s knew about Zhou Shi and her maid outside the door.
At this moment, Jiang Lin was leading the girls of his generation and Wei Yunqi to make dumplings in the yard.
Originally, he wanted to eat hot pot, but there was no suitable pot, so he changed it to dumplings.

    Jiang Lin was afraid that Zhou Shi, the irresponsible mother would affect the mood of the two little girls, so he simply gathered them together to let them feel the brotherhood and sisterhood, knowing that they had other relatives in this family.


    It turned out that the little girls were fine, but Wei Yunqi was listless.
After he called him several times, he didn't say a word, like an autistic child.

    Wei Yunzhao said that he didn't need to worry about Zhou Shi outside the door.
After Jiang Lin made the dumplings, he asked the three little girls to go to the kitchen to cook.
He hugged Wei Yunqi and talked to him, “Little baby, tell brother quickly, Why are you upset?”

    Jiang Lin hadn't seen Wei Yunqi for a few days, maybe it was affected by Wei An's accident, madam Wei watched the children very closely.
Before he could see him playing in the yard, but later, it seemed as if there was no such a child in the mansion, except madam Wei, even Wei Yunjia had a hard time to see his younger brother.

    Madam Wei was willing to let him go because Wei Yunzhao went to ask Wei Yunqi in person today.
She kept telling him to let Wei Yunqi go back earlier, and told Wei Yunqi to be good, didn't let him move this one or play with that, like raising a porcelain doll.


    When Jiang Lin first came to Wei's mansion, he often hugged Wei Yunqi, and he still remembered.
He stretched out his arms and hugged Jiang Lin's neck in attachment, and called softly, “Brother.”

    Jiang Lin pinched his little face, “You're all thin, haven't you eaten well?”

    Wei Yunqi nodded, “I ate, mother feeds me.”

    Jiang Lin: “??? I remember you can eat by yourself.”

    Wei Yunqi said, “Mother wants to feed me, she will be happy.”

    “I'm afraid your mother is sick.”


     Unexpectedly, Wei Yunqi nodded, “Mother is sick, and mother is taking medicine.”

     Jiang Lin felt that something was wrong, he waved to Wei Yunzhao, “Come here, let me tell you something.”

     Wei Yunzhao pushed the wheelchair over by himself, “What's the matter?”

     Jiang Lin nodded to Wei Yunqi, “Little baby said that your mother is sick and she is drinking Medicine.”

     Hearing the name little baby, Wei Yunzhao frowned slightly, “You can call him little brother Yunqi or his name, it's not appropriate to call him baby.”

    “Hey,” Jiang Lin raised his eyes, “Are you jealous? Or do you want me to call you that?”

    Jiang Lin glanced at Wei Yunzhao for a moment, “Your head is at most a big baby, a little baby is really inappropriate, don't fight with your little brother.”

    Wei Yunzhao wanted to say that it was a misunderstanding, but Jiang Lin didn't give him a chance to speak, “Yunqi said that your mother still feeds him, and she was happy after feeding him, she has been watching people very closely recently, there must be something wrong with it, please ask a doctor to take a look at your mother tomorrow.”

    Madam Wei looked like she was going to develop into the next old madam Wei, Jiang Lin would definitely stop it, a cutie like Wei Yunqi couldn’t be ruined by her.

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