lin also wanted to make the little girls and children happy, telling jokes and playing games.
Eating the dumpling was almost full of flowers.

    However, madam Wei seemed to be pinching and opening the eyes of the sky.
As soon as the chopsticks were put down, she appeared and wanted to pick Wei Yunqi away.

    She seemed to be in a hurry.
As soon as she came, she hugged Wei Yunqi tightly in her arms.
Wei Yunqi struggled in her arms, and he seemed to be out of breath.

    Seeing that something was wrong, Jiang Lin wanted to hug Wei Yunqi, but just as he stretched out his hand, Madam Wei gave him a hard look, and with Wei Yunqi’s cry, she hugged him even tighter.
She kept saying, “Qi'er, Qi'er, mother's good boy, don't leave mother, mother will guard you, mother will protect you.
No one can take you away from mother.

    She looked at Jiang Lin vigilantly when she said the last sentence, and obviously regarded him as someone who was going to steal her son from her.

    “Mother, let the little brother go, he's almost out of breath,” Wei Yunjia also ran to persuade her mother, she felt that something was obviously wrong at the moment.

    As soon as she opened her mouth, madam Wei immediately diverted her attention, “Don't even think about it, none of you can take my Qi'er away, if anyone of you dares to touch him, I will fight you hard!”

    “Huaijiu!” Wei Yunzhao shouted into the air.

    A black shadow fell from the sky and stunned madam Wei, and rescued Wei Yunqi.

    Jiang Lin hurriedly hugged the child to comfort him, “It's okay, it's okay, brothers and sisters are here, your mother was just a little emotional, she didn't want to hurt you, it's okay.”

    Jiang Lin and the others were startled and nervous, but the child himself was very calm, he took a few deep breaths, then patted Jiang Lin and comforted him in turn, “Brother, I'm fine, mother often hugs me like this recently, she's just sick, I know.”


Baiwei helped Madam Wei to lie down in the room, and Jiang Lin asked Wei Yunqi how long his mother had been like this.

    Wei Yunqi said: “Mother became like this since he came back from the temple,” but he couldn't remember the exact time.

    Wei Yunzhao's gaze turned to the maid and momo who came with Madam Wei.

    This momo was Madam Wei's momo, her surname was Sun, and everyone in the family called her Sun momo.

    The maid’s name was Baishu, and she was also brought from Dong's house.
Her name was changed after she arrived at Wei's mansion.

    Sun momo looked around, and said with a clear conscience, “Madam is fine, but she hasn't seen you for a long time, and she misses you.”

    Baishu's reaction was much more direct, and she knelt down to Wei Yunzhao as soon as she bent her knees, “Eldest young master, I beg you, please save Madam, if this continues, Madam will be in trouble, I beg Eldest Young Master to find a doctor for Madam.”

    Wei Yunzhao didn't speak, Jiang Lin didn't understand, he was the housekeeper now, but he didn't withhold anything from each room , not to mention restricting their freedom or anything.
Even asking for a doctor they didn’t need to kneel down and beg, “Since you are sick, why didn't you invite a doctor before? Who didn't let you?” 


Bai Shu was about to speak, when Sun momo bent down and covered her mouth suddenly, “Shut up, are you trying to kill Madam and Young Master?”

    Bai Shu struggled and shook her head, and pushed Sun momo's hand away, ” Sun momo, if you don't invite a doctor, you will really kill Madam and Young Master.
Don't you see that Madam just made Young Master breathless just now?”

“Madam is just getting excited for a while.
As long as the young master is always in front of her eyes, nothing will happen.
If you talk nonsense…”

“Shut up!” Jiang Lin interrupted Sun momo coldly, “If you don't want to talk, just pretend to be dumb, drag her away.”

   Huai Jiu flew down from the sky and carried Sun momo away directly.

    Jiang Lin said to Baishu: “From what you said just now, someone didn’t allow you to invite a doctor?”

    Bai Shu hesitated for a moment and said, “Yes…it’s Qinghe Wangfu.”

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