Jiang Lin wiped his hands with a handkerchief, and got up , looking down at Jiang Jinyue, “Jiang Jinyue, your face will never get better.”

    He opened the door and left, the light entered the back kitchen, Jiang Jinyue was lying on the ground, Jiang Lin's words kept echoing in her mind, and then she went crazy.
She covered her face and yelled.

    Jiang Lin went back to the front yard to pick up Wei Yunzhao who was still talking to Anyang Hou.

    Seeing Jiang Lin appeared, Zhao Qiuru immediately went to him and asked him, “Where's Yue’er, what did you do to Yueer? Where did you get her?”

    Jiang Lin smiled, “This is Houfu, what can I do, as for the person, it must be in the mansion, madam, how about looking for her by yourself?”


    Zhao Qiuru gave Jiang Lin a hard look, “If something happens to Yue'er, I won't let you go!”

    “Then I'll wait and see what Madam can do.”


The two separated, and Jiang Lin walked towards Wei Yunzhao, pushing the wheelchair, “Let's go, we're going back.”

    Anyang Hou had a good chat with Wei Yunzhao.
He admired Wei Yunzhao as a young man.
It was a pity that Wei Yunzhao's legs couldn't walk.
If it was okay, Wei Yunzhao should take over his father's position as the General.
Jiang Lin married him, and the Wei family would become a great help to Houfu.

    “Master Hou, farewell!” Wei Yunzhao cupped his hands.

    Jiang Lin pushed the man to the door, then ran back and said something to Anyang Hou, “If Master Hou doesn't want Houfu to be ruined by the mother and daughter, then you can provide more snacks to yourself and be a good father.”

    After finished speaking, he pushed Wei Yunzhao to run, and Anyang Hou yelled at the back, “What did you say, you a bastard, come back and see if I don't beat you to death, unfilial bastard, this master will always be your father!”

    Jiang Lin ran so fast that he didn't hear that Anyang Hou wanted to be his father.

    And when he got out of Houfu, he carried Wei Yunzhao into the carriage and told Xun Qi to drive the carriage away quickly, he was afraid that Zhao Qiuru would catch up and make trouble for him.

    Wei Yunzhao saw that Jiang Lin was in a hurry but couldn't help laughing, it was a little funny, he stretched out his hand to wipe off the sweat on his face, “What did you do? So happy.”

    “Hey,” Jiang Lin happily shared his masterpiece with Wei Yunzhao, and added at the end, “Actually, I really wanted to pour that bucket of swill on her, but I thought it would be troublesome for the servants to clean it, so I didn't do it.
Aren’t I very considerate?”

    Wei Yunzhao thought that his appearance asking for credit was so cute.

    “Yes, you are very considerate,” Wei Yunzhao praised him even more considerately.

    “But in the future, we have to be more wary of Jiang Jinyue and her mother.
They will definitely use different tricks to retaliate against us.”


Wei Yunzhao cooperated with him, “Well, let's be careful.”

The two returned to the Wei Mansion while chatting.
The swill splashed at the door had been cleaned up.
The housekeeper said that the Cao family also sent someone to help to clean it up.
They also sent a lot of things as an apology for Young Master Cao's recklessness.

    “The Cao family was afraid that our family wouldn’t accept it, so they put it at the door directly.
The young master and young madam were not at the mansion, so I decided to move it into the front yard.
Eldest young master, do you want to return it?” the housekeeper asked.

    Wei Yunzhao: “No need, record it on the account and put it in the warehouse.”

    “Yes,” the housekeeper responded, and said another thing, “

A woman with a big belly came to the door earlier, she said she is Nuan Xin, and she is pregnant with the fifth master's child, and she wanted to come into the mansion.
I didn't let her in, I sent her away, young master, what do you think of this? “


    “The next time if she comes, let her come to see the Young Madam.”

    “Yes,” said the housekeeper, and withdrew.

    Jiang Lin pushed Wei Yunzhao back to Zhaoyunyuan, “Nuan Xin came to the door, it seems that the master behind her is about to make a move, Chang An should be back, I will ask him later.

    As soon as he entered the courtyard, Chang An moved closer to Jiang Lin, and said mysteriously, “Master, you will never guess, who is the master behind that Nuan Xin?”


Jiang Lin: “The second prince?”

Chang An: “!!!”

Chang An: “Master, how did you know that!”

His face was full of shock, his eyes were full of disbelief, he had spent so many days squatting to find the clue, how could the young master just open his mouth and said it?

    Jiang Lin knocked him on the head, “Fool, the position of Shenzhi Zhengshi finally fell into the hands of the second prince, so even if he is not the mastermind of Wei An's matter, he still can't get away with it.
There are only so many people fighting for the throne with the crown prince, so it's not difficult to guess.”

    Chang An was very hurt, and cast a accusatory glance at his young master, ran to the side and shut himself up.

    Jiang Lin smiled and rolled his eyes, “Wei Yunzhao, am I right?”

    Wei Yunzhao boasted, “Madam is so smart.”

    Jiang Lin poked his shoulder with his finger, “I can't compare to you, Wei Yunzhao, let me guess, you know who he is in the first place, so you went to look for him in the gambling shop to break Wei An's legs, you are the one who has a good plan.”


    Wei Yunzhao said: “There is nothing to do.
Power and status are good things.
Only when you have them can you protect something.

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