cked on the door first.


    Jiang Jinyue was very sensitive to Jiang Lin now, she almost subconsciously replied, “What is he here for, and what is he trying to take away from me?”

The maid said, ” The eldest young master heard that Miss, you were deliberately forced to fall to the field by him, and your appearance was ruined, so he came to see you.

Speaking of disfigurement, Jiang Jinyue rubbed her face with her hand, feeling a little guilty.
Yesterday she came back covered in muddy water.
Zhao Qiuru asked her what happened.
Jiang Jinyue remembered that the system had reminded her that she could use any means to get rid of Jiang Lin, so she pushed everything on Jiang Lin's body.

    She also discussed with her mother to spread the news as soon as possible.
She wanted everyone to know that Jiang Lin was a vicious person who even killed his own sister. Originally, she was not disfigured because she came back unscathed.
Her mother felt that not many people would believe their words that Jiang Lin forced her carriage into the field to kill her, so she added another disfigurement.

    Mother originally asked her to draw a scar on her face so that people could be convinced, but Jiang Jinyue didn't dare, and she was also afraid that the scar would really leave a disfigurement on her face, so now her face was still  intact and there was no trace of disfigurement at all.

    But they couldn't let Jiang Lin know that she was not disfigured.
Jiang Lin had a deep scheming mind, and everyone would know about it.
Then the lie she told earlier would become a laughing stock again.

    “Come in, put on my makeup first.” Jiang Jinyue opened the door to let the maid in.
She was a maid who was very good at applying makeup, and she could make fake scar by doing some tricks on the face.

    Before seeing Jiang Jinyue, Jiang Lin had already confronted Anyang Hou and Zhao Qiuru, Anyang Hou was completely ignorant of the truth.
He scolded Jiang Lin as soon as he entered the door, and said that he hurt his sister again and again.

    Apparently, Jiang Jinyue's pustules were also blamed on Jiang Lin last time, although he was indeed the one who did it.

    But this time, Jiang Lin didn't even touch Jiang Jinyue with his finger, and she put the hat of murder and disfigurement on his head, Jiang Lin would definitely not recognize it, so he had a debate with Anyang Hou on the spot.


    Zhao Qiuru added fuel and vinegar softly by the side, making Jiang Lin already belonged to the heinous and irredeemable category in Anyang Hou's heart.

    “If you insist on thinking this way, then I can only prove to you that I’m vicious.
If I see Jiang Jinyue later and find out that her face is not disfigured at all, I will really disfigure her face so that she will have no face to go out to see people in this life.”

    When Jiang Jinyue led the maid and arrived outside the door, she just heard Jiang Lin's words, and she couldn't move in an instant.

    Jiang Jinyue reached out and touched the edge of the fake scar on her face.
She was afraid that Jiang Lin would see it, so Jiang Jinyue turned around and walked back.
She knew that Jiang Lin could do what he said.
Why didn’t she do it herself, Jiang Jinyue quickly changed her mind.

    When Jiang Jinyue reappeared, there was a wet scar on her face.

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